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Another sign-up

Started by Ice January 29th, 2018 6:14 AM
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Roleplays need people. We are people. But unlike ghosts, living people are a somewhat scarce commodity. People, most of 'm, are subjected to time, in one way or another. Some of us age, some of us accidently shift in and out of it. Because of this we are limited in our rp capabilities, like we are in anything else. So when do you, as a people, decide to make another SU for another RP, or start another RP?


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Lately, never. RIP

Back in the day, as soon as a RP felt exciting and I was fairly sure I could commit for a while. I was always rather bad with keeping myself at a number of RPs I could handle well :')


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Honestly, sometimes I make sign-ups for the sake of making them or on a whim. It's not always indicative of whether I'm genuinely "invested," more "let me get a post or two in with this funny ass concept before this thing tanks" lmfaoo

So -- I'll actually answer your other question about post frequency here, Ice -- it's up to the sociability of the GM and the other players to keep me around for the long run. Otherwise, if there's no real conversation or sense that the GM really cares about their player base, there's nothing to gain from my perspective. On the other hand, great OOC experiences breed consistent posts from me. Not that I don't have other hobbies, but I really like dedicating time to a roleplay I care about, and the people that keep it afloat are a big reason for why I care.

I think I could be a decently sociable GM but it all comes down to motivation. I have a plethora of ideas but lack the passion to write for them. That's why I haven't started a roleplay yet, although I'd like to.

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Like I stated in the "why don't you post more" thread my health is a major factor in how much I post, so I'm aware that I can't spread myself too thin without serious risk of letting people down. Right now my focus is on PTA and I don't want to let the players there down, we have some seriously awesome people involved. It would take something really special for me to resolve to make an SU right now but I never say never.


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It depended on the people, really. I loved RPs that incorporate working together or GMs that make an actual effort of communication with the players to see how they're doing character wise to get an idea of how to progress the storyline. I prefer RPs to be out of the norm, even if basic trainer stories can be fun, but there really needs to be something that draws a major interest.
I also like when there is a time limit on putting out posts because that can really put my butt into gear. Yea, life happens, but a few sentences here or there throughout the week really does build. Also makes you not want to let down the other players. It becomes a real bummer when only one or two people are the only ones putting out posts when there are supposed to be 10+ people in it?
Right now I would love for a dark themed pokemon rp to pop up.
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