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So, has this happen to you?

You're walking through Mt.Moon or the Rock Tunnel, when all of a sudden... a big Onix pops up out of nowhere!

And lemme tell you - because its really big and it just pops up... Onixpectingly, it can sometimes give me a small jump scare, aha. Did you find a Onix yet, guys, and do you feel the same way?
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It makes me almost want to use Onix.

I wish they would have put the evolutions in for the Pokemon that received them in later generations. I understand they were staying faithful to Gen 1, but this is where the game fell short for me.


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I didn't get scared of jumpscare Onix. and trust me, most jumpscares freak me out big time. :o

The game fell short for me too. Hadn't picked up Let's Go Pikachu in months.
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