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Primilla Bellamy and Faye Aubrey

Inner Lautela Wetlands
Prim grabbed the enormous crocodile by its tail and hurled it back across the swamp. Naturally, when she and Faye had crash landed courtesy of the Guardian, it had been in the middle of a bog full of the huge reptiles. Thankfully, after the first few had been unceremoniously launched back across the water the remaining crocodiles started to disperse, not wanting to bother the pair.

“I’m just hoping that doesn’t count as harming the swamp to the guardian,” Prim sighed, turning to look at Faye, “So, it’s just us then.”

The white haired member of Phoenix’s nest brushed the dirt of her attire, the magic rope she had used to keep her and Prim together dispersed. “We have to find the others quickly.” She said. “Or… at least try to find the relic before the other guilds.”

“Alight, we can get a move on then,” Prim said, “Just two touched girls hunting for a relic, right?”

She stopped for a moment, surprised that the words had just spilled out of her mouth. She’d had no intention of bringing up what she’d discovered on the train at that moment… but now that she had she was fully committed. “You have horns.”

Faye stood in the same spot, pale and frozen as the words “two touched girls” rang in her head followed by the mention of her horns. By the time colour was returning to her face she moved her hands to where her horns were and touched them. “... I do…” She said quietly and embarrassed. She felt naive for having forgotten Prim’s findings for even just a second but at this point it would be better to just get the truth out.

“I’m going to take a wild guess then,” Prim continued, “You’re not hiding burns under those gloves. I thought something didn’t seem right about that story back then. So, let’s see.”

Faye looked away from Prim. Like a child that had been hiding candy away from their mother she slowly took off her gloves. Creamy white scales were what was actually being hidden away by those gloves. “... Unfortunately there’s more on my legs.” She spilled.

Prim walked up to Faye, grabbing her arm and lifting to her eyes to get a better look at the other girl’s scales. She figured if they had been in a location with better weather she might have seen the sun glinting off of them a little.

“Unfortunately?” Prim remarked, “Are you an idiot? These are really pretty. What the hell are you hiding them for?”

“I have my reasons.” Faye said, pulling her arms back. She rubbed the scales and stared at them. Pretty was not something they had been called before except by Rowan.

“Which are?” Prim was not about to just let Faye brush this one off.

Faye gritted her teeth, an emotional outing she didn’t usually do. “It’s a long story…” She persisted, trying to refuse having to explain it but seeing how Prim kept pushing on even when she said that, she had no choice. “This village is the reason. My mother left us here because of their judgemental opinions… Not long later they gave me the same solitude… We went to the city for a better life. I hid my features so that I’m not cast out again and my father can run his shop in peace and quiet. I easily pass for a human too so there’s that…” She blurted out. “Touched people are hated and I don’t want that kind of attention anymore…”

Prim was dumbfounded for a moment, a rare moment where she wasn’t entirely sure how to respond. Of course, she completely understood where Faye was coming from… but on the other hand, she couldn’t fathom caving in to those people and letting them win. It made her blood boil and that was what helped her find some words.

“You are human,” Prim corrected Faye, unable to hide how infuriated she was becoming - it was surprisingly hard to keep from yelling, “and screw those people! You don’t owe them anything. You don’t have to conform to what they want and you shouldn’t. You’re better than they are and if you submit to them they win.”

“That might be so but this is how I choose to live.” Faye got surprisingly worked up as well. “... for now.” she added after. “No one in the guild and the town of Shessalie knows that I’m actually touched. I’d like to keep it that way until I find a way to deal with… things. Only Rowan knows as of now.” Faye said, looking Prim in the eye to show how determined she was over this.

“Choosing to live pretending to be another person doesn’t make any sense!” Prim protested, “You have to fight that kind - did you just say Rowan knows?!

Prim stopped for a minute, incredulous and, although she wouldn’t admit it, hurt. She held up a hand, silencing Faye before she had a chance to say another word. “I don’t agree with hiding who you are from anyone, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to deal with how most people see people like us. But why the hell wouldn’t you tell Drell? Or Ephraim? Or me? The people in the guild who actually understand what you go through and have experienced the same muk you have? Why would you keep that secret from me? But psyducking Rowan can know?!”

It occurred to Prim that she actually was yelling now, but she didn’t much care. She had to close her eyes and take several deep breaths just to prevent herself from punching a hole in something and pissing off the Guardian.

"I was scared, Prim! I am still terrified of the looks I'll be getting once I have to tell everyone!" Faye's voice got significantly louder and was probably the closest she has ever gotten to yelling. As soon as she noticed, she crawled back into her shell. “... I wouldn’t have told Rowan if he hadn’t barged into my room while I was dre-” Faye defended herself but quickly stopped herself from finishing that sentence. “I didn’t plan on telling anyone at all. I didn’t want anyone to know.” Faye said a bit defeated.

"I would tell eventually… when I was ready to do so… but everyone is finding out at a faster rate than I had predicted." Faye sighed. "Also, if I'm completely honest here… you blurt out everything you say so I didn't think of you as someone who can keep secrets."

“It shouldn’t have been a secret to begin with anyway!” Prim retorted, “What reason is there to hide it from us? Even if you were worried how the others would react if I blurted it out, you should have realised they’d treat you the same because they’re fine with me and Drell.”

"... I-I..." Faye was at a lack of words. She knew Prim was right but her fear was greater than that. "Look, we're not going to agree on this. Hiding it was maybe not the right solution but it worked for me for a while. I could adjust and watch. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Truly. The truth will come out eventually… can you please keep it secret until then?" The girl pleaded. While Rowan was super chill about the truth, Prim was the complete opposite. She was angry, understandably so but Faye did not know how to handle this reaction. "Please? I-It'll just be a little while longer…"

Prim sighed, forcing herself to relax. “I didn’t tell anyone on the train did I? I think you’ve got the wrong idea. I’m bothered you didn’t tell me because it’s something we have in common, because I know what it’s like and because there was no reason for you not to trust us, but I’m not going to out you out of spite.”

Prim fell silent again for a moment before letting out a frustrated growl. “There’s so much more I want to talk about now that I know, but I suck at these deep conversations. Sorry I yelled at you like that. I’m not really angry with you, it just really gets to me that someone as cool as you feels the need to hide who they are. I don’t know how Drell manages to be so chill about the way things are.”

“C-Cool…? You think I’m cool?” Faye asked, a bit surprised and taken back by her words.

“That’s what I said,” Prim said bluntly, “Who wouldn’t? You’re strong, smart and pretty and you manage to have a way calmer temperament than me without being boring. You should have more pride.”

A small blush appeared across Faye’s cheek. She rubbed the back of her head before trying to shake off whatever she was feeling as she felt her face getting hot. She wasn’t sure how to reply either.

“Well, what a touching display between a freak and a savage,” a voice spoke from between the trees, breaking the silence. The Silver Spirit from before emerged into the clearing, returning a silver key to his ring and withdrawing a gold one. “Fancy meeting you here.”

The gold key started to glow.

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Woah Swamp Ew Swamp It's Swamp Time Swamp Post
Featuring Drell, Natalie, Simon and Tiran, and S w a m p (behold, it is the swamp)

Ith’Drell lifted her snout from the marsh water, the slime and grime rolling off her plate armour with little complaint. Or rather, no complaint. It’s water and dirt, it can’t speak - Drell shook her head to banish the dizziness and checked the space immediately beneath her.

Sweet, didn’t crush anyone,” the reptile whispered, indulging in a mental fist-pump. She rose to a knee and then to her feet, taking stock of whatever the hell had happened in the aftermath of the Guardian’s gale.

The swamp around her was mostly undisturbed, save a few broken branches above her and the reeds and grass scattered around her that weren't quite the same as what surrounded them. They probably came with her all the way from Deepring. As for where she was now, she could see by the Spirit Greatwood’s size that she’d been thrown deeper into the wetlands.

More interesting than what she saw was what she heard; sounds of combat coming from somewhere nearby. Booms, thuds, and a lot of splashing. There were faint voices as well, a girl’s and a younger boy’s.

“Ah, crap, they better not- uh-” Drell paused as she turned in the direction of the voices, spotting something she’d almost missed but definitely would have picked up on sooner or later. There was an odd shape amongst the canopy, not quite a branch and not quite the correct shade of brown. She cursed. That was Big Whap all right. She ran up beneath its position and cursed again - what was that the Guardian said? Insist you mean no harm?

A dramatic flashback to the last time Drell attempted to jump haphazardly into a tree played back in her mind. Sorry, tree. At least the cat ended up fine. The Phoenix somehow didn’t think the Guardian would be as easy to please as Mrs. B was. With one final expletive, Ith’Drell sprinted off in the direction of the voices.

Drell came to a small clearing, where she saw Natalie and Simon locked in combat. Simon was riding atop a giant crow spirit, circling the air around Natalie. The frog-bat spirit from his fight with Prim was latched onto his leather sleeve, slowly inflating as he flew. Natalie stood in the middle of the clearing with a bow of magical energy in her hands and her spellbook floating beside her. She drew back the string and a trio of shining arrows appeared, nocked and ready to fire.

Natalie let them loose, and they quickly curved to follow their target. Simon’s crow had a head start, but the arrows were catching up quickly. The spirit and his summoner went up. Simon aimed the balloon-like Antlia down like a gun, and shot a blast of air at arrows and archer both. The arrows scattered and soon withered away, but by the time the blast reached Natalie it was little more than a gentle breeze. She readied another volley, telekinetically flipping through her spellbook for something more effective.

And off to the side were Tiran and Ralga, calmly watching it all from a tree branch.

Ith’Drell’s hurried footsteps slowed, then stopped. She stared, and her arms went limp.

“... What the psyduck, guys? Hello?”

Tiran leapt down beside her. “They were like this when I found ‘em. Figured it was a good chance to learn how they fight, but I think I’ve seen enough. If you ain’t gonna join ‘em I think I’m gonna head off, eh?”

“I- wh-” the reptile exhaled through her nose and lifted her visor. “Look, I- they’re- you’re just gonna…? Like, can I get some help wranglin’ the kids? All the time gotta make sure nobody else is seriously messin’ muk up and I just wanna chill- like, get ‘em to stop before they get hurt or hurt the trees or something else I dunno. Daycare ain’t my day job, I need help.” She started stomping up to the wizards who were locked in combat, then paused for a moment.

He shrugged. “If they’re in a guild doing these jobs they should be able to make their own decisions. I’d say leave ‘em be.”

As the words left Tiran’s mouth, Natalie’s bow disappeared. Her book settled on a new page and she pointed at her opponent. “Siege Fireball!” There was a whistling sound as if something large was approaching from above. She looked at Simon with an excited smirk.

Tiran furrowed his brow. “Except that I’m not sure if one of us pissing off the big snake is bad for us all yet. One sec.” With a shimmer, he shot into the sky in the form of lightning, with Ralga close behind him. A thundering boom could be heard from above, then just as quickly as he left he returned to Drell’s side.

Tiny cinders floated down from gaps in the canopy above. Natalie scowled at Tiran. “Oh come on.”

“I was thinkin’ yeah, it would be,” Drell offered to Tiran. She took a moment to lament the fact that she couldn’t see the awesome magic explosion behind the trees before cupping her hands around her snout and yelling to the other two. “Yo! Do you guys mind waiting ‘til the fight party for that, so we don’t mess up the job by gettin’ thrown out by the massive, awesome reptile?” She glanced down for a moment. “The other one! Not me!”

“Sure, but he’s not gonna be at that!” Natalie protested. Simon took the opportunity to ram her with his bird. The two skid back through the mud until they were stopped by a tree. Natalie pushed against the crow’s head, her arms keeping its sharp beak from making contact.

Simon drew his short sword from his hip. “Then you’d best get your fill now because you won’t stand a chance the next time we meet!” Before Simon could do anything with his weapon, Natalie gripped the great crow’s head and slammed it into the tree along with its rider.

Drell blinked, muttered, “Who the fu-?” under her breath, then shut her visor and resumed stomping up to the two. “If you mess up the trees, the Guardian gets angry, then nobody ends up fighting and you sure as hell ain’t gonna be invited to any kind of party - Simon didn’t even say he wouldn’t be there! He just didn’t say! Why are y-? Hey, Simon, quit fighting! Put your friends back in the- uh, the key!”

“We don’t actually know how the whole Guardian bit works, though,” said Tiran. “If it’s about the trees then there’s gotta be some leeway, since we ain’t dead or gone already after some broken branches.”

“Not invited!?” cried Natalie. “Do that and I’ll just break my way in!”

Simon stood up from the mud and Natalie approached him once more. In a flash, Ralga was on top of her, pinning her down into the shallow water. Electricity surged from the tiger’s body, shocking Natalie with its full force. Any that tried to arc through the water was pulled back in and focused into the target. Ralga stepped back, lifting a dazed Natalie by her jacket collar.

“I uh…” Simon shuffled, his battle suddenly over. “I apologize. It was my fault for allowing myself to be provoked. My mind remains weak.” He unsummoned his spirits and bowed his head.

“Yikes, she-” Drell shook her head for what seemed like the fifth time this minute. “Uh, it’s cool, Simon. You’re gettin’ better, you’re good it’s just- I mean, this one’s a real, uh…” She gestured to the Starlight Siren in Ralga’s grip. “Feels wrong to call someone a pushy asshole when they’ve just got creamed like that, but I can’t think of anything softer, so, uh, sorry Nat. Let’s try and keep it cool, yeah...? Uh… right, electro ti- honestly I’m sorry, dude, I forgot your name.”

It took a moment for Tiran to wipe the satisfied smirk off his face and acknowledge Drell’s question. “Ralga. And she’s fine with being called a tiger but she’s a thunderlord.”

Ralga snorted, then held Natalie’s body toward Drell like she was offering it. The big lizard was still in the middle of processing the awe she was feeling at the name ‘thunderlord’, so she just muttered a thanks as she took the offered Siren without really thinking about it.

“If you don’t need anything else we’ve got a relic to find,” continued Tiran. “And I’d rather not be luggin’ this psycho around. Have the Gryphon kid babysit her if you’re not up to it, a Gryphon should at least be able to manage that.”

Simon crossed his arms and glared at Tiran, but kept quiet.

“Oh, uh,” Ith’Drell looked down, noticing that she was indeed now in possession of the alleged ‘psycho’. “I, uh, I mean, I can carry her without too much trouble, just so long as she doesn’t get rowdy again.” She pointed a thumb behind her and asked, “Can we go grab my sword real quick? I left it in a tree, back there.”

Tiran nodded in the same direction, and Ralga shot forth. Tiran followed at a more casual pace. They got to the tree and saw Ralga struggling to lift Drell’s sizeable weapon, embedded as it was in the tree.

A spark of electricity shot between Tiran and Ralga, and Ralga began to grow larger. She grew until the branch she was on began to creak under her newfound weight, but at this size she was easily able to pluck Big Whap from its resting place. She zipped back down to the group, just as quickly as she could at her normal size, and lowered her head to return the weapon.

Drell blinked, “That was quick. Thanks, Ralga, you’re the best- lemme just-” She stopped to hoist the semiconscious Siren over her back to a more natural resting position before retrieving the Whap of large size and swinging it over her left shoulder where it belonged. She hesitated for a moment and looked between Ralga and Tiran before asking, “Uh, can you pet a thunderlord? Iunno-”

“If they let you,” Tiran shrugged. Despite his vague answer, Ralga shrank back down and offered her head to Drell. The armoured reptile’s eyes widened and she gasped a gargantuan gasp, as if she had decided that she was going to get the relic on her own after all and she was going to stop the others from beating her to it by stealing all of their oxygen. Instead of running off on her own and making a beeline for the relic, though, she just started petting Ralga while trying not to die of excitement.

“Hey you should just pull away whenever because we’ve got a job to do but I don’t think I can stop so just pull away whenever you feel like it so that I’m actually forced to stop,” Drell suggested.

“Works for me,” said Tiran. “Let’s go, Ralga. And try not to die in here, Phoenix!” He started walking away. Ralga lingered a bit with her head under Drell’s palm before joining him.

“Wait, I thought- hold up,” Ith’Drell held up her hands and shook her head. “You in, or out? I dunno what’s with this, I don’t get it.”

He stopped. “...You mean jank muk with the job?”

“I mean the- look,” Drell put a hand to her brow for a second. “Everyone got flung wherever everywhere. First priority is regroup. Dunno how much that means to you - only Chimera here and whatever - but I’ll even make sure the snot-noze dumbass is okay if I have to. Thankfully everyone’s got Relic on the brain, so that makes the most sense for a rally point, but- look, you helpin’ here is great but you’ve confused me. Are you helping? Are you gonna just decide to stab someone in the back when the Relic gets involved, or what? Or- I dunno, if you’re just scoutin’ ahead then sorry I even said anythin’ I’ll shut my mouth.”

Tiran sighed. “You worry a lot, eh? I’m in this to win though, so I’m goin’ for the relic and if someone else already has it I’ll take from ‘em. But if I pass by someone who’s havin’ some trouble and isn’t a racist piece of muk then I’ll help ‘em out a bit. If that ain’t good enough for you then too bad.” Without another word, the two transformed into twin lightning bolts and zipped out of sight.

“...We should get going too if we want any chance of catching up to them,” Simon said. From the corner of his eye he kept a close watch on Natalie.

“I w- aw, psyducker…” Drell cursed. “You’re right, Simon. Let’s get moving, don’t think I’ve gotta even tell you to say something if Nat starts stirring.” She exhaled through her nose, “Jeez, I worry a lot? Seems good a time as- like, dunno what kind of world he’s livin’ in. Dude must literally be a lightning bolt, ‘cause he’s sure got his head in the clouds.”

Simon let out a smirk and a puff of air from his nose, but otherwise didn’t comment on it. “I’ll follow your lead, then,” he said. His fingers combed through the keys on his bracelet. They settled on a silver one with a shield-like symbol at the top, but he seemed to tremble at the sight of it. He didn’t summon it, just keeping it gripped and at the ready. The two settled into a rhythm of plodding through the marsh.

“Ya know,” said the Phoenix, eyeing his grip on the keys for a short moment. “I ain’t gonna start anythin’ even if you ain’t keen, but… you up for the split, dude?”

“Huh?” Simon’s focus broke and he turned to Drell with blinking eyes. “Split? Oh right, the money. I’m not all that concerned with it. If I can grow stronger or achieve something to increase my chances of making our guild’s team then that will be enough for me.”

“Guessing you don’t got the same definition of growing stronger that ol’ psycho here has,” the big lizard laughed.

Simon frowned. “I don’t know her well enough to be sure, but I certainly hope not. Egan says there’s many kinds of strength, so I simply have to find the ones to strive for that don’t make me end up like… that.”

Drell shrugged, shoulders mostly unburdened by the weight of their passenger, “Sounds plenty good to me, dude.”

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Faye Aubrey

Female | Wizard/Touched

Sheep tricks

“Open, Gate of the Ram,” the Silver Spirit said with vicious glee. He thrust the glowing key forward and turned it, as though unlocking an invisible door. The light intensified, then faded, revealing a new figure in the swampy clearing: a male, satyr-like being with thick curled horns on either side of his head. “Last chance. If you beg me not to hurt you and go back home like good little animals, I’ll send Aries home. All you have to do is get on your knees and say ‘please let us go, Veechar.’”

Prim sighed irritably, looking at Veechar and his spirit with contempt. “You must be joking.”

“Times up! Get them Aries!” Veechar snarled.

“Certainly,” Aries responded calmly, turning to face the Phoenix girls before charging forwards with surprising speed.

Prim stepped forward, placing herself ahead of Faye, who was frozen in place upon her secret being revealed, and raised her left hand. Aries ran straight into it, finding himself surprised when his momentum was halted and he was unable to continue forward. Prim then delivered a hard punch to the satyr’s torso, launching him into the forest beyond his master.

“What the hell was that?” Veechar exclaimed, forgetting to be menacing for a moment in his shock.

“So, Faye, as I was saying -” Prim started to say, turning away from Veechar and Aries. However, she was interrupted by the sound of rustling greenery as Aries exploded back onto the scene, his calm demeanor replaced by a howl of rage.

Faye, whose frozen stance started to melt, started to scowl with anger herself. “Hold on, Prim, I’m afraid we’ll have to let these two know it’s rude to interrupt a conversation.” She said. She raised her hand to summon her shadow haunt. A menacing shadow wolf appeared from the shadows cast on the ground. “Go play with my dog.” She said, turning back to Prim as her loyal shadow haunt kept Aries busy, keeping an eye on what was happening in front of them.

“Screw it,” Prim said, returning her attention to their enemies as Aries ripped through Faye’s shadow, “I think we’ll have to deal with these idiots first.”

The celestial spirit charged again, lunging for the phoenixes. Prim once more intercepted him, slamming her fist into his face. To her surprise though, this time the Ram spirit didn’t go hurtling off into the forest but was only knocked tumbling across the clearing.

Prim and Faye both watched as Aries climbed back to his feet, his muscles bulging as the horns on either side of his head grew slightly larger.

“Please, keep trying that.” Across from them, Veechar had regained his composure and his arrogant smirk along with it.
Aries leapt for them again, attempting to deliver an axe kick to the general area they stood in, forcing them to dive in opposite directions as his hoofed foot met the muddy ground, sending up an explosive spray of clay and sludge.

“This is what you get for being arrogant…” The white haired Phoenix whispered to herself. Referring to her shadow haunt who was ripped apart with relative ease and her own attitude. The frustration she felt made it harder to keep her poker face going but she managed to dodge the explosion of dirt being sent at them with a wall she created from the shadows.

Faye, in her turn, moved one hand towards where Veechar was standing and the other where Aries just landed. Tentacle like string appeared from the ground where Aries was standing to keep the man right at that spot. “Get him, Prim!” She shouted, turning her glance to Veechar. She summoned another one of her tentacles and let it distract him.

The tendrils of shadow bound man and spirit both, holding them in place as Prim attacked. She leapt up, kicking Aries in the head. The impact smashed the satyr into the loam. She landed and made a B-line for Veechar next, only to find her movement suddenly restricted as a hand wrapped tightly around her ankle.

She twisted back, watching as Aries tore through his bindings, simultaneously flinging Prim into the swamp water and leaping back to his feat. He then turned on Faye, swatting her aside with almost casual ease.

“Pathetic,” Veechar sneered, his own shadow binds fading as Faye was smacked aside. “I guess that’s the best a Valbestian animal and touched disgrace can manage.”

Faye gritted her teeth, feeling something burn up inside her. As her expression changed to just slightly annoyed, the girl threw her hand to the swamp and fished Prim from it with a shadowy tentacle without even looking. Knowing full well she wasn’t strong enough, she unseathed her daggers equipped with green lacrima.

Prim wrung swamp water out of her clothes as best she could, which was not very. “You really need to shut up.

Aries dashed forward again, attempting to clothesline Prim. She shifted to her bird form, easily avoiding the attack then instantly changed back to her usual self, delivering a kick to Aries’ back, once again knocking him off his feet.

Aries’ horns began to grow again as he moved to get up, but he didn’t get a chance to use them before Prim pressed her foot into the back of his head, shoving it back into the ground.

“Aren’t you meant to be Valbestian? How did you - “ Veechar started, but Prim cut him off.

“What part of shut up do you not understand? I’m touched too, that’s how. Faye, hit him for me, would you?”

“My pleasure,” The other touched girl said before shooting off in Veechar’s direction to slash him with one of her daggers. Veechar was only barely able to dodge the incoming attack. Faye kept slashing at him with her daggers all while dodging Veechar’s own attacks.

After sidestepping several more attempts to cut him open, Veechar darted forward, getting into Faye’s space as he drew out the metal rod at his side. He shut his eyes, pointing the tip into Faye’s face as it emitted a blinding flash, then took the chance to smack her hard in the side of the head with it.

As this happened, Aries broke free of Prim’s restraint and forced himself back up, knocking her off balance and jamming his hoof into her abdomen with a back kick. Prim shot back into Faye as they both fell into a heap in the mud. Aries’ horns continued to slowly grow.

“This sheep guy is getting stronger the longer he fights,” Prim said, climbing off of her companion.

Faye massaged her temple as the hit against her head gave her a massive headache. “Then we got to take him out before he’s at his peak. He’s already a…. Headache.” the girl sighed, shaking her head to recollect herself. “I have… trouble keeping calm. My magic is no longer potent.” Faye admitted to her younger guildmate, looking incredibly annoyed. “But if you take the sheep, I’ll go try keep Veechar busy.” With that, she jumped back into the fight with Veechar, using her own darkness magic to make katana’s of her daggers. She summoned another shadow haunt, as this was the only other spell she could currently use along with her shadow katana’s, to help her keep him distracted and having learned from her previous encounter, she kept an eye on his metal stick.

With his master occupied, dodging and parrying the attacks of Faye and her haunt, Aries charged at Prim, intending to plough right through her and take Faye out with her. Prim sidestepped the charging satyr and grabbed his horns from behind, pulling him back and slamming him into the ground with enough strength to leave a deep muddy crater beneath him.

“Go away already,” she growled letting go of one of his horns and driving her fist into the back of his head. She felt the mud beneath her clenched hand and watched as Aries started dissolving into specks of light.

Prim turned, letting the celestial spirit fade away back to his own dimension just in time to see Veechar counter-attack against Faye. He caught her haunt on the edge of his baton, triggering another luminous flash that dissipated the shadow creature. He then ducked under a swipe of Faye’s blades and used his weapon to knock her feet out from under her. He finished up the maneuver by gripping the rod with both hands and slamming it down into her gut before backing away.
“Will you miserable creatures just roll over and die already!”

Faye, on her knees, panted. “Nah.” she said, trying to summon a few of her tentacles but they dissolved as quickly as they appeared. Being frustrated with her own uselessness she got ready to get back up and fight, rubbing the filth from her cheek with the back of her hand. “Not until you stop your prejudices about people that look different than you.”

“Not planning on dying any time soon regardless, but you should still do that,” Prim added.

Veechar sneered at the phoenixes in response, withdrawing a second gold key from his ring, although there was a noticeable difference between this one and the gold keys Prim and Faye had seen he and Simon use previously. While the other keys had no adornments other than the insignia at their base, a black obsidian serpent was coiled around this one.

“You don’t have as much choice in the matter as you think,” Veechar said.

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Primilla Bellamy and Faye Aubrey

Inner Lautela Wetlands
The second key began to glow, but it was immediately clear that something was different. The light was violet not purple and the object seemed to radiate ominous energy, though no such thing could be seen.

“Gate of the Snake Charmer, Ophiuchus.” Veechar thrust the strange key forward and turned it as though unlocking something, just as he had before. The violet light intensified and a black smoke started rising from the ground, taking a serpentine shape as it coiled upwards and coalesced. The haze dispersed to reveal a new spirit: a woman in a tattered robe with green-tinted skin and, most alarmingly, a swarm of snakes in place of hair. “I’d ask for your last words, but I really don’t care to hear them.”

“I’m not waiting to find out what this one does.” Prim shot forward, leaping at the spirit and attempting to deliver a kick to her head. Ophiuchus’ snakes shot out at Prim, wrapping themselves around her leg and sinking their fangs into her before whipping the other direction and tossing her aside. The throw wasn’t anything near the strength Aries had been capable of, but the bites on her leg burned.

Prim got to her feet, feeling strangely sluggish for having taken such a weak attack. “Wonderful. I think her hair is venomous.”

Faye seemed concerned about Prim and she really wanted to jump to her side and help out, except that the snake spirit woman that had just appeared stood in her way of getting to Prim. “Not so fast little girl.” she spoke, irritating Faye with the smug look on her face.

“I’m an adult…” Faye sneered.

The spirit’s eyes shortly glanced at Faye’s chest and the non-existence of what one would call womanly assets. The uncomfortable look that appeared on Faye’s face meant to her that she was uncomfortable by it, especially since the spirit’s boats were very visible. “Not as far as I can see.” She chuckled, grinning from ear to ear holding a hand in front of her mouth. Even her eyes made it clear she was mocking Faye.

Faye’s expressionless face that had already seemed more annoyed than usual started to take shape into one of a very pissed off Faye. Faye shot her hand in front of her and two tentacles appeared beneath the spirit, holding the woman in place. These two were much stronger than the ones she had shot moments ago at Aries and the Veechar. Gracefully she shot past the spirit who tried to break loose to get to Prim. One of the snakes tried to bite Faye in her leg as she jumped past the Spirit but the scales on her ankles made the snake regret it’s choice. Broken teeth was all it gained from that.

Faye stood in front of Prim to give her a moment to collect herself. “This one is stronger. Can you still keep going?” She asked the other Phoenix.

“Of course,” Prim replied, “Just who do you think you’re talking to?”
“You seem confident,” Ophiucus said, smirking at her prey, “Excellent. That makes crushing you much more entertaining.”

“As much as I appreciate you playing with your food,” Veechar interjected, “We have a job to do. I’d love to stay here and torture them for hours but we need to get a move on.”

“Fine.” Ophiuchus sighed. She focused her piercing gaze on the phoenixes and they felt a strange force around them. Although nothing could be seen.

Feeling an unusual sensation on her left arm, Prim glanced down and her eyes widened with shock. Her arm was being slowly encased in stone even as she felt another wave of dizziness from the bite on her leg.

“You must be kidding me. Faye, she’s turning us to stone, we need to get moving too!”

Without another word, Prim forced herself to focus, dashing forward at Ophiuchus. The spirit’s snakes lunged for her again, forcing Prim to shift to her bird form and weave between them. She changed back behind the gorgon and punched her from behind, sending her flying directly towards Faye.

While Prim’s arm was starting to turn into stone, so was Faye’s foot. The white-haired Phoenix decided to use that to her advantage. Without wasting another moment, Faye gave the spirit that had insulted her a good kick in the face with the foot that was turning to stone, shooting her to the side and giving her space to potentially go after Veechar again.

Ophiuchus hit that ground, rolling across the mud and tumbling to her feet. As Faye turned to Veechar, the gorgon’s snakes lunged after her, biting into her back and shoulders.

Veechar took that as his own chance, running forward to bash her with his baton. Prim intercepted him, and forced him to jump back as her punch left a sizable hole in the ground where he had been standing a moment earlier.

She then turned to help Faye, only to be hit by an even stronger dizzy spell and nearly fell over as she turned. She had just enough time to recover and see even more of Faye’s leg turning to stone before Veechar hit her in the head from behind with his rod. She retaliated with a sluggish back kick, catching him by surprise and catapulting him into a tree, putting a crater into the wood.

Once more she turned to help Faye, but Ophiuchus pulled back to distance herself from the phoenixes as her poison started to take effect.

Faye fell to her knees and grabbed her head. She already had a headache and now the dizziness came on top. Not to mention that the bites burned like crazy. Seeing as Prim and Faye were struggling and haven't been able to bring a single blow upon Veechar up until now, she started to understand. "I was wondering why they sent someone like him alone." She said to herself, looking a bit defeated while the anger and frustration grew inside her. Like a box that was slowly removing it's lid. How useless could she be?

Faye got up, although not as easily as she usually does. She tried to summon some of our spells but none would come out anymore. "Pathetic…" the white haired girl called herself quietly. She clenched her fists. She knew full well they couldn't give up here. Veechar was willing to literally destroy them to prove his point and Faye refused to run from a fight that she started on the train when he insulted Prim.

She took out her daggers again, determined to attack them with her own power without relying on magic. Her agility was the only thing she was confident in.

“You’re right,” Prim replied, sounding oddly cheerful given the rage she had been displaying, “They are pretty pathetic.”

She ran for Ophiuchus again, the snakes on the spirit’s head lashing on in defence. Prim dodged the first few strikes, then raised an arm in a block, using the stone on her left arm in the same way she had seen Faye inadvertently use her scales. The snake couldn’t pierce the stone. She grabbed the serpent and heaved, using it to hurl its owner in the direction of her teammate again.

As Faye readied to attack the incoming Gorgon though, a sudden splitting pain erupted on the back of her head, Veechar having launched his baton into the back of it like a spear. She dropped to one knee and Ophiuchus, still in Prim’s grasp, sailed over her head.

Prim immediately changed tactic, twisting her body and whipping Ophiuchus back in the other direction. She let go this time, and catapulted Veechar’s spirit not into, but through one of the trees that surrounded them. There was a sharp cracking sound and an explosion of wood and bark as the towering tree was broken in two, tipping over and colliding into its neighbours and then the ground with a series of thunderous crashes.

“Sorry Guardian, didn’t have much choice,” Prim said, “Besides, I’m already paying for it plenty.” The stone had now crept up well past her elbow on her left arm and she could no longer move it. She was also pretty sure that she could feel it starting to encase other parts of her body too and while she felt that, she saw Faye’s left horn that she previously hadn’t noticed turn into stone. Meaning it was going to start encasing part of Faye’s face. They didn’t have much time left judging from that.

Faye on the other hand used her encased foot to kick the incoming Veechar from behind, not kicking him as far away as Prim could do but at least having him wobble back a bit to give her enough time to get up. Holding her daggers in her hands, she used the back of the handle to punch Veechar in his face just before jumping away and covering Prim’s back. Veechar rubbed his face, having not liked that at all.
“You’ll regret that you miserable touched rattata,” Veechar growled, his words being ovecut by a loud vicious hissing as Ophiuchus sprinted back into battle, baring her own fangs and those of her snakes.

Prim attempted a flying kick to the spirit’s face, but was surprised when Ophiuchus slipped out the way, snakes lashing out behind her and biting down, slamming Prim into the mud as more of their venom pulsed into her body.

Ophiuchus lunged for Faye, who found herself not able to dodge nearly as well as she’d been able to with the stone now having moved well up past her ankle. Ophiuchus tackled her, knocking her onto her back and, gripping her horns for leverage, sunk her own teeth into her neck even as her snakes started peppering her with quick bites.

From behind the spirit, there was a familiar sound of wood cracking as Prim kicked through a chunk of the fallen tree. Ophiuchus pulled back from Faye to turn and face her, easily breaking off the stone horn from her victim’s head as she did so and dropping it into the mud. Faye froze in place again just like when Veechar first appeared, watching the thing she had always hated being broken off so easily.

That last slight took just enough time away from the gorgon that when she turned around, a sizable chunk of tree had launched through the air like a missile and slammed into her, carrying her back across the clearing to near her master as it shattered across her.

“I’m going to have to ask you not to eat me friend,” Prim commented flatly.

Ophiuchus stood up and half-hissed, half-screamed with pure rage at the inferior beings who dared fight back against her. She glared daggers at the phoenixes as the unseen energy from before blasted harder into them, powerful enough now to be felt as a physical sensation that almost knocked them off their feet. Instantly, as the effect washed over them, they could feel stone had encased even more of their bodies. Prim’s left arm was particularly bad, being petrified all the way to just below her shoulder, stone now visible on her other limbs as well. Faye’s worse leg was stone to nearly her knee now and her other horn and parts of her face were following suit. Like Prim, smaller chunks of her other limbs were also starting to petrify.

“You really need to stop doing that,” Prim said, “It’s starting to get annoying.”

“Just give up and die already,” Veechar responded, “It’s inevitable that you’ll lose. You’re not strong enough to beat us. Just be good little monstrosities. Lay down in the dirt and die so the world can be just that little bit better without two more of your kind in it. I might even be able to convince Ophiuchus to make it quick, although I’m not sure I want to.”

Upon hearing these words, having found her own horn and holding it in her hand and watching her dear friend get hurt like that, something inside Faye snapped. The closed box she held inside with the emotions she didn’t want to feel had opened halfway.
The touched girl brought up her leg and slammed it into her ground, almost making Veechar chuckle in glee of how stupid that was. Cracks started to show up on the girl’s leg.

Veechar couldn’t contain the delight he felt from this. “I knew you touched were stupid but this is on an entirely new level,” he said, though, shut up immediately as he figured something was off. Faye’s leg wasn’t breaking.

It was the magic.

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Faye Aubrey

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The Darkest Hour feat. Prim

Veechar was taken aback by the stone magic from his snake spirit breaking on Faye, that’s something that shouldn’t normally be possible. “How are you?!-” He stopped himself realising it would flatter this wretched girl. “No matter. I will end you!”

“You know… I’m quite done with these games.” Faye spoke, loud and clear. A dark aura enveloped her and when she finally lifted her face to face her opponent, her hazel eyes were glowing red. “I’m growing tired of your insolence.” Faye, the girl showing no emotion on her face on normal days, looked angry. Furious even. Veechar tried to move but the moment he set as much as a step back, taking in what’s happening in front of him, the girl summoned not one but two of her loyal haunts. These two looked quite different from the ones she had summoned previously. They were not small, they were huge like bears backing up their raging owner. Her pearly white horns were replaced with a transparent shadow, making them longer and sharper. “Playtime is over.”

“We’ll see about that…!” Ophiuchus sneered from behind her master, getting back up and looking quite angry herself. “Shut up.” Faye raised her hand, summoning two strong tentacles that whipped the snake woman away throughout the field, almost hitting Prim with it in the process. Veechar tried to launch an attack on Faye, facing her head on but Faye’s haunts made sure he couldn’t get close to her.

“Woah, careful!” Prim quipped, sidestepping the projectile spirit before turning back to look at Faye. “Next time, why don’t you lead with tha - Faye?”

It was plain to see that something wasn’t quite right with Faye at that moment. Her usually blank face displaying such open, visceral hatred was unusual in and of itself, but the nightmarish shadows around her only made her appearance more unnerving.

Ophiuchus recollected herself and tried to attack Faye from behind, only to be met by sharp shadow spikes erupting from the ground. She was only barely able to dodge it and one of her snakes was pierced through. Veechar on the other hand was able to get rid of one of the shadow haunts having hit it from a blind spot several times and trapping it to run into the trees that Prim had broken. A destroyed tree trunk pierced through its chest causing it to disperse. Veechar felt good about himself only for a moment forgetting the other haunt still existed, it was able to catch him off guard. Veechar was swooped away by its claw.

The snake woman in meanwhile turned to Prim and ran straight at her. “You will be my hostage!” She grinned menacly, holding her hands out to grab at her but was met with a tentacle that was still on the field that entrapped her.

“LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!!” Faye yelled, the aura that was surrounding her growing larger as Faye got more angry. Not unlike the horns of Aries that Veechar had summoned earlier. It was then that Faye felt a dizzy spell coming up, catching her off guard only just slightly and pushing her back to her knees. Ophiuchus and Veechar were able to escape the haunt and the tentacles because of that. They felt a little bit of hope at defeating them again.

“I will make you pay!” Veechar shouted.

“Haha…” a small laugh was heard from Faye, one that grew larger. “HAHAHAHAH!” She got back to her feet and grabbed her head.

“I think we’re going to have to have a conversation about this later,” Prim said, eyeing Faye with concern. It was all kinds of wrong seeing Faye like that. She decided that the quickest way to deal with the new Faye problem was to end the fight as fast as possible.

She darted toward Veechar and launched a flurry of blows in his direction. Hampered as she was by the venom pulsing through her veins though, the Silver Spirit was able to narrowly avoid her strikes even as they reigned down upon him.

With Prim’s attention on Veechar, Ophiuchus leapt over Faye. Her snakes shot towards Prim, who wheeled around just in time to change to her bird form and flitter back behind Veechar.

Veechar tried to strike Prim’s smaller, more fragile form with a backhand strike, but she switched back quickly, easily deflecting the attack and launching a counter punch that rocketed Veechar directly into Ophiuchus and sent them both tumbling towards Faye.

The white haired girl seemingly going insane spread her arms, summoning not one, not two but 4 swords that levitated in the air around her. Veechar used his iron rod to fend the swords off, having seen them just in the nick of time before it could hit him with a final blow. His spirit was less lucky. While Ophiuchus’s arm was now cut off after being slashing by one of the swords, her shoulder showed a piercingly white light as she began to disperse. Faye, however, showed no mercy and turned her right arm into a huge shadow claw. She grabbed her head and squeezed until the loud scream they heard vanished along with the snake spirit.

Veechar gritted his teeth at the sight of his spirit being defeated. He reached for another key but Faye, as fast as she was, held her hand up and squeezed it into the air. She summoned another pair of spikes, this time imprisoning the Silver Spirit. The spikes held him up in the air and in place, making him unable for any of his limbs to move. Faye got closer and punched him with the arm she had turned into a huge claw. After the first punch Veechar already seemed to be about to faint, having no strength left in him.

Prim watched as Faye dispatched the spirit and imprisoned Veechar, seeing the fight coming to an end. However, as her friend continued approaching the Silver Spirit, she got a sense of foreboding. It was plain to see that Faye wouldn’t, or perhaps couldn’t, stop at that.

Prim rushed forward placing herself between the defeated Veechar and Faye, keeping an eye on the former as she raised a hand to the latter to try and keep her at bay somewhat. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s enough. We can’t kill the CEO of racism even if we’d like to.”

“As if you cou-” Veechar started to respond, but Prim silenced him with a glare.

“You are not in any position to be talking big. Now shut up while I keep your undeserving ass alive.”

Faye stared at Prim for only a moment but only because she was in between her and her target. The girl shifted the four shadow weapons levitating behind her to angle more aggressively towards Veechar and, by extension, Prim. She was readying herself to shoot those at them, piercing them in the process.

Prim sighed deeply, turning away from Veechar to face Faye completely and walking towards her. The weapons shifted menacingly again, the threat clear, but she chose to ignore them and was pleased to find that she did not end up impaled in the process.

She reached Faye, gripping her by the clothes and then unceremoniously slamming her into the mud, dropping to one knee next to her to maintain her grip. “Would you please snap out of it before I have to hurt you for the sake of this idiot?!”

The red aura in Faye’s eyes and the transparent shadow horns that were created dispersed, leaving behind black particles that shimmered in the sun. The weapons that the girl had created impaled the ground behind her and made the girl startle. She blinked and looked around the field before turning back to her friend that had returned her to her senses. “... What exactly happened here?” She asked, although looking at the colour and the shape of everything that was left behind on the field, it was clear to her whose fault this was. “... Did I do that?”

“You did and it was badass,” Prim commented, letting go of Faye now that she’d returned to normal. “Well, the tree was my fault so maybe watch out for angry reptiles in the near future.”

Prim shifted to get into a more comfortable position, looking at the still imprisoned Veechar. “Think you can let him go? He’s going to very politely leave and not bother us again because he doesn’t want me to turn him into a puddle of mush or let you at him again.”

Veechar snorted in response, but his posture deflated slightly. It was clear to both girls that he knew he was beat.

Faye glared at the guy but ultimately sighed. She was exhausted and her body felt heavy. She blamed it on the side effects of the poison, but judging from the swords behind her and the spikes that held Veechar in place, she probably had drawn a lot more magic than she usually did. This was way more than she could usually do. It was hard to believe this was all her. “Don’t let me see your face again.”

Faye balled her fist and both the spikes and the weapons behind her started to disperse as well, also leaving black particles behind. Veechar dropped to the ground with relative force.

“You’re going to suffer for this,” Veechar snarled, but he didn’t move to try and start the fight again. He turned and skulked off into the trees.

Prim watched him go before looking back at Faye. “Could he get any more cliche? Actually, don’t answer that. More importantly, are you okay? That was a lot.”

“I think I’m… fine?” Faye answered. “Are you okay? Let me get rid of that for you…” Faye approached the younger girl and reacher for her arm that was still encased in stone. With all her strength she drew out a little bit more of her magic to nullify the effects of the stone magic curse that was placed on Prim. “I’m afraid I can’t nullify the poison since it’s… poison. It’s not magic.”

“Eh, a little venom couldn’t keep me down anyway,” Prim replied, “Although, it would be nice to not feel like I’m going to pass out at any moment. Shall we go find the others?”

"Y-Yeah..." Faye said, staring at her broken horn that she held in her hand.

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