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You can buy the Fire Blast TR at one of the Wild Area Watt vendors, though their selection changes from time to time, so you'll have to check all of them and perhaps check them every so often if it doesn't show up at first. Might also be a chance of getting it from a Fire type max raid battle too.

And Charizard can learn Fire Blast yes
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Costs 8000 watts for TR 15 (Fire Blast), by the way.

Looked through Serebii's Max Raid list. Recommends this den in the Hammerlocke Hills.
Fire Blast TR Hammerlocke Hills.jpg
Drops from any 4 or 5 star non-event Max Raid (common or rare).

May also visit this den in the Stony Wilderness.
Fire Blast TR Stony Wilderness.jpg
Drops from any common 4 or 5 star non-event Max Raid.
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