Help Thread Do you contribute art to YouTube?

Started by Fairy January 2nd, 2016 10:58 AM
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I'm calling all artists who put their art on YouTube (or want to learn how!) in any way, shape, or form. If you make videos of your art for YouTube, let us know here! Post your channel or videos and share with us. Our goal here is to involve PC's creative community with PC's YouTube channel, so anyone who already contributes their art to YouTube or wants to learn how should post! :)

Thanks guys! <3

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I think I fall under that want to learn how category. I just recently got a tablet and I'm starting to work on digital art, so it might be a while before any of my art becomes presentable again but I'm interested when I do get to that point. I'm also curious what kind of art you'd be looking for/what exactly I'm getting myself into :P


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Awesome! :) Hopefully we can get a few YT / recording vets in here who have a good background in this stuff to give us an idea of what we're in for.

Ben says pixel art, spriting tutorials, and ROM Hacking stuff would probably be most popular, which is most likely true given the userbase. Though I imagine stuff like speed paints, recorded sketches (digital/traditional/etc), resources and tutorials, Photoshop/illustration program walkthroughs, and graphic making will be excepted as well. I mean, the only real limit is your imagination! If someone wants to record themselves sculpting a Pokemon figure or singing the Pokemon theme song, I'd say that's worthy content too.

For now we're just looking for all YouTube videos that our creative community had made or will make, then probably go through them and determine what will be accepted? Dunno yet! We've never done this before haha.

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Posted December 7th, 2020
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I do speedpaints on my channel! (Well it's a junk collections channel, but) Well, I haven't done a lot recently, but I did. Sometimes, I've done recordings of me doing traditional art as well. I have a mic and broadcasting software for streaming to answer questions or something like that. Zappy and I talked about incorporating the artist interviews into videos!

Most of us was talking in the supporter chat, so relaying that here, I said that I would be willing to edit things for everyone! I'm not sure if editing is a thing people want to do on their own or not, but I think I'm ok at it and it could keep things consistent, and would make people more up to creating stuff if they don't have to worry about how edit very well. (example I made last night)

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Welp as I said I am definitely keen to help making things happen and helping out with the making of videos.

Funny enough I was already making plans to get back into youtube and get into posting more creative and design/filmish videos.
Have a proper condenser mic so quite good quality I guess and I edit stuff with Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects - I do a lot film and editing relative stuff for uni already, so this is quite up my alley.

Had a lot of people on tumblr asking me for a tutorial on how to make GIFS so I can do that! And I can do a few beginner and basic graphics tutorials - and I could probably edit it in a way so that it's also beginner friendly too.
Speed modelling too is a maybe? But we'll see I guess.

Both my youtube channels are empty atm as I've been cleaning everything for the new year when I start working on my own channel.

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My channel is embarrassingly old and full of covers from like, 4 or 5 years ago-- but there's some speedpaints that are a little more recent like 1 or 2 years...

But if it meant some exposure/advertising for A&D, I'd be completely down to do a Pokemon related speedpaint or cover for an effort like this! It sounds really fun and interesting!