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This script adds following pokemon to your game (you have to provide your own OW sprites). It is an updated version from the current script tutorial, but modified so that if all goes in one script section.

Fixes in this version:

# * Combined all into one script section for ease of installation
# * Added setting to allow/disallow cycling through pokemon in field
# * Added tone effect to following pokemon if statused (this is pretty neato. You can turn this off with a setting)
# * Fixed follower grass animations
# * NPCs won't walk over the follower
# * Fixed crash caused by toggling follower when loading a map sometimes
# * Fixed follower not talking in the rain
# * Added a few more specific file checks to the sprite changing
# * Prevent some HM usage when having a nonfollower dependent event
# so hopefully this will lead more towards support for regular dependent events
# * Your followers don't automatically turn when you do, so it looks more natural
# * There's a setting now to make pokemon always animate while you're standing still
# Note that flying, levitating, or any pokemon species specified will always animate
# regardless of this settings

Please follow these instructions closely.
Add this script in a new section above the main (and below the compiler).
Save your game, and close RPG Maker (important).
Download this file
Now download these graphics
Go into your game folder, and from that to your Data folder. Add the Animations.rxdata file you just downloaded. It will ask if you want to replace the current file, you will say yes.
Now, go back to the main folder, and go into the Graphics folder. From there, go into the Animations folder. Here you will extract the graphics you downloaded (emo.png, emo2,png, and Pokemon-Follow.png). Make sure to extract them, not just stick the .rar file in here.
Now the script is installed.
To use this script, we simply need to make two events.

The first one will simply be a blank event. This event will be turned into our dependent event when we trigger it.
It should look like this (can be any ID)

Our second event will be the one that triggers it. It can trigger in whatever way (touch, on a different page, a conditional, etc), but it must use the script you see here: pbPokemonFollow(X)
X refers to the ID of our first event.
Please note that these events should be on the same map.

And that should pretty much be it.
Remember, this is a standalone script and needs no other changes to your scripts to work. So if you mess something up, it's probably not due to this script.

Script Version: 1.4
Credits required: Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71

I've made a few important changes since I first posted, please update
Edit: One more update for following script. There were a lot of problems in the old version with switching and toggling, especially while surfing/biking. Those are fixed. Water pokemon always animate in the water. Added exception array for mons that fit always animating criteria but you don't want them to animate. Added a fix for event transfers
Edit 2: Fixed blacking out issue, and a couple other refreshing issues.

Edit 3: Updated to v17 only, reflection support removed due to conflicts

Also, mini tutorial time. The script to force the sprite to refresh is
To force the sprite to update it's position(call this after a transfer) add this script
Hi, I'm having a few problems with the interactions with the following Pokemon. In my fangame, when a scene is happening, you still can interact with the Pokemon. Because of that reason, I would like to turn off the interaction with the Pokemon. How can I do that?
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