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☆ Partner Search ☆

Historically, the RPT has been more about large group text RPs, but that's not the only way to RP! It really only takes two, and a lot of people enjoy simple 1-1 RPs instead. With that in mind, we're bringing you a revamped partner search thread.

The way this works is simple enough! Just post in here with a clear description of what you're looking to RP about and where you want to host the actual RP (a thread, Discord or via our PM system). You're welcome to use this thread to work out details between yourselves too if you want, but you can manage that end in things privately if you'd prefer.

☆ 1-1 Rules

Of course, as with all things, we do have some quick housekeeping rules to go over for two-person RPing.

1. When you find an RP partner through PC, all of PCs rules apply. Yes, even if you end up using Discord for the RP itself.

2. You do not need to make an OOC thread if it's just the two of you. If you're going to use a thread for the RP, you can go straight to the Stage. That being said, you're still welcome to make an OOC thread for organisation if you'd like.

3. If your RP partner is making you uncomfortable or is being inappropriate, you are not in any way obligated to keep going. Please stop and contact one of the RP mods or a site admin ASAP so we can deal with the situation.

☆ Thanks for reading! ☆

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