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Let's Go Partner outfit ideas

Started by bobandbill April 3rd, 2019 10:55 AM
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This is fine.

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IMO, we were a bit limited with the outfits we had available for our partner Pokemon. What would you have liked to have seen been available for your Pikachu or Eevee to wear?

Maybe some Gym Leader styled clothing would have been cute... could have been even a postgame content thing: rebattle the Gym Leader and if you won you got something to dress up your Partner related to said character.


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Raichu costume for Pikachu, and Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon costumes for Eevee! That would've been insanely cute. And if not gym leader sets, maybe type sets you could be given as an additional prize for defeating the gym leader of that type? And headdresses!! because luv 'em
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okay you know you can buy like the little diglett to put on your pokemon's head right????? let me buy alolan dugtrio wigs!!!!!!!!!!!! like you know what i mean like the three different hairstyles on alolan dugtrio pleeease let me have those as wigs. like for ME and the partner pokemon. y'all wish i was joking lol
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