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I share a name with (character)!

Started by Palamon September 29th, 2019 9:07 AM
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What character do you share a name with? Sadly, I've never seen a series that has a character with the name Kory, except an english version of a manga, but this isn't about anime, so. :x

But my birth name, there's plenty of characters I've seen or watched with my birth name. :') Not like I care about that, though, but yeah.
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There are waaaaaaay too many characters named Dawn.

Excluding the obvious one, the most prominent one I can think of is Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was...a mixture of endearing and infuriating.

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I recollect the Ice Age sloth, Sid. That guy. The slow guy. Do not imagine him while reading my username, you'll find it weird and hilarious.
Oh, also, the Sid in Destiny Deoxys, but he isn't a lot like me except being Jolly.

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Honestly, she inspired it. I know Kimi isn't actually my real name but... a lot of people know me better this way. ;w; As for Kimberly, I share this with the Pink Power Ranger in the original series. \o/


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For my real full name, I share it with Victoria from Bravely Default. We're also both dark skinned and small haha.

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...A girl whose fiance said the wrong name at the altar. ._. Yay.

More fittingly, Emily the Strange.

(I can't think of a character called Em, though. It's not like I've completely disavowed the name Emily and never want to be called by it again, but I basically go by Em...)
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