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Seen June 14th, 2019
Posted June 14th, 2019
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Thanks for any help! My wife has been playing Poke:TCG online and has been having fun stealing last minute victories etc, great stuff!
I bought the Torrential Cannon deck yesterday and we had a great time just splitting the deck in half and battling in a 3 Prize Card short version, some pretty crazy close fights!
But it became obvious that if any of the basic Pokemon were trapped away in the Prize Cards, that was pretty much game over.

We looked at how to improve our game, but maybe got a bit confused as to how, our thoughts, and if you guys have any ideas...

1. When we looked at other decks I couldn't figure out what would be a good one to play against it. It seems as though most of the ones out have crazy Pokemon of like 210+HP and monster hits, as a Basic! Which would just be an instant win against even my Blastoise/Golduck.

Because we're not after dropping lots of money, more for the fun of the strategy, I think we would just ignore weaknesses, so if a Grass type deck is quite good, but would be wiped out by the Water, we'd not worry about that.

2. Is it cooler to buy Booster Packs? I'd love to just buy Torrential Cannon booster packs so that we just keep getting cooler Water type. That would solve everything, but I can't see anything like that.

Really appreciate any help!



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Uh, the theme decks have the same 60 cards in every single box, as they're preconstructed decks. You could just get a second one if you're just looking for a balanced match.


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Aw, that’s so sweet! I’m the wife half of a TCG playing couple, so I know how much fun it can be when you really get a good game going. :)

Definitely look into getting a few pre-constricted decks that you guys can rotate around and play with. Try not to get decks that perfectly counter your wife’s if you want a balanced match. Looking into basics like type weaknesses will help on that front.

I also recommend getting a few boosters to help fill out your decks and give you some more options. All of this can be done rather cheaply!

Cheers to you both! ( ¬ī ‚ĖĹ ` )ÔĺČ

Seen June 14th, 2019
Posted June 14th, 2019
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Thanks for your help! I bought the Mewtwo Deck, and and a Detective Pikachu Case File, first winner gets to open the first booster pack, man she wants that Pikachu haha.
Battle lines have been drawn, ha

Thanks again! Will keep an eye for more info!
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