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5th Gen What is Your Team in B/W 2

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Old October 16th, 2012 (12:38 PM).
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Hah! Atelast 80% of all the teams I've seen includes Riolu/Lucario, must be popular with it being available so early on in the game.

Update on my team:

Erebus Lv. 40 @ Charcoal

~ Tackle (Really need to replace)
~ Arm Thrust
~ Flame Charge
~ Assurance

Pulsar Lv. 40 @ Magnet

~ Flash Cannon
~ Metal Sound
~ Spark
~ SonicBoom

Rose Lv. 41 @ Expert Belt

~ Cut
~ Slash
~ X-Scissor
~ Leaf Blade

Siena Lv. 41 @ Amulet Coin

~ Fake Out
~ Snarl
~ Assist
~ Slash

Sirius Lv. 41 @ Scope Lens

~ Bulldoze
~ Strength
~ Swords Dance
~ Force Palm

Scarlet Lv. 42 @ Lucky Egg

~ Surf
~ Recover
~ Ominous Wind
~ Will-O-Wisp

Pretty happy with my team, there were a couple more I wanted such as Sigilyph, Crustle, Klinklank etc but I'll be getting White 2 in November so I can fit them into a team with that version.
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    Penultimate team immediately prior to Victory Road.
    Will post again when I've finalised everything.

    Porygon w/ Amulet Coin
    - Tri Attack
    - Conversion
    - Shadow Ball
    - Recover

    Azumarill w/ Leftovers
    Huge Power
    - Waterfall
    - Aqua Ring
    - Ice Punch
    - Charm

    Scolipede w/ Scope Lens
    Poison Point
    - Poison Tail
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength
    - Screech

    - Discharge
    - Acrobatics
    - Volt Switch
    - Thunder Wave

    Altaria w/ Draco Plate
    Natural Cure
    - Dragonbreath
    - Roost
    - Mirror Move
    - Cotton Guard

    Flareon w/ Charcoal
    Flash Fire
    - Fire Fang
    - Quick Attack
    - Fire Blast
    - Scary Face

    Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
    Level 72
    ~Scald (don't know what else to give it...)
    ~Muddy Water
    ~Ice Beam
    My Advice: Scald; Ice Beam; Aqua Ring; Haze. Give it Leftovers.
    Vaporeon is a good wall and excellent Dragon-counter. The lack of movepool variety inherent to the Eevee family doesn't lend Vaporeon particularly well to being a general purpose powerhouse despite its base sp atk. If you really want to use it for that though, I would suggest Scald, Ice Beam, Signal Beam (tutor move) and Shadow Ball.

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Hah! Atelast 80% of all the teams I've seen includes Riolu/Lucario, must be popular with it being available so early on in the game.
    I expected everyone would use N's Zorua/Zoroark.
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    Since I've got my team sorted for Black 2, I can sort a team for White 2 which I'll be getting in a couple of weeks anyway. It was out of 10 but I kinda narrowed it down and came up with this for White 2;

    I Wanted to try and use Pokemon I haven't used before or rarely used with a mixture of typing too.
    Old October 17th, 2012 (1:47 PM).
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      Heading towards Drayden next. My team:

      Emboar (M) lv 37
      Octillery (F) lv 39
      Magneton (X) lv 38
      Weezing (M) lv 35
      Sigilyph (F) lv 36
      Vibrava (M) lv 35

      My whole team just got pokerus while traveling through reversal mountain too. I'm finding myself a bit under-levelled though, which I didn't experience at all in the original Pokemon White. (I'm not doing anything different...)
      Looking for X & Y friends, friend code is: 2964-8571-0102
      Send me a pm if you add me.
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        my team right now is
        Herdier M 28
        Flaaffy F 28
        Genesect 28
        Braviary 28
        Dewott M 30
        Flareon M 20
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          Hey, i'm new. I came on a pokemon forum specifically to discuss bw2 teams, haha. MY current team is: Snivy, Lucario, Growlithe, Mareep, and Sandlie. What do you think?
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            my current team is
            Zweilous(Derpdragon) lvl 60
            Dragon Pulse
            Dragon Rush
            Strength (probally will change to Hyper voice when able)

            Azumarril lvl 59

            Aqua ring
            Hydro pump
            Rain Dance

            Altaria lvl 63

            Dragon Dance
            Cotton Guard
            Dragon Pulse

            Lucario lvl 60

            Close Combat
            Dragon Pulse
            Sword Dance
            Aura Sphere
            (probally need more psychical moves if i want to keep sword dance)

            Volcarona lvl 70

            Bug Buzz
            Silver wind
            Quiver Dance
            Heat Wave

            Serperior lvl 65

            Leech Seed
            Leaf Blade
            Giga Drain
            Black FC 0304 7211 4041
            Black 2 FC 1335 5536 9339


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              Alright, time for an update to something nobody remembers...and that's to the Pokemon I use on my Pokemon Black 2 game.

              *clears throat* I'm packing six badges boi, youse better step off, yo! LOL Alright, now, I'm currently on my way to the 7th gym. I think on this game it's Drayden...This time I'm gonna give levels, gender, held item and moveset.

              Emboar Lv 43 (M/None)
              Hammer Arm
              Heat Crash

              Vibrava Lv 41 (M/Quick Claw)
              Earth Power

              Weezing Lv 42 (M/Black Sludge)
              Poison Gas

              Staryu Lv 41 (N/None)
              Reflect Type
              Light Screen

              Magenzone Lv 42 (N/Leftovers)
              Signal Beam
              Thunder Wave
              Electro Ball
              Flash Cannon

              Leavanny Lv 42 (F/Scope Lens)
              Leaf Blade

              This isn't their complete moveset...I'm working on it, this is why not every Pokemon is holding something. Oh, and if peoples wonder why Vibrava is holding Quick Claw, that's because it was holding when it was a Trapinch I was too lazy to take it away from it. Plus, it has a Speed decreasing nature.
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                I'm currently at Lacunosa Town, just grinding a bit before Drayden.

                Lvl 44 [Flash Fire]
                - Hex
                - Flame Burst
                - Will O Wisp
                - Memento

                lvl 45 [Levitate]
                - Dragon Tail
                - Fly
                - Bulldoze
                - Rock Slide

                lvl 41 [Chlorophyll]
                - Leaf Blade
                - X-Scissor
                - Protect
                - Slash

                lvl 43 [Static]
                - Thunder Wave
                - Thunder Punch
                - Quick Attack
                - Discharge

                Going to replace thunder punch with fire punch once I can get an Electrizer.

                lvl 44 [Ice Body]
                - Hail
                - Ice Beam
                - Encore
                - Surf

                traded Oslo over as an egg from White.
                No idea what to have as a 6th member or if I need one. Have got a Steelix/Aron I could use but i'm not sure.
                Old October 18th, 2012 (6:57 AM).
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                  Right now....

                  Genesect (Don't judge me, I am using it as backup until I find an awesome replacement. Flygon maybe?)

                  I want to import my Zangoose and my beloved Salamence as well. On another note, this is the first game I'll be attempting to make a competition team.
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                    Pumba - Emboar: I chose tepig only because I usually take snivy. uwu I've had oshawott and tepig before as well, when I've played nuzlockes, but I figured emboar would be a decent fighting type.

                    Nala - Stoutland: So at the beginning of w2, I was trying to play it as a nuzlocke (but gave up after Burgh's gym) I caught Nala and well. She was better than patrat. Also, stoutlands with return are fantastic.

                    Scar - Crobat: I actually wanted an archen, but you couldn't get them until post e4, so bam. Crobats are pretty legit though. He and Nala are the speediest on my team, I believe.

                    Aladdin - Krookodile: When I found out Aladdin had moxie instead of intimidate, I was rather let down. But then during Drayden's gym I was so happy you have no idea holy gosh. Krookodiles with moxie and foul play are deadly as heck.

                    Kuzco - Crustle: Dwebles are adorable to the extreme alright. And crustles are fantastic when they have rocky helmets.

                    Bell - Ferrothorn: I love steel types more than ever now. <3 Bell is my powerhouse of fantasticalness.
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                      For the time being on my B2...


                      I have enjoyed this team as it seemed to have an answer to most of the battles I've had in B2, but it is subject to change if I get another pokemon I like for my team
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                      Pikachu Ga Gotoku
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                        Just beat the Elite Four with:
                        Revolver the Samurott
                        Osh Kosh the Leavanny
                        Pooky the Stoutland
                        Darmy the Darmanitan
                        Duck King the Scrafty
                        and Tuskany the Haxorus
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                          Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
                          Heading towards Drayden next. My team:

                          Emboar (M) lv 37
                          Octillery (F) lv 39
                          Magneton (X) lv 38
                          Weezing (M) lv 35
                          Sigilyph (F) lv 36
                          Vibrava (M) lv 35

                          My whole team just got pokerus while traveling through reversal mountain too. I'm finding myself a bit under-levelled though, which I didn't experience at all in the original Pokemon White. (I'm not doing anything different...)
                          Thank god, I'm not the only one who feels under-levelled. Just got to Undella Town and caught myself a Staryu

                          My Team:
                          Lv 37
                          Lv 35
                          Lv 27
                          Lv 35
                          Lv 40
                          Lv 33
                          Friend Codes
                          3DS: 4398-9816-9540
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                            only had black 2 for like 4 days, been playing it non stop pretty much and i have done everything [about to get heatran ] my team is

                            lv50 Archeops Naive nature male

                            Ancient Power

                            Lv74 Kami [Lucario] Naughty nature male

                            Force Palm
                            Swords dance
                            close combat

                            lv75 Zoroark hasty nature male

                            nasty plot
                            night slash
                            night daze

                            Deino [just hatched from an egg lv1]

                            Frillish [water hm slave]

                            Latios [because i can] just caught a few hours ago xx

                            my main team are on white version but yeah i might delete this file and go for challenge mode i have it unlocked. i have not traded between my games yet.. i need a second ds and i know no one in swansea that plays pokemon haha and my internet is down due to moving next week lol
                            Fairy Fan Club Member Indy
                            Old October 19th, 2012 (3:28 PM).
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                            My final team when I beat Black 2.

                            Aurian (Lucario) lv. 63
                            Buggy Eyed (Flygon) lv. 64
                            Snickle (Golduck) lv. 63
                            Kelvin (Magmortar) lv. 64
                            Zoroark (N's) lv. 65
                            D.N. Angel (Jolteon) lv. 64

                            Zoroark carried me through a lot of the Elite Four.

                            Old October 19th, 2012 (8:51 PM).
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                              Finally...FINALLY brought White 2. The bag has 'Free Space'....already best Pokemon game ever.

                              Current team for first gym challenge:

                              Jackson (Riolu) Level 10 - Male
                              Maroon (Mareep) - Level 8 - Female
                              Kingston (Oshawott) - Level 11 - Male

                              Going to trade over a Vanillite from White; travesty there's isn't one to catch earlier in game since Cold Storage is kaput...'s so freaking adorable.
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                                Finished the E4
                                exploring now.

                                Leavanny 75
                                Krookodile 70
                                Lucario 62
                                Swoobat 65
                                Best way to message me.
                                Old October 20th, 2012 (12:20 AM).
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                                  Well, this is my current team for BW2. Beat Grimsley, Caitlin, and am about to beat Marshall. I think I may be ****ed going against Iris though. Ice Punch Azumarill isn't enough to deal with the Dragon Types and I don't think he can tank more than 2 neutral hits from one even with the 200 HP and 100 Defenses.

                                  Sandslash Lv. 55 (Razor Claw)
                                  ~ Earthquake
                                  ~ Rock Slide
                                  ~ X-Scissor
                                  ~ Swords Dance

                                  Braviary Lv. 55 (Expert Belt)
                                  ~ Fly (Convenience)
                                  ~ Superpower
                                  ~ Return
                                  ~ Rock Slide

                                  Magnezone Lv. 56 (Magnet)
                                  ~ Discharge
                                  ~ Flash Cannon
                                  ~ Volt Switch
                                  ~ Thunder Wave

                                  Virizion Lv. 56 (Big Root)
                                  ~ Giga Drain
                                  ~ X-Scissor
                                  ~ Sacred Sword
                                  ~ Swords Dance

                                  Zangoose Lv. 57 (Shell Bell)
                                  ~ Return
                                  ~ Shadow Claw
                                  ~ Close Combat
                                  ~ Swords Dance

                                  Azumarill Lv. 59 (Leftovers)
                                  ~ Waterfall
                                  ~ Ice Punch
                                  ~ Superpower
                                  ~ Return
                                  Old October 20th, 2012 (7:20 AM).
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                                    Samurott, Ampharos, Lucario, Crobat, Haxorus and Absol. All my favourites :D

                                    They're rather frail, though. And Crobat's just not cutting it, even with Acrobatics. Just beat the E4 and now I'm getting trashed at the Kanto Tournament (or whatever it's called).
                                    Old October 20th, 2012 (8:32 AM).
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                                      Posts: 25
                                      Playing White 2 - just been through Chargestone Cave. My current team is:

                                      Serperior Lv. 36 w/ Miracle Seed
                                      Leaf Blade
                                      Leech Seed
                                      Mega Drain

                                      Lucario Lv. 35 w/ nothing atm
                                      Force Palm
                                      Dark Pulse
                                      Bone Rush
                                      Quick Attack

                                      Duosion Lv. 34 w/ nothing
                                      Future Sight
                                      Light Screen

                                      Magneton Lv. 34 w/ Eviolite
                                      Thundershock (gah)
                                      Metal Sound
                                      Mirror Shot
                                      Thunder Wave

                                      Yeah, under-leveled as all hell, but I find the game more challenging this way. Also, I know it makes more sense to evolve my Magneton but Magnezone looks a bit too fugly for my liking. ;p

                                      EDIT: Oh, and I also realise three of my Pokemon are weak to Fire. I'll fix this soon...
                                      Old October 20th, 2012 (8:50 AM).
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                                      I like trains.
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                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Naive
                                        Posts: 247
                                        My team as of Pre-Elesa
                                        Servine lvl 30
                                        Azumarril lvl 28
                                        Darumaka lvl 28

                                        My Final Team as of now:
                                        I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

                                        Friend Codes:
                                        White 2: 2538 1585 2551

                                        The unofficial Train Master of the Pokecommunity
                                        Old October 20th, 2012 (9:28 AM).
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                                          Nature: Docile
                                          Posts: 27
                                          Here is my planned team:

                                          1. Samurott (Trying it out Since I used Snivy in White)

                                          2. Magmortar (If I can find out how to trade on a emulator)

                                          3. Lilligant (My favorite poke ever!)

                                          4. Espeon (Was going to use Glaceon, until I found out that you can only get Glaceon in the post game)

                                          5. Heracross (Haven't used one in previous Pokemon games, I will try it to see if it's as good as people say it is)

                                          6. Clefable (Cuz Magic Guard is amazing)
                                          Old October 20th, 2012 (9:49 AM).
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                                            Posts: 451
                                            I'm right before challenging the Nimbasa gym and this is my team:
                                            -Umbreon Lv. 24
                                            -Leavanny Lv. 27
                                            -Dewott Lv. 28
                                            -Trapinch Lv. 28
                                            -Growlithe Lv. 26
                                            -Sigilyph Lv. 30
                                            Old October 20th, 2012 (12:26 PM).
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                                              Gender: Male
                                              Nature: Impish
                                              Posts: 19
                                              I'm training to unlock the Champions Tournament in the PWT.

                                              Scrafty (Careful, Lv. 66, Moxie)
                                              @Shell Bell
                                              -Hi Jump Kick
                                              -Ice Punch
                                              -Bulk Up
                                              Main physical attacker. Its HP is low but its nature gives it good special bulk regardless. It can afford a first turn Bulk Up boost against everything except flying types with Acrobatics and then proceed to rack up Moxie boosts from there. Probably my most reliable teammate. I'm glad Moxie is as broken now as it used to be - this thing was unstoppable up until Iris' Archeops.

                                              Crobat (Timid, Lv. 70, Inner Focus)
                                              @Flying Gem
                                              -Confuse Ray
                                              -Cross Poison
                                              Basic standin for any rogue Grass or Bug types. Even at -Atk, Acrobatics hits hard so no need to worry there. +Speed means it outspeeds literally everything (I think it gets close to 190 at the level 50 cap.) Confuse Ray is for things that won't go down in one hit and might OHKO Crobat.

                                              Azumarill (Quirky, Lv. 68, Huge Power)
                                              @Mystic Water
                                              -Ice Punch
                                              Azumarill did great ingame, but I will probably replace it with a Starmie or something soon. It has a lot of HP but only ok defense, so it can only take one or two hits. At least Waterfall hits hard. Surf has no purpose in battle and is only for the actual game.

                                              Absol (Mild(ugh), Lv. 65, Super Luck)
                                              @Scope Lens
                                              -Night Slash
                                              -Psycho Cut
                                              -Sucker Punch
                                              Not much to say. High Attack and usable Special Attack if I want to go down the Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt vein. He is more frail than I'd like, though.

                                              Espeon (Calm, Lv. 52, Magic Bounce)
                                              @Light Clay
                                              -Light Screen
                                              -Signal Beam
                                              Not done training, but I'm toying around with screens and Light Clay. It's not really my style, but Espeon can do it well. Magic Bounce is pretty cool, although I'm still not entirely sure if it can bounce back things like Intimidate (I only starting using Espeon yesterday).

                                              Jolteon (Mild, Lv. 58, Volt Absorb)
                                              @Ghost Gem
                                              -Shadow Ball
                                              -Signal Beam
                                              -(undecided 4th move... for now it's Work Up)
                                              Yey special attacker. It's actually better at the role than Espeon, because of it's nature and higher Speed. I can't really do much else with Jolteon though, and it's really way too frail to consider using Work Up, so the 4th slot might as well be empty. :/ Still not done training, though.

                                              Yeah, I know... 2 Eeveelutions. I just like how there's one for every situation.

                                              Espeon replaced a Modest Reuniclus (who turned out to be deceptively frail... it has 1 defense IV IIRC. But it had HP Ground which was pretty cool).

                                              Jolteon replaced a Serious Ampharos who was starting to fall behind from the rest of the team.

                                              I like the synergy that Absol and Crobat, and Jolteon and Scrafty/Azumarill give each other, though.

                                              I'm also toying around (as my Battle Box team) a VoltTurn team consisting of Gliscor, Accelgor, Weavile and Ampharos - it does better in this setting than an all-out team. The AI spam powerful attacks over SE attacks too much for VoltTurn to be really effective, though...

                                              If it matters, my starter (Snivy) is Level 6 and in the box.
                                              White 2 FC: 0777 2219 3621
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