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Old July 24th, 2018 (12:37 AM).
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Some points to make

1. Please don't mini-mod. If you have a problem with how someone behaves or handles debate, report it.
2. We already have a thread for the "minorities in media" discussion so don't derail this one with that topic.
3. Try to be respectful of each other, please. It makes this easier for everyone.
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Old July 24th, 2018 (9:27 AM).
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    Got a link to a positive news site if anybody wants it. :)
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    Old July 30th, 2018 (4:32 PM).
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      The news of edgy DC tv shows like Titans makes me mad. It's like they hired the creator of Coldsteel the Hedgehog to write the show, I mean "psyduck batman" really? It's worse than the do you bleed line in BvS. Seems like they're trying to make them seem cool and mature but that's not what maturity is really about. The 2000s CN Teen Titans show will always be more cool and mature than what we've seen from the Titans trailer.
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      Old October 28th, 2018 (4:52 AM).
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      Yup, Trump. Specifically his immigration policies are the most inhumane we have had in recent memory as a country. His rhetoric is nothing like previous republican presidents such as Ronald Reagan or George H.W Bush. Even George W Bush was not this bad with immigration at crisis levels in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. Bush's crackdown with Opperation Streamline still made exceptions to the sick and families traveling with children, which we saw disintegrate this summer during this administration's zero tolerance policy. I will be voting Democrat for president in 2020 no matter which establishment hack they put forward, praying there's a chance that we won't have to look at Trump's face again.

      Recently I was angered by Trump's unfounded claims that the migrant caravan is really ms13, even going so far as to imply it was infiltrated by terrorists. Meanwhile we have Fox News dancing to whatever tune he sings, not putting forward all of the facts, nor retracting discredited claims and concentrating on alarmist stories about drug cartels to scare undecided Americans into anti-immigration policies, advancing their right-wing agenda.

      It is not even thinly veiled racism. I am disgusted by how well this tactic seems to be working on large numbers of uninformed Americans, and frightened by the lack of empathy we're witnessing in the US, and the descendents of fellow immigrants saying to "shut the doors" on these people.

      Here's more information about the caravan and its numbers.

      I understand that immigration is a controversial and complex economic topic, but what also needs to be understood is that asylum-seekers who are at risk of violence in their countries are supposed to be able to have due process and make a case for protection if they present themselves to official ports of entry. As much as Trump is trying to strip away protections, that is how the the law was supposed to work.

      The caravan is attempting to go and make their case, rather than secretly cross the boarder. It is what we as a country hypocritically claim to be in favor of. Supposedly everyone has the hope to possibly immigrate as long as they try to follow law, but here we are outright saying no before anyone arrives to talk and tell their side.

      We are not just letting thousands of strangers "flood the boarders" as I have heard this situation described to the point of caricature. Asylum cases are processed in multiple stages that can literally take years, and the court determines individually the merits of case for the asylum.

      Honduran refuges make up a large part of the cavaran, a country which has one of the highest murder rates is in the world. Police forces march up and down the streets, citizens are beaten, journalists get disappeared and there are towns run by gangs where children are dismembered. People literally get shot dead on the street here.

      A really tragic part of the reason for the political chaos is because the United States backed a coup of the democratically-elected leader of the country in 2009. Yet there is a prevalent attitude that we have no responsibility or accountability for any of our actions that contribute to the global state of affairs. I am reminded right now of John Bolton, the architect of the Iraq War who has returned thanks to Trump as our national security adviser. This is a monster who has declared publicly that he does not recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court, and would prosecute any UN officials who set foot in this country seeking to investigate war crimes. This is the mentality of we will do whatever we like with impunity. I pray for karma to return such uncharitable ways of life
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