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Old November 7th, 2018 (9:15 AM).
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    Originally Posted by Mana View Post

    My post was more about the fact that Fox news have perpetuated the conspiracy theory that Jewish people (particularly George Soros) are behind everything and controlling America. Which, as far as I'm aware, is the same thing that this murderer committed these awful acts over.

    Nothing to do with whatever excuse your post was about. :c
    I don't know what shows you watch but I've never seen Fox News say anything about Jewish people are "behind everything and control America". Soros comes up as a funder of various leftist causes because he DOES fund them. Usually its a counter point to "well the evil NRA donates millions to gun rights and that much money is just wrong."

    Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post

    It starts with requiring stricter mental testings.. Maybe don't just do all the testings in a day cause one can easily cover up their illness.. Put a longer hold on getting a gun instead of just giving it to people that day when they buy? Ya know, actually take the muk seriously. If one has a history of mental illness in general it should be noted and taken more seriously. Focusing on mental illness will do more good than focusing on guns...
    Mental health testing won't do more than add an additional cost and delay to Right. They can't predict future behavior and who would sign off on clearing a person. If you are wrong one way, you get sued by the victims of a future shooting. If you are wrong the other way, you get sued by the civilian wrongly denied his constitutional rights.

    Originally Posted by MortalPhoenix View Post
    Even if you repeal the 2nd Amendment, the guns still exist in the USA. Removing the law doesn't magically change anything. You would need to enforce the law, which would mean taking the guns away from people. And that won't end well. So come up with a better solution than, "Oh, why doesn't America just repeal the 2nd Amendment?!" Everytime a shooting happens in the USA, you always come running and posting this comment over and over again.
    Guy in Maryland died when a relative filed a "red flag" complaint on him and cops came to take his gun. He didn't want to give it up and the cops shot him. Other relatives said he was harmless and it shouldn't have ended that way.

    It is honestly starting to turn into an Onion article: "Local Finland man suggests amending the US Constitution. Americans are stunned that no one in history has suggested amending it."

    Guns aren't the problem. Guns are the symptom. The cause of the violence is what is leading to the shootings in the first place. What the USA needs to do is have a Federal Program that all States must follow, which will help curb the violence. For example, you have people afraid of Jews and Black people, and their fear may translate into violence against them. You have Incels who are insecurity, and they lash out against women.
    If guns were the problem, there'd be lots more shootings every year and all over the country. Please elaborate on this "Federal Program."

    Furthermore, half of all gun violences are suicides, so the USA should put programs in place to help curb suicides. Bullying can lead to teens in the USA committing suicide, and transgender people are being bullied for being trans.
    It's 2/3rds, not half.

    I also like that anyone required to own a gun, should be required to take a State training lesson to ensure they know how to properly use, maintain, and store a firearm.
    Required, no. Encouraged yes. Once you make it "required" you give anti gun people in the government the ability to add more requirements.

    Finally, I think a better exchange of information from all levels of Government will help too.
    This definitely needs to happen.
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