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Old May 9th, 2018 (7:09 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Ho-Oh View Post
    Open world sounds REALLY cool.

    Plot-wise... I suppose Team Rocket launching a global attack and teaming up with all other teams. You need to take down an evil team in each region andddd THEN once you do: you face an ultimate evil team to save the world. Ez.
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      For a multi region plot, the only way I can see it working is to have it use the spin off regions but keep the main game mechanics of battling and catching Pokemon, therefore creating a new experience in familiar environments.
      We already have Orre, the Pokken region and the ranger game regions, so it could be more that the Player character is on a holiday in Fiore, then circumstances lead to them teaming up with the Rangers and capture Pokemon (the normal way) in order to investigate Pokemon acting weirdly.

      After going to all 3 ranger regions, the Ranger Union find a potential link with past events in Orre, and so you and some Top Rangers are sent to find out if the culprits are from Orre. Eventually, you go to the Pokken region where the evil masterminds are starting to act out their plot in order to save the people and Pokemon there and stop the villains.
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        I think people are too negative as to how a plot could unfold throughout several different regions. I could imagine a game that starts out in one new region, featuring a new villainous team that you run into a few times on your quest to become the champion. It's a pretty straightforward game up until you beat the elite four.

        Once you're the champion, the evil team ramps up their activity and starts becoming a bigger threat. As the newly elected champion, it becomes your job to stop them. Their plan is to create some sort of ultimate legendary Pokemon, and their quest to create this Pokemon means they expand their search to different regions; maybe they need a rock from Mt. Moon, a meteor from Meteor falls, and an artifact from the Sinnoh region relating to time/space. Visiting these regions could be very different from their original games, as many years has gone by. You'll get to see familiar faces from the old games, maybe team up with old Gym leaders and other protagonists Rivals.

        I don't like the idea that all the old teams come back. If they're already rehashing regions, then rehashing the old teams would be a bit too uninspired, but maybe just a cameo or a secret boss battle against the old Team leaders would be cool.
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        Would be pretty cool to have a Pokemon game where you just go through all the regions and become the league champion of each, I wouldn't care for an expanded story after the first two or so regions and would be happy with side quest type things that we saw in Kanto when we visited in GSC/HGSS I think that would be enough. Of course it would get repetitive, but ignoring all problems I would be happy just having a modern 3D Pokemon game, with stuff following you and in the overworld, with every region we can dream right haha
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