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Pokémon Pokemon: Lee's Kanto Arc Page 2

Started by P-K-123 November 23rd, 2018 5:18 AM
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Chapter 11: Death Stranded

Vermilion City

"Come on, just a bit further to the Pokemon Center."

"I know, but it hurts too much."

It had been a hard trek for Lee and Gray-the underground path and Route 6 had proven too much for Gray's beaten up body and a sprained leg. The two boys were now leaning on each other, barely walking into Vermilion with the energy that they had left.

It was a miracle they had made it to the Pokemon Center. The door opened for them, thankfully.

"Nurse! I need some help here, my friend is hurt!"

"Alright, bring him over here." The nurse took the weight off Lee, taking his friend and laying him on a gurney. "Chanseys, move out! We have a wounded!"

"Thanks Lee...I wouldn't have made it here alone." Gray grabbed Lee's hand tight. "I'll return the favor someday, I promise."

"Don't mention it, it was my pleasure beating up those Rockets." Lee replied, smiling at his friend. "You'll get more Pokemon and become stronger sometime."

"Yeah, I plan to...after I heal up that is." The brown-haired boy leaned his head on the pillow on the gurney, relieved that he himself was safe now. "I'll be back in action soon, okay? In the meantime, get stronger!"

"Take care. Gray."

Lee watched the Chanseys take the gurney away-his friend was in safe hands now, and he could worry about more...immediate matters. Next up was the Electric-type gym, headed by Lt. Surge, a battle-hardened Pokemon gym leader. He had heard Ground-type Pokemon were effective at taking down Electric types, but in his opinion he had so many reasons to be hesitant about that-Geodude? Too lumpy. Sandshrew? Not his type. Diglett? Don't even consider it. But then maybe, he did see in his map that, next to Cerulean, there was Route 9-with Rock Tunnel nearby. Maybe, in an area less traveled, there could be nice-looking, powerful Ground-type Pokemon he hasn't seen yet. Maybe. At least that's what he hoped. After punching the button on the vending machine, Lee picked up the dispensed lemonade-he'll recharge for a bit, then go back to Cerulean.


Cerulean City-Route 9

The sun had started to set by the time Lee had reached Route 9. Still, during the walk he could reflect upon recent events, crazy things that happened after Team Rocket announced their return: the Charmander stolen from Prof. Oak's lab, Attack on the Museum, on Bill, on Gray...these guys were attacking everyone. Even the original Team Rocket wasn't like that, something was off, he had heard what the Rockets were like. A direct assault, to his knowledge, was not how Giovanni operated-

-his thought was broken up by his Wartortle tugging his pants.

"Hey, what's the matter, little guy?"


Hydro, with a panicked face, pointed at people who were running towards the direction of Route 10. At the sight Lee froze in shock. Black uniforms, white gloves and boots, and the signature R on their chest-definitely Team Rocket! Lee could see they were carrying something in a hurry, but he couldn't see what it was as they were running too fast.

"War, wartortle!"

"Wow...Hydro, It's...Looks like they weren't kidding when they said they had "returned". Come on Hydro, whatever they're planning has to be stopped!"

Lee started running after them, to Route 10, with Hydro being put in his Pokeball as he was a bit slow. He had to get back at them for Gray, for Bill, for Professor Oak...for everything! The boy barely saw them run into the Rock Tunnel-what could they possibly want in Rock Tunnel?

"Okay, guys." The trainer gripped on his two Pokeballs on his belt. "Let's do this."

...but before Lee could step into the abyss, a massive boom shook the ground, and rocked his ears! The boy collapsed on his rear, as his head continued to ring from the explosion.

"Hnng!" Lee put his hands up on his ears-after a ringing came this long beep sound that sounded like a noise from a blooper, giving a pain that was akin to piercing his head before stopping. "Whoa...what was that!?"

BOOM! The question was left in the air as another explosion occured, shaking the cave and scattering little rocks down onto Lee's feet.

"Holy-What is wrong with them Rockets!? What are they doing!?"

Blinded by revenge, worry, and youthful stupidity, Lee ran into the darkness head-on, not caring anymore about the ringing that continued to ravage his ears.


Rock Tunnel

But soon Lee realized that someone might have heard his swearing, and that they might get suspicious. He took a crouching pose and hid behind some boulders, before peeking out at the sound of footsteps to see a Team Rocket member on guard, wearing a helmet with a flashlight. He needed that if he was going to venture further into the pitch-black cave. That and, he also needed to take the guard out.

"Okay...think Lee, think. What could..." He couldn't dare to take out his Pokemon as, at this close distance, the sound of the Pokeball opening would be enough to alert them to the presence of an intruder.

"Yeah-that should work." Lee scoured the ground with his eyes, looking for anything. "This better work."

Picking up some small rocks, the trainer picked all of them up and took up a pose carefully-akin to what he would do if he were to throw a Pokeball. Boom-although he was a bit disoriented by the explosion, he threw the rocks at the same time to cover up his sounds. The rocks flew into the air and hit the intended target, breaking the flashlight on the helmet in the process.

"Hey!" The Rocket grunt cried. "You jerks, ease it on the excavation bombs! You're gonna make this place come down, then we can't mine the stones!"

"Yeah, whatever, Tory!" Another voice sounded from the farther side, this time a more familiar sound. The girl's father-Lee was sure of it. "Since when were you such a cloyster? How did you even get into Team Rocket!?"

"Ah, forget it! Just give me another helmet, this one's broken!"

The grunt called "Tory" walked away into the direction of the voices to get a new helmet, while throwing the "broken" one down onto the ground.

Yes! That sure worked! Lee thought silently to himself as he picked up and strapped the helmet onto himself. Now to stop Team Rocket, and the girl's parents...and maybe, if I'm super lucky, the girl herself.

He had to flick the switch a couple of times to make the flashlight come back to life. The glass was broken so he couldn't see far, but it was just enough light to see what was in front of him. And hopefully it would not alert the Rockets, as even people like that would react to a light shining in their face that the unbroken lens would create.

"Alright...Let's stop this mining scheme."

Into the darkness Lee went, and he tried to be as cautious as he could about staying hidden. His sneakers brushed against the cave rock, its wearer barely sneaking past unsuspecting minions carrying out rocks-maybe they had something valuable inside? Or were they valuable? The boy could not finish this mystery, as the light on his helmet flickered before dying completely.

"Come on, not now. Light up, light up..." Lee muttered to himself while flipping the switch repeatedly-his mind focused on getting the light up again before he accidentally runs into a goon. Unfortunately he bumped into something worse—a pile of wooden crates in front of him! A crate fell onto Lee, which he barely caught with his hands, but he lost his balance on his feet due to the kinetic energy of the crate! And then another explosion threw him off his feet, making him tumble down an almost-invisible slope in the darkness along with the box! The boy tumbled down along with the crate and a few rocks, and suddenly the slope ended and for a few seconds, Lee felt nothing but air under him-and gravity soon smashed the little kid and the box he rolling along with on the ground, sending sticks of dynamite that were in the crate flying!

The boy landed hard on the ground and lay there in pain, covered in wood from the crate. If not for the helmet, he would have died; but that was not his most immediate concern. From what he could see in his downed position, Team Rocket-or their forces, which were here nevertheless-had stopped their job of placing explosives and looked at the direction of the racket Lee had caused.

"Hey! We got an intruder over here!"

Two grunts came running towards Lee, and before the boy could do anything his arms were grabbed and he was slapped in the face, making him look away in pain. The rest of the Rocket grunts came running, with a familiar view; Bonnie and Clyde, facing him again-but this time, in a completely reversed situation.

"...Well well, I wouldn't be surprised. This kid tried to mess with our operations several times. Lee, was it?" Clyde got uncomfortably close to his face.

"I don't know what you idiots are doing..." The trainer spoke out, despite the men in front of him being enemies that could mess him up. "...but you don't even realize what you're doing. You're scaring the Pokemon, you asshats!"

"Pokemon? What Pokemon?" Bonnie came closer to Lee. "Oh, the ones we drove out? Too bad, we Rockets are stronger."

"This passage is filled with evolutionary stones and gems that could have been sold for tremendous prices." The husband intervened, looking at the insurgent kid in the face again."You foolish people just turned it into an ordinary passage, saying that "pokemon could get disturbed". But then, we arrrived, and ta-daa! We just uncovered the potential of this passage, and all of this money will go to funding the righteous Team Rocket!"

"Righteous!?" Lee shouted. "You call this righteous!? If you're gonna go killing pokemon, I'll kill you first, right here!"

Lee kicked out both of his legs-although no one was hurt, the Pokeballs fell out of his holster, and before the Rockets could grab it, his pokemon were released!



"Hydro! Eggshell! Help me out here!"

"You just messed with the wrong team, kid!" Bonnie threw her Pokeball out!

"Likewise! Get him, Ekans!" Clyde, without having to throw the Pokeball, just let Ekans slide from his neck and land onto the battlefield!

"Raticate, use Bite!" The Rocket member commanded her Rattata, who dashed furiously at the Pokemon!

"Ekans, Poison Fang on that Egg!"

"Look out, Hydro! Eggshell! Use Water Gun and Confusion!"

Being mauled by the enormous Mouse Pokemon, the Turtle Pokemon used this chance to jet water onto the Rattata's face, and Eggshell sent out a wave of confusing energy against the Snake Pokemon! Clyde's Ekans, confused by the hit, jumped away from the Egg Pokemon...but jumped elsewhere, to the direction of the yet to be installed explosives-the trigger! It had been connected prior to Lee's arrival! Both sides fruitlessly tried to revert the effect of attacks, but it was too late as the snake's weight pressed on the trigger! At that moment Lee felt the grip loosen on his arms as a chain of explosions rocked the cave, as the whole of Team Rocket started to run!

"Drop him, drop the kid! Get out of here, we're evacuating the premises!"

"The operation is a failure! Evacuate immediately!"

"Leave the kid here, that should eliminate him! No witnesses should remain!"

He lay on the ground, powerless and wounded, his enemies leaving him to die. Despite his hurt state, Lee's Pokemon desperately tugged his hand, to get his trainer out even if it meant sacrificing their lives-but their trainer had other ideas.

"Exeggcute! Exeggcute!"

"Wartortle! War-"

"I-I'm sorry guys...there's not enough time for all of us..." The trainer continued, grabbing each ball in his hands. "But I can keep you all safe..."


Lee pulled out the Pokeball and quickly put Hydro and Eggshell back in before they could say any more about it, before hugging it and covering over his two Pokeballs. A massive, final explosion rocked the whole passage and the cave shook raining debris, and seconds later he felt something hard and heavy strike him in the head, knocking his glasses out and fading him out while causing his head to feel a sharp pain, followed by dulling of his senses.

Go to sleep. He swore he heard his mother call out to him, as darkness enveloped his sight. Silence.


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I thought this would be Lee going against Team Rocket family round 2, only for the chapter to end that way. I think Lee survived in the end there because this story would be much shorter if that's not the case haha. Still though, just ouch.

Grammar wise, what I noticed is you using hyphens instead of em dashes. Hyphens are used for putting two words together like "co-op", "check-in", and "state-of -the-art." Em dashes, on the other hand, are longer hyphens sometimes used for dramatic punctuation.

"Come on, not now. Light up, light up..." Lee muttered to himself while flipping the switch repeatedly-his mind focused on getting the light up again before he accidentally runs into a goon. Unfortunately he bumped into something worse-a pile of wooden crates in front of him! A crate fell onto Lee, which he barely caught with his hands, but he lost his balance on his feet due to the kinetic energy of the crate! And then another explosion threw him off his feet, making him tumble down an almost-invisible slope in the darkness along with the box! (etc)
The first hyphen there should em dashes. Your second hyphen though is correct. So the first bolded sentence goes:

Unfortunately he bumped into something worse—a pile of wooden crates in front of him!

Usually, em dashes are easy to make by having two dashes (--) and then the computer changes it to an em dash easy. The rules for hyphens and em dashes are a bit complicated, but I would take the time to check the rules out!

Foul Play
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Chapter 12: Taken Care Of

Lee opened his eyes again, as if he was waking up from a long sleep- he was in his room again, under a thick blanket on his comfy bed-all the things that happened to him, were they a dream? He looked up at the ceiling for some time, before getting the blanket off him and getting up on his feet. It was then the boy realized he was still in his adventure clothing, and only his bag was gone. All things aside-how did he get here? Where were his bag and Pokemon?


The boy walked up to the door of his room and opened it, walking down the stairs to the living room and kitchen on the first floor. No one was here-not even a sign. All the lights were off in the house, but outside it was unusually bright-Lee shielded his eyes from the gleam, walking toward the door to see where this light was coming.

"Mom? Hydro? Where are you?"

Grabbing the door handle firmly, he turned the knob and closed his eyes as more light blinded his sight of what was there...


Lavender Town

"Cubone! Cubone!"

The cry of the Lonely Pokemon echoed as the trainer slowly opened his eyes for real this time, before touching his face to make sure things were real this time-in reality he sure wasn't back home, although he was in bed. He saw an old man approaching, his Cubone by Lee's bedside.

"Are you alright, boy?" The old man sat beside the bed, and started checking on Lee's injuries. "You've healed fast, for a kid like you."

"I'm fine sir...I think." Lee replied, touching the back of his head which was in bandages. Rock must have hit me in the head...I must have been knocked out. "Where am I, sir?"

"Oh yeah, about that...You're in Lavender Town." The old man continued. "The Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House, to be exact. I'm Fuji, the owner of this place."

"Oh...Mr. Fuji, sir..." The boy laid back, relieved in the fact that he was alive and in safe hands. He had heard of Mr. Fuji as the kindest Pokemon caretaker in the region of Kanto, who took care of Pokemon even back in the dark days of Team Rocket's heyday. "Thank you for saving me..."

"No, there's no need to thank me, young man. I was just doing what was needed."

As Lee lay on the bed gazing into the ceiling, he suddenly remembered why he got here in the first place: those who destroyed the cave. Those that left him and his pokemon to die, and probably knocked out dozens more Pokemon before his arrival.

"Mr. Fuji, hate to ask you sir, but, did you see any Rockets?"

"Team Rocket? No, I've heard that they've returned but...not yet."

Darn! They slithered away. Lee curled his hands into a fist, before uncurling them. Too late for ass-kicking, and even if it wasn't, not in his state. But...his Pokemon! Were they safe? He had almost killed himself to protect them, they had to be okay! In a moment of panic, the boy lurched from the bed.

"Sir! What about my Pokemon? Are my pokemon okay?"

"Yes, I put your Exeggcute with the other pokemon...your Wartortle's still recovering, though."

"What?" Lee was visibly shocked-Hydro was hurt!? "B-but I swear I put him in the Pokeball...sir, how was I found?"

"I was walking Cubone on Route 10 when I heard this big explosion. And your Exeggcute came to me-it tried to alert me, to something in the cave. When I got there, you were buried in rubble with your Wartortle, and both of you were awfully wet." Mr. Fuji, recalling the peculiar condition of the accident, approached Lee in a moment of realization. "You said you put your Pokemon in the Pokeball?"

"Yes sir."

"Hmm...I think your Wartortle popped out of the ball and tried Water-type moves on the rubble before it completely covered you both."

"What?" The trainer gripped onto the bars of the bed in shock. His Pokemon just...popped out of his ball even though the master told them not to!? "W-Why?"

"It's happened to several Pokemon I know. Popping out of their balls out of rebelliousness, or to save their trainers." Mr Fuji grasped Lee's hand, helping him to sit on the bed after the period of shock on his body caused by the falling rocks. "But thanks to him, you only suffered some bruises and some bleeding on your head-you would have died should it not been for your Wartortle."

"H-Hydro..." Lee couldn't control himself-he started to cry, about how he didn't want to die, but most importantly how he didn't want his Pokemon hurt. "P-please tell me he's okay!"

"I had to get him to the Pokemon Center and feed him Oran Berries, but he's stabilized for now. You should stay here a bit, until you and your Pokemon is fully healed."

"Th-thank you." Lee said. "Can I see Hydro? The Wartortle..."

"You named your Wartortle 'Hydro'? You sure are a nice trainer, caring for your Pokemon and all." Mr. Fuji spoke as Lee got up from the bed. "I'll take you to see your Wartortle, follow me."

"Thank y-you."

Lee got up from his bed and wiped his tears away-he had to stay strong, for Hydro. As he walked following Mr. Fuji, Lee, in a passing glance, saw Eggshell was playing with Cubone and some other Pokemon, which comforted the boy on the fact that at Eggshell suffered no injuries despite helping him in a way. Soon they got into a room, where the old man opened the door to reveal Lee's Wartortle confined in a small bed for Pokemon. his body wrapped with bandages and barely moving.

"He just needs some time to heal. No need to worry too much."

"I don't know how to thank you, sir." Lee sniffed, still wiping his tears, before eventually calming down enough to pick up Hydro. "You okay, little guy?"

"Wartortle." Even with all its injuries, Hydro hugged Lee tight, still determined to protect his trainer from the harms that be.

"Don't worry, I'm here for you..." In response, the trainer could only hug the Pokemon, feeling his tears drop again... "I-I'm sorry I couldn't protect you like you did..."


Both the trainer and his pokemon locked each other in a hug, for neither wanted to lose each more...


Several days later...

Lee flinched as Mr. Fuji undid the bandage on Lee's head. The boy, rather patiently, sat on the chair, watching the bloodied bandages drop to the ground. Looking to the left, the trainer could see Cubone was doing the same for Hydro, breaking the hardened bandages apart with its bone.

"I saw in your phone memo that you came to Rock Tunnel to find a pokemon that could battle against Electric-types."

"You looked in my phone, sir?" If it was someone else that looked in his device Lee would have been infuriated. But that someone was a nice, kind old man who cares deeply about pokemon-you'd have to be a psycho to be angry against someone like that for that minor of an offense.

"Nothing bad intended. I was just searching it to find anyone to contact." The old man continued, checking Lee's wound. "I called your mom and dad and told them about the incident and your recovery. If you're gonna continue your adventure, let me give you a piece of advice: you can go to Celadon City's Game Corner and get a Dratini. There's an underground path that leads there, not far from here, in Route 7."

"Thank you sir. I'm grateful for all the things that you've done for me and my Pokemon. If I weren't found by-"

That was when Lee's phone rang. The kid took it out of his bag, before seeing the caller-his mom. She was probably worried sick right now, even after Mr. Fuji called him.

"Hold on sir, one moment...Hello?"

"Lee! Oh thank're safe! I heard from the nice Mr. Fuji-"

"Mom! It's okay...I'm perfectly fine, Mr. Fuji took care of me and Hydro."

"Thank god! I just wonder who would hurt my son!"

"Mom, like I said, I'm alright, but you have to calm down..."

"I know, Lee-Dad left work early to look for you when we both got a call from Mr. Fuji. But you should come home soon, you're worrying use all! What if-"

"Mom! Please, I know I'll come home sometime, but not as of now! I've got more gym badges to earn and more Pokemon to meet, and...I can't pin it exactly, but I've onto something important. I just need...more time."

"...I'm sorry, honey. I'm just so worried about you, just...promise you won't be in any more dangerous situations."

"I will, mom...I will. I'll call you more often, and I'll always come back home when things get too hard."

"Alright...take care, sweetie. And please...don't get yourself in dangerous situations, call us often."

"I will mom. Love you!"

Hanging up the phone, Lee soon hung the bag on his shoulders and reached for his cap, pushing them down all the way, hiding his scar, which was obscured by his black hair, even further.

"Thank you for taking care of us Mr. Fuji, I owe you sir." Lee gave a gentle bow to the elder-a display of gratefulness. "But I've got to go now. My journey's still a long way from ending and my friend over at Vermillion is probably panicking about me being involving in an accident like before."

"It was my pleasure. But if you do want to repay me, if you ever return here...visit Marowak's grave with me."

"I will, sir." Lee sighed. He had heard that a Marowak had been killed by a Team Rocket grunt, but he had never seen her offspring, which was adopted by Mr. Fuji, with his own eyes until now. Knowing that, he could understand Mr. Fuji-you can't save everyone, but you have to save whoever you can.

"Say, I don't think I've asked your name." The old man stopped Lee in his tracks with the question. "What's your name, young man?"

"Lee Hahn, sir-10 years old and going on my first journey."

With that answer, Lee started taking steps out of the room. But before leaving to find the underground path, Lee turned back to take a last look at the Cubone and his old trainer, before continuing his journey to face more adventures in front of him...


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Yeah I expected Lee to survive there. Luckily Mr. Fuji found him. Ouch over Hydro, though.

"...I'm sorry, my child. I'm just so worried about you, just...promise you won't be in any more dangerous situations."
The part during the conversation where the mother says, "my child," sounds so stiff. Maybe "dear", "honey", "sweetie" (which you used later) are more natural sounding.

Grammar wise, I still see you mixing hyphens for em dashes. Refer to my last review to get a basic idea of what I was talking about.

Foul Play
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Route 5

A slight wind grazed the tall grass patches of Route 5, rustling the flora and revealing the Pokemon that lived in it. However, the mons, quickly sensing danger, hid themselves among the taller grasses or ran into another patch. Through their eyes they could see an apex predator dragging their sneakers through the grass, but to Lee, who was at this point barely wading through the tall grass, nothing could be seen. This was bad-he was already wandering around the route lost in the big grass patch while looking for a new Pokemon to take up against Surge and Gray. Either I'm unlucky or I've done something to repel the Pokemon away...the boy thought as he pulled apart another part of the grass. No luck again.

"Where the heck are all the Pokemon!?"

Lee shouted out in frustration, only to see several bushes shaking away-he had just scared them away at the last moment, hadn't he? This just heightened the trainer's frustration, but for a 10 year old kid he gave up on going verbal-just not to scare away anymore Pokemon.

"Okay Lee...focus..." Lee spoke to himself, turning again to another patch of tall grass in the area. Maybe a dangerous Pokemon could appear, but at this point he's not even met any pokemon but this might be the risk that he might have to take for the Pokemon...well, the only problem with that was, considering the previous encounter, the possibility of finding a Pokemon was rated at a measly 'might'.

"Well, I don't think I'll be interested in catching Pokemon anymore after this patch...Here we go."

The trainer took another step into the grass, when suddenly a jet of flames shot up directly at his face, missing him by mere inches! The boy fell onto his bottom as the attacker revealed itself, its red fur evident from its swinging six tails as the Pokemon leaped in front of Lee!

A Wild Vulpix Appeared!

"Whoa!" Panicking, the 10 year old scooted back while trying to reach for his Pokeball!

"Vul! Vulpix!" The Fox Pokemon, encouraged by the panic of its prey, leapt at the boy for the attack!

"Hydro! Help!" Lee quickly hit the button on the red-and-white contraption device, releasing his own personal monster-his Wartortle! "Block the fire!"


Both Pokemon, at the same time, fired both of their ranged attacks at each other-nullifying each other out! The Vulpix, having failed at the attack, still used its leap to get over behind Lee, where Hydro quickly waddled to defend his trainer, who took out his Pokedex in order to identify what mon he was fighting against. The device quickly scanned the Fox Pokemon.

Vulpix, Fox Pokemon. Fire Type-At the time of birth, it has just one tail. The tail splits from its tip as it grows older.

"Hey, that looks good..." Lee, regaining his composure and standing up, tapped on the typing chart, seeing that it could cause double damage to what his current Pokemon team was weak against-bug, grass, etc. He also had read that one of the most common Electric type-pokemon, Magnemite, was weak to fire, so maybe she could help with the gym too! "Hydro! Go easy, I want to capture that...ah, Vulpix!"

Looking back at its trainer, the Wartortle nodded-before, effortlessly, taking a hit from the Vulpix! The shell absorbed the shock, sending Hydro backwards skidding on the ground, who attacked back by shooting a jet of water at the wild Vulpix.

"Vulpix!" The Fox Pokemon stood its ground despite the debilitating water attack. Although it seemed like the pokemon was on its last legs, Lee could not be too sure, so he decided to take the chance, even if it meant there could be a sizable chunk of health remaining!

"Good job Hydro! I got this!"

Hydro's trainer quickly took out a Pokeball from his backpack, before throwing it full speed at the weakened Fox Pokemon. The ball quickly put the wild Vulpix inside, before shaking wildly, indicating that it hadn't given up yet or had much health left! One - Two - Three! Three shakes, and the ball settled-before, a click,, completely stopped the ball.

"Whew...that was close." Lee wiped the sweat from his brows and went to pick up the ball, before realizing he had forgotten one crucial thing. "...Good job out there, Hydro."

"Wartortle!" The Wartortle beamed at the praise, jumping in joy at the new friend he helped to make.

"Okay, let's introduce the others now...come on out Eggshell! Come out, little Vulpix!"

In a flash, all of Lee's Pokemon, Hydro, Eggshell and the newly-caught Vulpix came out of the ball, before Eggshell made its first move-surrounding the new Pokemon and jumping around it, which seemed to comfort the little Fox Pokemon.

"Okay now." Lee took out his Pokedex again. "What kind of Vulpix did I catch? Pokedex, analysis?"

"Vulpix, Female. Timid nature suspected through battle postures, no secret ability detected."

The trainer petted the Vulpix, which growled in pleasure. The boys in his team were going to have a grand time, and they sure were-Hydro rubbed his head nervously smiling at the Fox Pokemon, while Eggshell was just happy for some reason.

"Okay, little Vulpix, what should I name you..." To think about the little Pokemon's name, Lee sat down for a moment to think about the Pokemon's nickname, before huddling the Vulpix on his lap. "I got it! How about I call you Kitsu? It's a firebreathing Pokemon legend I've heard about!"


The Fox Pokemon smiled in happiness. For a trainer, a new teammate was in. For a pokemon, there was now a new master to take care of her.


Lavender Town

When Lee got back to Lavender Town, Lee thought if he had made the right decision by not deciding to catch a Ground Type Pokemon, but he shrugged. How hard could Electric types be? His worries floated away as Cubone ran up to him, with Mr. Fuji following the Pokemon.


"Ah, it's you! You're back quickly." Mr. Fuji looked at Lee's Pokemon, before looking at the trainer. He gently picked up the Cubone like it was his baby. "I suppose you didn't go all the way to Celadon?"

"Didn't have to go too far to find a beauty like this girl, Mr. Fuji." The boy watched as Kitsu eagerly hopped around Cubone, who played with her swinging his bone club. "She's a feisty one and there's the rest of my team too, it will take a whole heap of Electric types to kill our eagerness."

"You sure have confidence, Lee." Mr. Fuji replied to the child, seeing the eagerness of a starting trainer in his eyes. "You're going over to the Pokemon Center, right?"

"Yes sir." The trainer replied, rubbing one of his shoes on the ground. "I'm gonna rest up a while, heal my Pokemon, and figure out a way back to Vermilion. I could hitchhike a surfer and go back up the river, or get a ride from someone who has Fly."

"No need to, Lee. After the Rock Tunnel incident, many people who came from other towns, including you, are stranded. The Pokemon League will be sending over their professional trainers with Flying-type pokemon for an emergency transport operation. They'll be coming soon to the Pokemon Center."

"Oh wow, I didn't know that had been announced." A smile stretched across Lee's face as he signaled his other Pokemon to follow him to the Pokemon Center. "Thank you Mr. Fuji, I'll be taking the ride for sure. I'll come back for you and Cubone after I get the badges."

"It was my pleasure kid, good luck on your gym challenge!"

Thanks to the information he received from Mr. Fuji, Lee didn't have to worry about looking bad using other's transportation methods! Lee entered the Pokemon Center as quick as he could, soon joining the line of people who had joined here for the emergency flight...


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Oh, so Lee gets a Vulpix now! Looking forward to see how Kitsu will develop. I also like the idea of the Pokemon League sending some trainers to help out on some emergencies like what happened in Diglett Cave.

Some grammar nitpicks:

"Where the heck are all the Pokemon!?"

Lee shouted out in frustration, only to see several bushes shaking away-he had just scared them away at the last moment, hadn't he? This just heightened the trainer's frustration, but for a 10 year old kid he gave up on shouting out-just not to scare away anymore Pokemon.
You can combine that dialogue and the next paragraph together since shouted is a dialogue tag (said, reply, screamed, etc). Also I would replace the hyphen with a comma between "out" and "just".

"Vulpix!" The Fox Pokemon stood its ground despite the debilitating water attack-although it seemed like the pokemon was on its last legs, Lee could not be too sure-so he decided to take the chance, even if it meant there could be a sizable chunk of health remaining!
Here I think you can replace the first hyphen with a period and second hyphen with a comma, like this:

"Vulpix!" The Fox Pokemon stood its ground despite the debilitating water attack. Although it seemed like the pokemon was on its last legs, Lee could not be too sure, so he decided to take the chance, even if it meant there could be a sizable chunk of health remaining!

When Lee got back to Lavender Town, Lee thought if he had made the right decision by not deciding to catch a Ground Type Pokemon, but he shrugged-he would soon find out how actually hard Electric types are to fight against, I hard could it be? His worries floated away as Cubone ran up to him, with Mr. Fuji following the Pokemon.
I feel this sentence should be polished up. The "he would soon find out..." and "I mean..." contradict one another. So perhaps:

When Lee got back to Lavender Town, Lee thought if he had made the right decision by not deciding to catch a Ground Type Pokemon, but he shrugged. How hard could Electric types be? His worries (etc).

Foul Play
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Vermilion City

As the Golbat landed in front of the Vermilion Pokemon Center, the people, including Lee, got off as the Bat Pokemon took off for another run-so many people were trapped in their cities, all thanks to Team Rocket. Lee sighed at the thought-imagine when you try to go back to a city when you hear a news that your way back just got destroyed! The trainer shook his head and headed to the entrance, but soon saw someone coming out and stepped backwards. The person turned out to be none other than Gray, who now had a Pidgeotto on his right shoulder and a Sandshrew hugging his left arm. Luckily, the boy was quick to notice his friend!

"Hey! Lee!"

"Heyy!" Lee gave a light hug to his friend, with the Pidgeotto, clearly annoyed by the intrusion of space, used Wing Attack on Gray's head weakly. "I'm back!"

"You look beaten up! I heard the news." As Gray talked to Lee, he ordered his Pidgeotto to fly away for some time, who quickly submitted to his owner's orders and flew off. "I'm glad you're okay. Did you give the Rockets hell?"

"Yeah, I sure did. It'll take more than just some goons to kill me." Lee rubbed his head, now not feeling anymore pain from his former injury. "Let's look at the bright side, at least we're on the right track and you'll be able to fight a Rocket like me too!"

"Heh, I guess that surely is the best thing to come out of all this! So glad you've returned safe and sound."

Lee smiled at the friend's remark. They were friends after all. He soon noticed the new Pokemon on Gray.

"I see you've gotten new Pokemon too. Nice Pidgeotto and Sandshrew." Lee said.

"I know, right? I named the Pidgeotto Winger, and the Sandshrew Duggy. Just finished training them, we're so gonna rule the gym!" Gray responded, full of optimism-the Pokemon were too. "What did you get?"

"Oh, me? I got a good one. Come on out, Kitsu!"

With a flick of the wrist, Lee threw the Pokeball into the air, which dropped down and released the Fox Pokemon! Kitsu landed close to Gray, startling him a bit as she breathed out a bit of fire.

"Vulpix!" The tiny pokemon rubbed its snout against the ground before puffing up its tails as a defense mechanism. It seemed to startle the Mouse Pokemon, making Duggy run back to his owner.

"Whoa, hold didn't get any Ground-type pokemon?" Gray looked at Kitsu, then at Lee who seemed quite happy about his catch.

"Ground Pokemon we can get right now are so bland. And I want myself a challenge."

When he said that line, Lee could see his friend's face contort through various emotions-from confused, to a smirk, taken aback, then back to confused again, before settling on a smirk and laughing at the situation.

"You've got to be kidding me! You're digging your own grave." The brown-haired boy laughed at his friend. "The Electric Types will decimate you without any immunities!"

"Heh, Like that powerless Sandshrew could actually take in some attacks!" Lee shook his head smiling at Gray's remark. "You're not taking any chances."

"Yeah...good luck with your team, I guess, if you can make it!" By this time Gray had burst into full out laughter.

"I'd have wished yours too if you didn't belittle mine." Lee put back Kitsu in her ball and put it on his belt. "Come on, let's stop bickering and get going."


Vermilion CIty Gym

At the face of a challenge there was no distinction of friend and foe. Lee knew one thing though: he didn't know about Gray, but he was surely ready. He used his Water Pulse TM on Hydro for a stronger attack and was ready to use his main starter to his full potential. After all, although type immunities and effectiveness helped, battling was all about having powerful attacks that boost said type. The two friends, having set aside their childish jokes aimed at each other for the challenge ahead of them, walked up to the gym entrance, before stopping and looking at each other. The gym was exceptionally dark today...too dark.

"So, who challenges the Gym first? You know Gym leaders can't fight on double." Lee asked.

"You go first. I wanna see you lose!" Gray laughed, striking his back making his friend flinch.

Why can't there be a world without type immunities? Lee thought to himself as he shook his head at his rival's antic, and opened the doors of the gym.

"Hello?" He called out. The trainer expected the gym to be filled with sparks and arks, but apparently not, it seemed. You never knew Lt. Surge...well, that's what the league said about him. From what he read, he was never the same after he came back from the military-it had hardened him into a battle-ready Fighter pilot. Considering that kind of occupation involved shooting things moving in supersonic speed down while moving at supersonic speeds yourself there was no guarantee what in the world the Lieutenant was planning; That's how top guns work. As Lee stood in the dark deep in his thoughts, a sudden microphone squeal echoed across the gym, and Lee, in surprise, slipped on the waxed floor of the gym while taking a step back surprised at the sound, landing on his butt.

"You there, maggot! Yes, I see you entering my gym! Get up! Atten-shun!"

Somehow following the commands of the voice in the dark, Lee quickly got up to his feet before hastily standing up straight, his hands behind his back.

"Alright...not too bad. At ease!"

"Um..." The boy nervously stood in the darkness and slouched after a few minutes. After all, he was just a 10-

"SOLDIER! Keep your posture!"

The microphone voice barked at him, which prompted the kid in the gym to return back into 'attention' posture.

"Alright...not too shabby! Name and rank, soldier!"

"Uhh...Lee Hahn, Mr. Surge-"

"SOLDIER! When you answer me, the only words to come out of your filthy sewer will only be 'sir'! Do you understand!?"

"Y-Yes sir!" Lee stuttered but quickly got the hang of the rule. However the tenseness in the voice scared Lee to the core, who was right now about to cry.

And at that moment, in front of Lee, a bright arc lit up the entire gym! Electric sparks started to fizz between metal coils, and the electricity moved toward several coils on the walls-moving ahead of Lee and finally illuminating a light on Lieutenant Surge, standing in his full military gear! The kid looking at the gym leader covered his eyes to shield them from the bright lights.

"So you dare to challenge me, maggot!" The Lieutenant took firm, strong steps toward the challenger who was shook up by this boot camp experience. "You've persevered well, most trainers wet their pants at my commands and turn around! But I will not force you to fight me. Turn around if you think you are not ready!"

"I'm not going to back down, sir!" Lee shouted against Surge's words.

"I can't hear you, soldier!"

"I'M NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN!" Lee shouted louder, using his pent up rage from Surge's earlier commands. "SIR!"

"That's the spirit! You are worthy of battling me!"

"I challenge you, Gym leader Surge!"

"It's Lt. Surge, soldier! I've seen your determination! I've seen your strength! Give me your best, trainer! Ooh-rah!"

Gym Leader Lt. Surge would like to battle!

"Tango spotted, Voltorb!"

"Get him, Eggshell!"

As the pokeballs hurled across the battlefield and opened up, Lee's Exeggcute and Surge's Voltorb faced each other!

"Voltorb, Sonic Boom!"

"Eggshell, Confusion!"

The powerful psychic energy of Eggshell psychically attacked Voltorb, but it didn't stop Voltorb-its let out a wave of ultrasound, hitting Eggshell too!

"Take that Exeggcute out, Go for Sonic Boom again!" Lt. Surge yelled out its commands.

"Eggshell, Leech Seed!" Lee knew Eggshell had to regain health, especially against the Sonic Boom attack that caused fixed damage!

Eggshell rained a barrage of seeds that rooted against the floor, which started to drain what was left of Voltorb's life force! Another Sonic Boom hit Exeggcute but it miraculously held on, yet looking very beat up like it was clinging onto the last of its life! Luckily the seeds kicked in, sucking out what health the Ball Pokemon had left.

"Argh! Come back, Voltorb!" Lt. Surge took back its Pokemon, starting to become furious at the defeat of his Pokemon!

"Good job Eggshell!" Hmm, what now? Lee thought to himself-Eggshell was at low health but he had just planted the Leech Seed. If he swaps Eggshell for another Pokemon now he'll lose the effects of the seeding, but he didn't want to risk his Pokemon being knocked out at the first hit either. So with a hard choice he pressed the button on the Pokeball. "Return back here!"

"You're just lucky, this ain't over yet! Go for it, Pikachu!"

"Get him, Kitsu!"

This time the Pokeballs collided with each other in a miraculous possibility-and released the Pokemon up in the air! Both the Vulpix and Pikachu landed on the ground hard, but on their feet.

"Deploy munitions! Pikachu, Iron Tail!"

"Pika!" Pikachu's cheeks flashed with excited Electricity, beforeshooting he swung his hard tail at Vulpix, slamming and throwing her back into the wall!

"Kitsu!" Lee shouted at the sight of his Pokemon being thrown back! "Are you alright?"

"Vul...pix!" The Vulpix staggered up, painfully taking up a battle stance!

"Good, hit the Pikachu hard! Ember!"

"Vul!" Kitsu spit out a fireball which flew into the ground under Pikachu, sending him flying!

"Tango is going wild, Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"

"Focus, Kitsu! Use Ember quick!"

Pikachu succeeded in hitting Kitsu with the Iron Tail, but at that moment he put himself right in the firing line of the Ember! Both point-blank attacks, respectively, knocked both out in the air and made them crash onto the battlegrounds!

"You're good, kid!" The Lieutenant smiled, trying to suppress his rage as a soldier that was building up for losing another Pokemon. "But this is the end of the line! There's no way you're beating my last Pokemon!"

"I'd love to see the performance, sir!" Lee breathed in trying to calm himself, now that the situation was balanced out. But he was heartbroken at Kitsu just lying on the ground, knocked out. "I'm sorry I knocked you out at the first battle, Kitsu...You still did a great job. Rest up!"

Both Lt. Surge and Lee both put Pikachu and Kitsu respectively back in their balls, before picking out their final Pokemon-Lee knew this was bad, Hydro having to go up against an electric type! But he was not going to give up now, not when victory's so close!"

"Alright, you leave me no choice...Go, Raichu!"

"Hydro! Get out there!"

Both the Raichu and the Wartortle took on battle positions, as the Raichu smirked from the realization from the advantage he had! Hydro bit down on its tongue, anticipating a hard battle.

"Oh, a water type? You've become desperate, soldier!" Lt. Surge "I'm still not gonna take it easy! Raichu, use Thunderbolt!"

"Hydro, use Bite!"

As Raichu shot out a jolt of Electricity, Hydro swiftly dodged it and bit Raichu in the tail! The Mouse Pokemon squeaked in pain and hit itself against the ground, sending the Turtle Pokemon skidding on the ground! However, when Lee expected his starter to get back up again, it collapsed onto its fours!


"Ohh, you've fallen for the oldest trick in Military history!" Lt. Surge declared. "Raichu's Ability-Static-paralyzes the enemy tango when touched!"

"What!?" Lee took a step backwards before looking at Hydro, who was clearly in pain at not being able to move from the shock! "Hydro! Watch out!"

"Raichu, he's down! Use Thunderbolt!"

"Hydro, Withdraw! WITHDRAW!"

As the gigantic jolt of electric energy headed towarded the Turtle Pokemon, Hydro painfully tried to put its body back in its shell, but the paralysis got to him-the shock hit him before the Turtle Pokemon could hide for extra protection!

"You can always surrender, son!" The Lieutenant shouted, as to discourage the child trainer that was on the other side. "If you're not good enough, it's not a shame to admit it!"

"No! I've come too far, sir!" Lee bared his teeth, as Hydro painfully stood back up again! "Hydro, just one more time! Water Pulse!"

Painfully looking back at its trainer, the Wartortle nodded and breathed in deep-and with a painful recoil, he spewed out a gigantic burst of water at the Raichu, which blew up in its face!

"Wh-what!?" Lt. Surge was clearly confused-a power like that came from a Wartortle he thought was susceptible to his type of attacks!

"I read this when I first scanned Hydro, sir!" Lee replied to Surge, as the soldier the gym leader told the boy to be! "Hydro has an ability called Torrent-and it boosts attacks when he's low on HP!"

And that wasn't the only problem-the Water Pulse had caused confusion! Confused, Raichu lunged at Hydro, who quickly hid inside his shell! He crashed into the shell and was tackled onto the ground, as the Wartortle's shell bounced off the wall and landed behind the Mouse Pokemon.

"Get up, Raichu, your back flank is exposed!"

"Hydro, Bite!"

Using the last of his muscle powers to beat the paralysis, Hydro grabbed Raichu's head and bit it-not afraid of the Paralysis anymore now that he couldn't be paralyzed in his current status! Both Pokemon fell to the ground, but Hydro had the last laugh before succumbing to the electric paralysis.

"Oh my god! We did it Hydro!" Lee, Elated, ran straight on the battlefield and picked up his little Wartortle up, hugging him tightly! "I'm so glad we won! You've done a great thing, you beat the Paralysis to follow my orders!"

"Hmph!" The gym leader could not help but feel a soldier-to-soldier comradery between the boy and his Pokemon-seeing them achieve victory together, and be happy together. "I will admit, Soldier-I am deeply impressed by your heart to take care of the Pokemon! A true attestment to the good trainer-who never leaves his Pokemon behind to take the hit!"

"I'm glad to hear a laudatory remark from you, sir!" With that, Lee did a impromptu salute to the Gym Leader he beat-who saluted back in an official soldier salute..

"Take the badge, and this TM, soldier-You've earned it...Lee!"

Lee Obtained the Thunder Badge! Obtained TM24 Thunderbolt!

"Much obliged, sir!"

With Hydro in his arms, Lee turned around and headed for the exit, seeing a shocked Gray walk into the gym in front of Lee.

"How did you win without a Ground-type pokemon!?" The rival trainer seemed astonished, at Lee's performance with his Pokemon.

"Hey, I don't show you fakes." Lee only replied with a grin at that question. "This should be easy for you with your Ground-type, no?"

"Come in here, Boy!" Lt. Surge hollered out to Gray. "I'll show you how a real soldier fights against ground-type monsters! Let's see if you're tough as your friend."

"Coming!...Uh, sir!" Gray awkwardly called out before turning to Lee. "Come on, Lee, don't bring that up like I'm a jerkass, I'm just trying to use some good type differences."

"Yeah, and I'm off...Noob." Having learned about the military spirit and having shown a in-your-face moment to his friend, Lee walked off to the Pokemon Center, leaving a shocked(and humiliated) Gray behind...


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Before I begin, I want to bring attention to the em dashes and hypens again. The reason I keep bringing that up is because it'll make your writing confusing on occassion. For instance:

From what he read, he was never the same after he came back from the military-it had hardened him into a battle-ready Fighter pilot.
The hypen between "military" and "it" is wrong because they're not two words joining together. Instead you would use the em dash:

From what he read, he was never the same after he came back from the military—it had hardened him into a battle-ready Fighter pilot.

"Battle-ready" is right though because you're joining two words together in similar fashion like "pick-me-up" and "short-term".

Here's one link on em dashes. If it's your keyboard unable to make em dashes, there are keyboard shortcuts you can use. Hope this helps!

As for this chapter, I think this is your best written chapter in a while. A bit amused at Lt. Surge's solider persona there and him screaming to Grey that he'll show him how he deals with ground types haha. I wonder if Grey knows Electric types aren't affective against Grass types considering Lee has Eggshell.

Foul Play
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