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Old May 28th, 2011 (8:10 PM). Edited May 28th, 2011 by Riku.
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Every week there will be an enlarged image of a Pokemon. It's up to you to guess which Pokemon it is. Once you think you know which Pokemon it is, PM Stand Alone your guess. Winners will receive the following:
First Correct Guess: Bronze WTP Emblem
After Ten Correct Guesses: Silver WTP Emblem
After Twenty Correct Guesses: Gold WTP Emblem

I'll be keeping track of how many guesses each member has done. If you think you've reached 10 or 20 guesses but haven't received an emblem, contact me and we'll sort it out. At the end of the week I'll post what Pokemon it was, and the winners of that week. Then within the next moment a new thread with the next Pokemon will be posted.


  • You may only guess once per week, so be sure you're extremely sure of your guess before PMing.
  • Do not put your guess in this thread. Please PM Stand Alone your guess.
  • Put 'Who's That Pokemon' (or 'WTP') in the subject of your PM when you send your guess.
  • You may post in this thread. However, it may not be anything that might hint to other people what the Pokemon is, or the Pokemon's name. All posts with such information will be deleted and marked as spam. What you may post is if you guess, and how hard/easy you think it was.
  • You may discuss last week's Pokemon in this thread, in the case you didn't get a chance to in the thread before this one.
  • There will be no hints. Don't ask for them.
  • Have fun!

Pokemon of the Week


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Old May 29th, 2011 (7:05 PM).
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Somehow this one feels familiar.

I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee
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Old May 30th, 2011 (5:14 AM).
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I know, right? I think I've got it, so I'll just go and put my answer into a little envelope and send it to Stand Alone.
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And, in closing, if one squabbles with a true fool, after a while, he will begin to question who the real fool is.
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Old May 30th, 2011 (10:03 PM).
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Oh my... This one is more difficult than I expected! But I did it anyway.
Froofiest batwyvern ever
Of course you can't handle Boomburst, can you?

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Old June 2nd, 2011 (10:27 AM).
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That's easy. It's Gary/Green's hair! That wasn't hard was it?
Wait.. I'm wrong? Oh, I'll try again then.
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Old June 3rd, 2011 (2:49 AM).
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osha osha
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I forgot to make my guess for last week's WTP. xD
But I will send my guess for this week's, even if I'm completely wrong. Which is probably the case. :cer_tongue:
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Old June 4th, 2011 (1:43 AM).
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Oops I didn;t guess last weeks.... oh well.

this one is hardish XD
Please Click:

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Old June 4th, 2011 (3:57 AM).
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This, and the first one are the hardest in my opinion.
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Old June 4th, 2011 (10:21 AM).
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My initial guess was soooo off. Thank goodness for google. :(
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Old June 4th, 2011 (6:31 PM). Edited June 4th, 2011 by Riku.
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Who cares to know, eh Bubbles?
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It grows angry if you see its eyes and gets angrier if you run. If you beat it, it gets even madder.

Winners of this week's WTP:

Congrats to those who got it right. This one was tough x.x; I will be doing WTP once again for this week. Don't forget to get your PMs sent in~! The new thread will be up shortly and should be stickied soon after ^^

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Old June 5th, 2011 (6:49 AM).
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Aww Bleep it, I knew it.
I just forgot to PM. -.-
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