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Old October 11th, 2014 (2:29 PM).
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A friend of mine and I were looking at Platinum with an attempt to modify it, and the first thing we set out to do was find the Type Interaction Table in the rom. We found this thread, and while it didn't have the information, it gave us the right idea where to look and how.

First thing you'll need to do is open your hex editor of choice (I use xvi32).
Secondly, load your Platinum rom (I have an American copy of the rom, I don't know if it's different in other languages), and go to the address 210188, then look for the following numbers: 00 05 05.
This is where the type chart starts, and what it translates to is "Normal vs Rock is Not Very Effective." I'll repost what each value does, with credit to Coolboyman for documenting it initially.

All values are Hex, obviously.

The first and second values are the types:
00 = Normal
01 = Fighting
02 = Flying
03 = Poison
04 = Ground
05 = Rock
06 = Bug
07 = Ghost
08 = Steel
09 = ???
0A = Fire
0B = Water
0C = Grass
0D = Electric
0E = Psychic
0F = Ice
10 = Dragon
11 = Dark

The third value is the effectiveness of one type against another:
00 = No Effect at all (Ground v Flying, Psychic v Dark, etc)
05 = Not Very Effective (Normal v Rock, Water v Grass)
14 = Super Effective (Fire v Ice, Steel v Flying)

I haven't done extensive checking over the type chart, so I am going to assume for the time being that you only have enough space to work with as what the vanilla game gives you. Hopefully this helps somebody out, and documents more unknown information about the Gen IV engine.

Hopefully I posted this in the right section, the last time I touched Rom hacking was years ago and I wasn't very good at it, and this is my first real attempt at looking at code and trying to decipher it.
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