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- Humans are finally able to have a taste of their own medicine -”

P O K E M O N - R E V E R S A L

[M Rated RP for Blood and Violence]


- - -

"I read a lot of it but gawd damn. But yes lol very crazy." ~ Skymin ( <3 XD)

“This looks awesome, tbh. Haha! It doesn't sound as crazy anymore, actually quite suspenseful. I just... can't imagine the humans fighting haha, but that'll be something to invent as we go along, perhaps.” ~ Red’s Hawt Chibi Pelippers

“Dude, lol this is crazy.” ~ -DeepImpact-

“Crazy RP, very very crazy RP. I'm sure it becomes a success!” ~ PinkSapphire

“‎: O Now this is interesting! (Especially) What’ll happen at each gym, especially at Fantina's... (he means the plotline)” ~ ShinyDiamond

- - -

How would you, a human being, feel when you are forced to kill your own friend? How would you react when you are forced to fight your own kind even if you don't know him? How would you feel when you are forced to knock out a fellow boy or girl in a battle? Well you've done this to Pokemon...just to get badges and to be famous across the land, and now it is time for you to taste your own medicine. Now you will finally see how painful it is to battle, to faint and to be healed again day after day. The cycle ends now. The cycle ends today.

Feel the irony. Feel the pain. Feel how helpless you are.

This is the Pokemon Reversal, and we have a lot in store for you...

- - -

A special message from the skies -

It is time, my children.

It is finally time, my fellow Pokemon.

It is time to turn the tides, to avenge our fallen allies and family; to show the humans the pain and horror of revenge.


All of my children, 649 species and races, have now gathered in the region of PokeSinnoh with only one thought in mind: to spread and conquer the other regions and to bring the humans to their knees. Sinnoh was, to be honest, too easy. It couldn’t even withstand a single Pokemon raid, formed by thousands of my descendants.

But in my intelligent offsprings’ minds, it isn’t just a ‘raid and kill’ massacre. Fortunate...for us, we would now show them how it feels like to be trapped inside a miserable machine, how it feels like to be a human’s slave or servant. They would finally know how repulsing it can be when a Pokemon is forced to say its name over and over again upon being summoned by those hideous contraptions due to the program inputted into the devices. That would never happen again.

Recently some resourceful Pokemon have created the Human Pokeball, which has no different than an original one except for the top part: it is now violet instead of crimson. Once a human gets caught and stored into the machine, the human would be granted the ability to understand all Pokemon languages for easy communication. As for the interior, it is set by the Pokemon owner and they can decide if they would provide you paradise, a house or a floating dimension of darkness. Mind you: most Pokemon have been in a bad mood lately. With this ingenious device, we can now use it to trap our captors, just like the way they used to capture us.

To give us even more pleasure, the captured humans would now have an elemental type, just like everyone out there. It would be wonderful to see humans fighting against each other with no power to disobey their owners!


It is the dawn of a new age, my children. With your powers having no limits, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we can achieve. We would let them have a taste of their own medicine.

And it would not be pleasurable...for them.

- Arceus

T H E - W O R L D - O F - P O K E M O N

- - -

Warhammer -

Welcome to the new era of Pokemon!

My name is Warhammer and I am the new leader of the Oreburgh City Gym. As an honest Rampardos I assure you that things will be different now, and I dare say it’s for the better. I am now responsible for giving out badges and managing the town. When you, the Pokemon master (often known as the Pokemaster), challenge my gym, you will have to bring one Pokemon Human (Pokehuman) in order to battle mine. Each Pokemaster can only bring a maximum of one Pokehuman for now, however. When you think your pet is ready, do come visit me. My ex-master Roark and my friend Brock are very...pleased to have some fun with your slave.

If you are lucky to defeat Roark, you will receive the Coal Badge. You will then be able to continue with your new journey. The next one will be in Eterna City, where a female Roserade named Tangle will be happy to accept your challenge. Gardenia, however, might not be so happy to fight against people of her own kind. Well, us Pokemon have done that for years, so I’m sure she would get used to it pretty quickly. Then you would visit Veilstone and so on...

So if you want to be famous in this new age of Pokemon, you’ll have to go through me first.

Hecarim -

Greetings to all Pokemasters!

This is Hecarim, the strongest Lucario in the city. Not to mention that I’m also the new leader of the Veilstone Gym. Now that you are familiar with the Gym System, I will now introduce the new Human Pokeball. For your information, humans now live in the outskirts of town, where more people now live in caves, forests (like Eterna Forest) or maybe abandoned structures in faraway places (in the middle of routes). It wouldn’t be hard to capture one. You may use your powers to capture the human with ease, then trap it in the Human Pokeball which has a violet cap instead of a red one.

If the human hasn’t been trapped before, then the Human Pokeball will automatically grant him an elemental type (though you can choose one in your SU form). He will automatically learn something new as he grows, or you can teach him to speed up the process. Also, the interior of a Pokeball is up for you to decide. You can set it by placing your hand, paw or maybe tail onto the device and imagine the scene with your mind. It will automatically be transferred into the databank. So you can either create an endless pit for your human to suffer, or you can create paradise. It is up to you. Just make sure you’ve set it before capturing or he’ll just disappear into the cyberworld and only Rotom can bring him back. And that would be messy. Also, they must should out their names when coming out from the Human Pokeball! The ball programmed them to do that, so there is no way to avoid it! How fun!

I’ll see you at the arena!

Talon -

Woah woah woah there little one! There are a few things that you should also know before starting your new Pokemon Journey.

Firstly, you, as a Pokemaster, cannot engage in battle under normal circumstances. When your Pokehuman faints, you can call him back and the battle would be over. Only when he is at the brink of dying (which is rare as they always faint beforehand) may you step into battle just to protect him. You can then use your powers to save him and leave the battle, but you cannot attack the enemy with your abilities unless they do it to you as well. You can help your pets regain Health Points at the Pokemon Center, which will now be managed by a Chansey or a Blissey at some places. Also, not that you won’t probably see any humans in cities now, as they are forced to live in the outskirts. Shops, buildings and other structures are now full with different species of Pokemon.

Lastly, watch out for some rebelling humans if you venture into the forests. We don’t really know what they are up to but some of them are getting angry. Ignore them. We have suffered, and now it is their turn. It is only fair to do so.

By the way, my name is Talon and I am a Garchomp at the Pokemon League. Find me after you beat the Elite Four. But I doubt it that you would even make it. Hehe, it would be more interesting that you think.

Enjoy the Pokemon Reversal!

E N T E R - T H E - R E V E R S A L

- - -

There you are! I've been waiting all day! Now that you listened to what they've got to say, it's time for you to choose!

Human -

You can either be a 'Wild Human' that's hiding from Pokemon's reach. One day, a Pokemon would find and capture you for the first time, giving you an elemental type (choose one in your SU). Then you will have to follow his/her orders throughout the Roleplay. You can also talk to him or other Pokehumans you meet throughout your Journey. After all, you still have the freedom of speech. Enjoy your new abilities and fight against other humans!

Pokemon -

You can be the Pokemaster! You will catch one Pokehuman in the wild and then start bonding with your pet. Bring him to gyms and earn badges, later fighting against the Elite Four (if you can make it that far without your Pokehuman refusing or trying to escape that is...).

Think about what you want to be. They are both fun in their own ways, so take your pick! I have a lot in store for both species...


- - -

Ah, so I see that you're interested! Well, there are some basic rules here so do pay attention!

- Normal RPing Rules apply here...whatever they are ^^

- No Bunnying is allowed, unless permitted by the RPer. God modding is also not allowed.

- Stay Active. Don't join and poof. Seriously. This Roleplay relies on Pokemaster to Pokehuman communication and if one poofs badly then it will seriously mess things up xD

- No Flaming or bashing others please!

- What I say, goes. Simple as that. Because I've planned the very best for you already.

- There is a specific plotline in the Roleplay, and NPCs will guide you through it. You will have freedom though!

- Romance is absolutely permitted, and I don’t even mind Pokemaster - Pokehuman love. Just don’t make it too detailed if you know what I mean.

- This Roleplay is M-rated in case of blood and gore when it comes to fighting. As humans bleed when being wounded, the Pokemon Abilities might really pack a punch...if things are too much, please keep it less gory or detailed.

- And the most cliche rule ever (but the best one)...HAVE FUN! This Roleplay is supposed to be funny in an evil, wrong way so yeah XD

S I G N - U P

- - -


Wild Human or Pokemon (Note that this RP will pair 8 roleplayers into 4 groups with 1 Pokemaster and 1 Pokehuman in each one. The Pokemaster will have to catch that Pokehuman at the beginning of the roleplay, however):


Species (if Pokemon):

Age in human years (works for both Pokemon and Humans):

Appearance (or you can add a picture if you'd like):

Elemental type (for humans that will be captured later. Can be dual. As you progress in the Roleplay you will automatically gain newer powers and skills according to your type. There is no moveset, so use your imagination!):

Personality (2 paragraphs. It is advised that the Pokemaster should enjoy his/her Pokehuman at first, and the Pokehuman should hate his/her master back in return, but you don’t have to follow that):

Background Story/History(1-2 paragraphs):

RP Example (though this isn't 100% necessary, it would be nice if you can post a paragraph of your writing):



- - -

Click the links for their SUs!

- - -

Pokemasters (5 max):

Hooh54 : Maney

Legit~Hamster : Blake

~Genevieve~ : Azula the Absol

Angel Protection : Marisole

Otherworld9) : Aurora Sonata

- - -

Pokehumans (5 max):

|Equinox| : Haru Windsong

Stingray : Cyrus Wolf

Skittish Heart : Lyrica Frost

DannyBoyNz : Alyssa Hernandez

Guest RPer/NPC RPer (you cannot apply to be either now): Ray Maverick, Ink Heart

RPers that are on trip/unavailable to RP:

Nideous : Esper Ridric

T R I V I A & S T U F F

- - -

- PR is RP (Roleplay) in Reverse.

- This Roleplay's idea is based on the 'in Soviet Russia...' meme.

- Though not everyone knows about this, the Distortion World remains unaffected by the Reversal.

- Though it isn't proven anywhere that Pokemon enjoy saying their names when being called out from the ball, it is almost certain that Humans wouldn't like to do that. However, in order for the Pokemasters to annoy their pets to a higher extend, this is what the Pokehumans would have to do.

- I like pie. Pie is good.

- More to be added!


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So, May I reserve for a PokeMaster? This RP is quite interesting.
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Name: Azula

Wild Human or Pokemon: Pokemon

Gender: Female

Species: Absol

Age in human years: 17

Appearance: Pokemon

Bag she has around her stomach, she uses her tail to get things out of it.

Personality: Azula at first sight can be very cold towards other Pokemon, she tends to not acknowledge others at first and when she does speak her tone is very cold. She knows how it feels to be trapped in a Pokeball having been born captured, but was treated well by her trainer but that doesn't stop her from enjoying have a Human learn how she felt when trapped and ordering him/her around. Azula loves the fact that for the first time in her life she is free. The only act of kindness she will show her human at first is letting the Human Pokeball have a nice interior. She's not the type that will physically abuse her human, but she takes great joy in ordering it to battle others. Over time though she may turn nicer to her human, but as it looks now there's not a high chance of that happening though there is no way on this planet that she will treat other Pokemon in any way other than cold, she just doesn't like them.

Another important thing about Azula is that she is very competitive and an extremely sore loser. This is due to the fact that when she was captured she experienced beating the Kanto Pokemon League with her trainer. She dreams of beating the Pokemon League but this time as the trainer and wants to make the dream a reality. Azula loves to win and if she loses can become very upset, not to the point of tears but she will brood about it, sometimes for minutes but depending on the importance of the battle it can be for hours or days, and she might take it out on her human through yelling. Though Azula will never give up, she'll just keep trying until she wins. Sometimes though Azula doesn't think before jumping into a challenge, she can very easily jump into something that is to dangerous for her and her human just because she doesn't think. That very well could be her downfall on this journey.

Background Story/History: Azula was born a captured Pokemon to a trainer named Mark in the Kanto region, as she was raised she knew nothing but kindness but always longed for freedom. As she grew up she was trained every day so she grew stronger and stronger. The time came when Azula was 16 years old that she was given to Marks son Bryon who set out on his journey. The pair was nearly unstoppable, they did lose their fair share of battles but never gave up until the battle was won. After several months they had beaten not only all of the gyms but won in the Pokemon league as well, by that time Azula was 17. After that however word reached Azula about a way to capture the humans and she escaped from her master and made her way to the Sinnoh Region where all the Pokemon where gathering. Azula managed to get one of the Human Pokeballs but hasn't caught a Human of her own yet, she wants to change that soon.

Others: nothing

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Name: Haru Windsong

Wild Human or Pokemon: Pokehuman all the way!!

Gender: Male

Age: 18


This pick will give you a general gist of what Haru looks like. The top-wear doesn't deviate from what's already shown in the picture, and he wears simple dark grey jeans as bottom-wear and black and white sneakers as footwear. The only difference that I want to make in the picture is that Haru wears a black neckband instead of the necklace.

Elemental Type: Psychic/Fighting (dual typing ftw!!)

Personality: Often calm and passive, Haru would be one of the few Humans some-what okay with the change of world order. It was against his desire to make waves, and he liked to keep an open mind to the passing times. He could be agreeable when in the right mood and even be coaxed to do something for a friend. His strong sense of loyalty and kinship made him a person devoted to others; even when it came at a personal cost. In a way, he was created for this change.

That didn't mean he doesn't have a cruel side, though. If irked, he could be less than civil and express his rage in a display of power. It didn't often harm others physically, but if pushed too far the risked increased. Even so, the vengeful side didn't last long, and it was soon replaced with regret.

Background Story/History: There wasn't much to say about Haru's life before the change. He was a very competent trainer from Hoenn, and even participated in a few Pokemon League challenges when he felt like it. He got far, but never really made it further than the top eight. He never felt that Pokemon battles were his strongest point, though. His passion was more invested in Pokemon breeding. As a breeder, Haru raised his Pokemon as affectionately and effectively as possible; expressing the uniqueness of each of his Pokemon as best as he could. He thought he was a good trainer to his pokemon... but perhaps he was
too good a trainer to them.
When the world order suddenly shifted, he was beset by all six of the Pokemon he traveled with. They didn't hate him, to the contrary they loved their original master, but each of them agreed that one of them needed to be his master to protect him from other Pokemon that may mistreat him. However, they did not agree on who would be his master. They argued amongst themselves for hours before arriving to a conclusion: a Pokehuman hunt. Which ever of them could catch their master first would have the right to be his new master. Needless to say Haru was a little fearful of his former Pokemon partners, and began the biggest survival challenge of his life. So far he managed to elude all six and crossed the continent several times without being caught by anyone, but the stress and difficulty of avoiding capture is slowly taking its toll. No doubt he will soon be an easy target for just about any Pokemon to capture him.

Others: My partner in the RP doesn't have to be one of the six original Pokemon; I just thought it would be a funny plot point. Haru's also a person that seeks companionship, so his character would be easy for some kind of pairing. Or he could be easily tormented and harassed by his new master; maybe both ;b

Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]


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@ ~Genevieve

You're accepted (: Welcome the the Roleplay! I'll edit the OOC later :3

@ Angel Protection

Pokemaster it is! Do take your time!

@ Scarf

That is one less ordinary SU you have there (: I like it. As for the 6 Original, me and my guest RPers can arrange some of them to come find you, only to see you 'working' for another Pokemaster. That'll be fun :3 You are accepted!

Also everyone. Remember that you won't be invincible right at the start of the Roleplay. Actually, you would start here

Yes, route 203. Just...ignore the NPCs. The Pokehumans would be living in a little camp located in the middle of the Tall Grass, and the Pokemasters would start their first journey where Jubilife acts as their starting point. I'll explain details a little bit later.

So anyway, you'll slowly learn more about your powers as the RP progresses, just don't speed-learn them all. Secondly, if you have DUAL powers, note that both separate powers won't be as powerful as having it as a SINGLE power, if you know what I mean.

Last but not least, I would be posting maps like that for easy recognition in case some people have no idea how it looks like (I'll post the map when I post, probably at the top). And if I'm RPing as an NPC in the Gyms, I would also show the badge at the top left corner like so:


- First Gym Phase

- Warhammer the Rampardos at Oreburgh Gym

-wall of text-

Any questions so far? (: -edits OOC-

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It makes sense that dual types get weakened when used on their own, but that must also mean that they are just as strong if used together :b

and thanks for the compliment; yes it should be fun seeing at least some of the 6 of Haru's Pokemon.

Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]


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Of course, if you use them together they can be just as deadly xP

I'll make that happen then. As you progress through the Roleplay, I'll make perhaps 1-3 of them appear, but probably not all of them. Any species you'd like to see as one of your Original Pokemon?

Also, I've planned quite a lot when it comes to the plotline. It won't certainly be too short XD There's probably a little problem/mission at every Gym...but that's the only thing I'm gonna say.


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LE GASP. HUMANS CAN HAVE ELEMENTS WITHOUT HAVING THE LIMITATIONS OF MOVESETS? WELL, THAT IS JUST AWESOME. I'm probably pushing my limits, but I'll go ahead and say, "Reserve me a spot for the Pokehuman, please."

For a start, I'll submit a few info about a character that was supposed to be for a magical story (which was cancelled xD). No worries, though, as she isn't completely recycled; the only things that I had progress with before were her name and the outline of her personality as well as the color of her hair.

Done! Not the best that I can present, but hope it's all right.

Name: Lyrica Frost

Wild Human or Pokemon: WILD HUMAN

Gender: Female

Age in human years: 17

Appearance: A person with fair complexion and stands at flatly five feet, Lyrica is definitely one of those that get teased for being short for her age; thankfully, her weight of fifty-three kilograms doesn't add to the insulting part of her appearance. Aside from the noticeable 'lack of height', she is most often seen with her light icy-blue, past-shoulder-length hair in a messy state -- not to the point of being tangled here and there, yet it's obvious to everyone who takes a look at her that she doesn't brush her hair very much. That is true and is because this teenager thinks she looks better that way than being similar to the girls who obsess about their hair; she does give more attention to her full bangs, as they’d end up making her appear stupid if not taken care of. Lying a few inches below her full bangs, past the not-so-thick eyebrows, are her eyes that have irises colored in a tone that is somewhat darker than that of her hair. Her sense of sight is starting to get blurry and she would appreciate it if her future Pokemaster buys her glasses; she would have preferred contact lenses if only she wasn’t so afraid of the possible blindness that they could cause. Then again, she can still see well, so she isn’t too concerned about this… for now.

Nowadays, Lyrica typically wears clothes with any shade of blue, since she read in a random magazine that they help in making her feel relaxed. She isn't the type who follows fashion, thus her taste may come off as a little too simple -- she dons a semi-long-sleeved white shirt with deep sky blue horizontal lines and a pair of black denim shorts; as for footwear, it depends on her situation: when just travelling, Lyrica goes with flat open sandals, but if in a battle, she switches to doll shoes for the sake of her feet’s protection. Sandals and shoes, they’re both of the black hue, and whichever isn’t currently used by her feet are kept inside a small rose pink backpack that she carries everywhere she may be.

Lastly, Lyrica has a silver necklace that has a pendant in the shape of a water droplet. She never takes it off, and should anything happen to it. Well. See below.

Elemental type: Fire/Ice

Personality: Lyrica's personality could be considered as weird, cliché, or unique -- it depends on how people think. Generally, she's hot-headed as well as impatient, but can be zealous about a thing or two... especially when it comes to those that involve a pen or pencil and a paper. She doesn’t like waiting for too long and once her temper runs out for whatever reason, she’d go around showing her scowling face without caring what those around her might assume; she won’t tolerate gossips, however, and will definitely not hesitate to snap at whoever’s making one, which often gets her into trouble. Thankfully, Lyrica isn’t a violent person -- she actually dislikes physical pain, and hating it is one of her passions (or so she claims); therefore, she’ll try her best to control herself when it comes to hitting others out of anger. Now that the world has changed, she’s merely preparing herself for whatever hurt she'll inflict and be inflicted with; due to her nature, Lyrica will most likely specialize in attacks under the special category -- she believes they aren’t as painful as the ones in the ‘opposing’ class.

Thanks to her fiery temperament, Lyrica usually repels the people that try to approach her, thus making friends is quite a problem for her. She makes a sincere attempt to lessen her outbursts, but it’s hard for her. A simple pet on the head is enough to calm her down, though, and if anyone manages to do that, then they can be rest assured that they have been automatically included into Lyrica’s small circle of companions.

She does have a soft side, and it can only be seen when she’s doing something that she really likes, especially when it’s playing the piano. Whoever’s with her will notice a bit of a drastic change in her attitude: the hyper, touchy Lyrica is momentarily replaced by a gentle Lyrica who wants nothing but to achieve her dream of becoming a professional pianist; she’s also quite fond of drawing despite not being good at it and when speaking about her works, a tone of modesty is always present. She wishes to get better, yet given the current situation, she has presumed that she’ll never be able to reach her goals. Still, that doesn’t stop her from trying to improve whenever she gets the chance to do so.

From what was written above, it could be said that Lyrica isn’t too bothered with the whole reversal stuff -- it’s half-true: she’s actually quite excited to know what type of element she’d possess as well as what she’d be able to do with them, like if she’ll learn moves similar to those of the Pokemon or if they’ll depend on her. She’s hoping that it’s the latter, as she wants to develop her creativity. Excitement aside, Lyrica is worried about being trapped inside a dimension of nothingness -- she is, after all, afraid of total darkness because it makes her feel like she’s blind, which is her worst fear. To end up in the hands of the wrong Pokemaster would totally be disastrous for her.

Background Story/History: Like every other teenager that chose to be linked to Pokemon, Lyrica had a dream that was connected to those creatures -- a dream to be a Top Coordinator. She was native to Hearthome City, the place where the best ordinary Contests were held, or so she believes, and watching every competition from an early age made her want to be a contestant as well. Her mother supported it while her father wished for her to be a pianist like him. Because she wanted to make both of them proud, Lyrica decided to spend most of her childhood with learning to play the piano before venturing out; during those times, it became apparent that she inherited her paternal parent’s skills, and she eventually enjoyed making music through the instrument’s magical, melodic voice. That ignited the desire to be able to be as good as -- or maybe even better than -- her dad someday, but that didn’t mean she lost sight of her first goal… well, not completely, to say the least.

She began on her Pokemon journey when she was about sixteen and a half, as she got a little too engrossed with her passion for music; given how soothing the piano is, it’s unknown how Lyrica developed into the hothead that she is now. No one knew of the reason except for her: thanks to being surrounded by classical, sweet melody for almost all the time, she ‘forgot’ how it felt like to be angry. She probably wouldn’t have started on her way to become a Top Coordinator if her mom didn’t snap her out of the ‘trance’ that she was in for the past nine years; the necklace that she has now was given to her to serve as a reminder of what her primary objective was, and so that she wouldn’t revert to the ‘endlessly happy’ person she used to be if ever she plays with the piano again or finds another passion. It came as a surprise when her father actually agreed with her maternal parent; she thought he’d contradict his wife again, yet he didn’t. That was when she realized there was something wrong… with her. To straighten out things, Lyrica left home with a Glameow that was a sixteenth-birthday present from her father.

To say their Adventure Time was filled with lots of fights that were caused by the human’s fiery personality that had been released ever since she was ‘freed’ is the wrong stuff to state; actually, the Glameow -- who was nicknamed Mittens -- helped in controlling Lyrica’s temper. Imagine a cat petting a person -- that’s how it went for them. Due to the amount of the Catty Pokemon’s control, she turned pretty twisted and somehow manipulated her Trainer to get into fights with other people and Pokemon so that she’d have her all to herself. It took a while before Lyrica noticed it and when she finally did, it was too late: the Reversal had already taken place. She was lucky, nevertheless, that her Glameow wasn’t fully corrupted and still had the heart to set her free.

Right now, Lyrica is torn between wanting to go back to her Glameow friend despite knowing how risky it is, and finding a new -- hopefully nicer, kinder -- Pokemaster.

RP Example: Taken from The Shattered Era. :3
From a forest near Birch Enclave to the enclave

*Twitch twitch*

Cherry's ear feathers went up and down twice -- they picked up something loud that came from the Birch enclave. She was in a forest that was nearby, looking for berries to eat as well as ones that could help with her stepfather's cold. He has been spending sleepless nights for the past few days, since he said something bad was going to happen someday; he wasn't a psychic or anything, but his senses seemed to be a bit more heightened than the rest of their specie... or maybe it was just because of how experienced he is. Either way, he didn't have to do what he did, as there were some other Pokemon that kept an eye over the enclaves. Sure, he may be a creature of the night, but lack of sleep is another thing, and... Cherry sighed. She has been in the forest for countless hours now, almost lost in the world of worry as she tried to figure out which berry would cure her stepfather, who was too stubborn to accept any aid from their medics. Maybe she should have taken a lesson or two from one of their nurses, but then, she was an Infiltrator, not a medic student... Yeah, I'm not a Pokemon that took the course of medicine... Rather, my real father made me train non-stop for stealth and everything else related to being a spy... And... wait.

If it weren't for the announcement, she would have probably spent all day and night there.

Cherry looked up. "Ah, shoot! The announcement... what was it about again?" she closed her eyes and tried to recall it; since she was preoccupied when she heard it, only a few words managed to stay in her mind: "Go to the convention center." The female Weavile's organs for seeing opened after the recollection. She then placed the berries she had into the bushes and made a mental reminder to come back for them later. Whoever called for the Forces sounded pretty bothered, and the only reason that Cherry could think of was that something bad did happen -- she just doesn't know what. First my stepfather and now, possibly the rest of the Mechanists, she thought, feeling quite disheartened, as she placed her hand-claws in front of her and focused some energy into them; soon, a light blue orb was formed and was quickly followed by a same-shaded beam that began to create a frozen path. She had to be careful not to let her Ice Beam touch any of the plants, but thanks to the spaciousness of the forest, she didn't have to worry so much about freezing anything. When she started to walk on it and move forward, the ice-made path from behind her immediately disappeared.

Thanks to that sort of transportation, Cherry arrived at the Birch enclave faster than she would have if she went there on foot. She managed to catch a glimpse of a Pokemon who just went inside. So I'm not the only one who was late. Then again, the other Pokemon came several seconds earlier, and that makes a difference. Breathing out, the Weavile with cherry-red eyes stopped using her Ice Beam then jumped onto the ground, and when she landed, the frozen path completely vanished. Better late than never, her mind uttered, but she was still rather afraid to go in: a part of her didn't want to hear the bad news, while the other half urged her to brace herself for the worse and get ready. Unsure of which among those two she should follow, Cherry chose to just lean on the wall beside the glass door and listen to what they would talk about. The playful side of her managed to kick in, though, and gave her the idea of making a dramatic entrance if ever they say something that would elicit such action. No, now's not the time to fool around. She semi-gently hit her head in disbelief, yet she honestly found the little scheme to be amusing. Knowing she'd probably end up doing it if she doesn't go inside, Cherry decided to enter the convention center.

"Forgive me for my lateness, um, Sirs and Madams." She always seems to speak rather formally when in the presence of the other Mechanists that she aren't close to, especially to those of the higher positions.

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Please reserve me for Pokehuman. This looks like such...creativity that I cannot pass by. This is just amazing. I'll have it up by the end of today. Hopefully my character isn't too...different or odd. Tell me if I went overboard.

Name: Aurora Sonata

Wild Human or Pokemon: Pokemaster

Gender: Female

Age in human years: 19

Appearance: She's like an average Gardevoir: green short hair, white body, good figure, slim, and everything. Although she carries a light grey one-strap bag to carry utilities and such.

Personality: Despite the hatred she gained from Humans and many of her kind, she's known to be one of the funniest, flexible around. She's one to joke, and actually enjoys pranking others. Able to enjoy the suffering of others, she's very cunning and agile. Thanks to her jester-personality, she bottles up all her emotions and always seems to have a sinister smile. Rarely do you see her in a negative mood, and if you do, you wont even realize it thanks to her strange smile. A master at lies, she has lost the ability to be honest to strangers due to the sudden shift of human to pokemon. Once she opens up to you however, she's very loyal and spills her secrets and true intentions out. She lives by the motto of "don't judge a book by it's cover."

Background Story/History: She started out as a Ralts, shy and weak. Raised along with her 8 brothers and sisters, she started to grow left out from how similar they all looked like. Not only that, but every single one of them except Aurora had some special talent to show her parents. Envied and eventually depressed, she ran away into the woods. There, she evolved into a Kirlia and started to learn tricks. Not too long after, she was a bit baffled by a traveling caravan. Pokemon of all shapes and colors she had never seen before traveled with in it as well. Amused by their talents, tricks, and performances, she decided to approach one of the human travelers and was accepted right away. It wasn't a mistake to join either. Days started to pass as she learned even more skills, abilities, and acrobatics. By the time she had evolved into a beautiful Gardevoir, she was quite famous among small villages for this performances. However, this all changed when the pokemon rebelled.

One day, the pokemon in the circus started to talk in a sinister tone about rebellion. She couldn't help but listen. It got so far that the circus' Mr. Mime asked if she would join in their rebellion. A bit shocked, she immediately refused and ran off the circus. Aurora loved to prank and mess with people's heads but...she had a thing with humans. They were different, and for some reason she could relate to them more than her kind. Hiding in the forests, she watched as pokemon started to rebel and overthrow the humans. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and she still can't believe the drastic change that had taken place to this world. One faithful day, she came across a battle between a human and a few pokemon. Not wanting to get caught, she hid among the shadows and watched as the brave human defeated pokemon after pokemon, not wanting to be taken away from the only freedom he had left. By the time he was finished, he was exhausted. She didn't hesitate to leap out of the shadows, front flipping and catching the gaze of the human boy. He threatened to take her life if she were to take his only freedom, but she could see he didn't have any strength left to show. Instead of capturing him or any of the sort, she started to play around with him. She showed him a few tricks, actually healed him, and at one point teased about using her "pokeball" on him, but of course she didn't capture or use it. After a few minutes of reading his mind, using psychic and confusion to make him float and move around, she let him go and just stood there. She missed playing around like she did in the circus, but obviously he was fighting for survival. She could hear the footsteps of other pokemasters coming closer. A bit reluctant to leave him, she told him mentally to go. Aurora didn't know if he understood her, but he left anyway. It was obvious he would; he didn't want others to come and find him in the condition he was.

A few more days passed as she watched humans being captured by others. It wasn't long until she bumped into another Pokemaster. He eyed her curiously, wondering why she didn't have a Pokehuman. She didn't want to say "because it's wrong and I can connect more with humans than pokemon," so she simply said, "Oh, um, you know life....these little critters are too fast!" The Pokemaster was easily convinced, telling her she needed one or else she could easily be defeated by others. A bit pressured, first thing that popped into her mind was that human from not too long ago.

RP Example: This is from Elite Army, by the way

The air was fresh and new, the pleasant smell of the ocean filling her up with joy. It's been a while since she could feel nostalgia in everything she saw. She's never been to Johto, so she's been taking her time walking and enjoying the view around her. Despite what's been happening around, she wished she would take it more seriously. Although her clothing scheme radiated some depressing or serious girl, her face told everybody she was quite the clown.

Toto was floating beside her, also enjoying the view. It wasn't long until they had found the department. She entered and ogled all the supplies, wondering if anything was different. To her disappointment, nothing was different. Same as back in Sinnoh. "What a shame," she mumbled out, now heading for the roof. Her Porygon-Z startled many, not used to seeing such a strange pokemon before.

Once she reached the roof, she scanned the area and found both Hiro and another friend of his. His brown hair and white coat immediately told her that he must be a very serious and direct guy. Walking towards him, she gave a small wave at Hiro and stood beside him. Toto studied the Emolga, never have seen one before.

"Well then, greetings!" she chirps at Hiro. She then glanced at the other man. "Hello, and I have to say that your Emolga is so adorable," she complimented, wanting to gain a friend already. She used to have a fond with Unova pokemon. Most Unovian pokemon looked straight out of a circus dictionary. They were adorable, strange, cute, had unnatural abilities, and their appearance were so funny like. Then again, all pokemon are like that, but both Sinnoh and Unova pokemon seem to gain her interest, especially Bisharp and Scrafty.

Others: She's....afraid of heights.


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Skittish and DannyBoy, you are both reserved (: Otherworld you are (of course) accepted!

Which means right now that the Pokehuman spots are now FULL.

Pokeman, I've seen your past SUs and I have to say that they're not long or detailed enough compared to the other RPers here. Are you perfectly sure that you'll be active here and that you'll post decent lengthen/detailed posts? I can't really afford to let this die. I've spent a lot of time on this.

Same question goes to everyone else xD Make sure you guys stay active :3 And remember not to post one-liners~

Oh and good question Danny. Flying will give your Pokehuman decent speed. Also as they progress throughout the RP they WILL be able to have flying abilities.