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im new and i got a question

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Old September 7th, 2012 (2:29 PM).
Joseph_17 Joseph_17 is offline
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Hello everyone im new in the forums and i got a question regarding stats, its a bit complex to explain. (Im playing pokemon emerald, 3rd Generation)

let me give an example... blaziken has base stats of:
hp 80, atk 120, def 70, sp. atk 110, sp. def 70, speed 80

ok now i want to know how to make a calculation, using two moves as example.

Blaze Kick (85 special atk) ---- Sky Uppercut (85 physical atk)

since special atk has 110 and atk has 120 i assumed decreasing 10 to its sp. atk:

Blaze Kick = 75 ---- Sky Uppercut = 85, please correct if im wrong, i dont know the value of 1 base stat.

now I did this:
75 x 1.5 (Fire STAB) = 112.5 ---- 85 x 1.5 (Fight STAB) = 127.5

Then I did this:
112.5 x 1.5 ("BLAZE" ability at 1/3 hp = x1.5 fire sp. atk) = 168.5 ---- 127.5 x 1.5 (Choice Band hold item = x1.5 physical atk)= 191.25

So I got:
168.5 ---- 191.25, but since i can use a charcoal (+10% fire sp. atk), it would be like this:

185.35 ---- 191.25

This is just an example, i know there are better movesets to compare this to, but the thing is, im really confused in the orther of making the calculations. because it might be like this as well:

85 - 10 base stat = 75 + 10%(charcoal) = 82.5 x1.5(stab) x 1.5(ability) = 204.1875, so i need help if anyone knows the order of the calculations maybe using the same moves i did as example, its a bit confusing to explain... lets forget about natures since depending on which atk or sp. atk it has the higher, i will choose it. thanks a lot i hope you understood this mess

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Old September 7th, 2012 (7:05 PM).
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Uhh.. What are you asking? Are you trying to decide which attack will do more damage?
Damage = ((Level x 2 + 10)/250 x (Atk stat / Def stat) x damage + 2) x modifier
Modifier = STAB x Effectiveness x critical x held items x weather x ability (a random number between .85 and 1)

Now we don't need Blazikens Base Stat at all when calculating for damage, we need the actual Stat.

So let's assume your Blaziken is level 100 and has maximum Attack and Special Attack for simplicities sake.
Blaziken lvl 100
Atk: 372
SpA: 350
And you're battling a Pokemon whose Defense and Special Defense is 262.

Blaze Kick:
D = ((level x 2 + 10)/250 x (Atk/Def) x BaseDamage +2) x multiplier
D = ((100 x 2 +10)/250 x (350/262) x 85 + 2) x M
D = ((210)/250 x (1.34) x 85 +2) x M
D = ((.84) x (113.9) + 2) x M
D = 97.676 x M
M = 1.5 x 1 x 1 x 1.1 x 1 x 1.5(blaze) x 1(random simplicity)
M = 1.5 x (1.1 OR 1.5) x 1.5
M = 2.475(charcoal) or 3.375(Choice Specs)
D = 97.676 x (2.475 OR 3.375)
D = 241.74, 329.657

Did you get that?
Sky Uppercut:
D = ((100 x 2 +10)/250 x (372/262) x 85 + 2) x M
D = ((.84) x (120.68) + 2) x M
D = 103.37 x M
M = 2.475 (fighting type held item) or 3.375(Choice Band)
D = 255.86, 348.90

Is that what you were looking for? All I've done is calculated the total Hp lost by these attacks.
Old September 7th, 2012 (9:24 PM).
Joseph_17 Joseph_17 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 4
yeah thats exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot bro I was confused in the order of the calculations, it helped me a lot!
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