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FireRed Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies [BPRE]

Started by Dragonflye December 7th, 2012 1:58 PM
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Author of Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies

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Posted October 9th, 2018
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Welcome to Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies, here you can learn everything about our project, give feedback and discuss the game. Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies has a long history and nowadays we try to re-polish the project. Therefore the new version will differ A LOT from the second beta and we try our best to let it shine all in glory again.

  • Foundation: 10th April
  • Based on: Pokémon Firred-Version 1.1 English (BPRE)
  • Languages: German, English (Unfinished)
  • Current State: about 5%
  • Releases:
    • SotS 2.0 (Alpha): (WIP)
    • Beta 2: (Old)
  • Team:
    • Dragonfly (Leader)
    • Sturmvogel (Leader)
    • Ipatix (Co-Leader)

Job Offers:
  • 1-2 Mappers: We need mappers for some here and there work, indoor maps, caves, etc. In order to apply you should be able to use a program like advance map (or a similar tool) and have some experience with mapping. We are glad to offer you some basic information on how our design process works and on the tools we use.
  • 1-2 Tileseter: Someone to creates tilesets, simple as that, we do not specifically require you to create your own tiles, but collaborate tiles from others in a format we can use. This includes editing them so their color and style matches the tilesets of Sovereign of the Skies.
  • 1 Scripter: For general purpose scripts, texts etc. - The project is pretty big. Being able to speak and write german and english would be appreciated.
  • 1-2 Spriter: In order to keep it original we do not solely want to rely on publicly available sprites, if you apply for this position your job would be to create sprites, basically, of NPCs, Trainers, Pokémon.
  • 2-3 Texter: People who create dialogs, creative and "lore-fitting", speaking and writing in german and english required for this position.
  • 1-2 Musicians: In cooperation with ipatix, create atmospheric music pieces to fit the game, make it feel more personal and attuning. Give power to the scenes and places the game has to offer. You do not necessarily need to understand how the games sound engine works, but keep in mind that there are, in fact, limitations on what we can implement.
If you are interested don't hesistate to contact us, we will definitely respond, and keep in mind that we are not professionals, so you don't have to be professional. We make this game for fun, in our freetime, nobody earns money with it and in the end we want to create something for everyone, but also have fun doing so. Our E-Mail for contact:

Contributers will be rewarded with an honorable mention in the credits of course, as well as a place in our team (Which will also be mentioned in the credits of course)


The World of Sovereign of the Skies

The Äons, Latias and Latios were always known as the guardians of Amitec. Years ago they were responsible for it to prevail, just before they vanished after a fight against Deoxys which they sent running. Their present for the world of Amitec were fragments of the soul dew, magical vessel carrying the souls of the guardians. Those kept Amitec at peace, for now at least...

Whoever could want to disturb the tranquility of Amitec? Find out...


Team Tundra:
As soon as it was known, that Glaziera, a city far north of Amitec was not ever recovering from the eternal ice, that threatened the world after the incident, a group of locals formed and they called themselves Team Tundra. Their goal? To protect the city of Glaziera, their homeland, but soon their leader chose a different path, a path promising salvation. He soon found more than enough support and Team Tundra is now mightier than ever, and far more dangerous.

Professor Idan:
Your father and one of the countless professors of Amitec. He studies the incident that almost shattered the world and life outside of earth. He has help from his colleague and friend Achim, who helps with the research.

Dr. Achim:
Living with his family in Carun City, he is helping Professor Idan with his research, especially with space and extraterrestrial life.

Your mother, who was once a gym leader, or ruin guardian which is the function of any gym leader in Amitec. She resigned to live with Idan in Hesperia, who once lived in Glaziera.

A mysterious young man, victim to a stroke of fate. What happened and what is his part of the story. Questions you will have answered, in time...

Your brother/sister - You both trust each other more than anyone else.

You will also learn about other characters as part of your story. But wether they are good, or evil, you will have to find out on your own.

  • 801 Pokémon: including the 7th generation of Pokémon.
  • Mega Evolution and Protomorphosis: yep, they are in.
  • Unique graphics: you might have never seen those in another hack, a unique style, just for you.
  • New items: known from other generations of the game...
  • New Moves: including the 7th generation moves.
  • Physical / Special moves: like known from gen 4 and onwards.
  • Unique music: always the right track for the right scene.
  • Difficulty levels: you decide if you want us to just tell you a story, or challenge you as best as we can.
  • New Gym System: because just getting badges is boring, our gyms relate to the story of the game.
  • Catastrophies: we don't just want to have you catch pokémon, but relate to our characters, their feelings and fate, and feel it on your own.
  • Space travel: alright, we had this one for a while, but leaving earth still sounds like a goal to achieve, make it so!
  • Day & Night: time based events, atmospherical day & night as never seen before.
  • And many more...


*Note that these might differ from the final version (a lot) - We want you to have an impression of our style though.


*Note that these might also change courtesy of a developement process.





Fan Bars:
Game Freak, Pain, LUHO, s0n1c,ep!c, driver, iBlade, ghoX1350, MrQriz, Alucus, Dew, TheDeadHeroAlistair, diegoisawesome, EASY, Wesley, Kyldove, ligtherzein, Wah, princelegendario, Saurav, Scraex, CNC, Wingeek, Synyster_Zeikku, Zunex, DeviantART, Sprite Rescoures, NPC, coronay, Derlo, Fused, Pokéwiki, Kaze, Zeo, Thegreatblaid, spaceemotion, Magiscarf, Red-ex, Endrael , zerudez, geoisevil, moltres

Speziellen Dank an: TiMauzi, Endrael, Touched, KDS

  • Beta 2 (With bugged team matches, use included VBA): *here*
  • Beta 2.1 (Without Team matches, but does not glitch your RAM): *here*
  • SotS 2.0 (Alpha)(WIP): -


We hope you enjoyed our presentation, it was time we finally updated it. You can also find us on Bisafans, Pokéfans, Pokécommunity, RomHackersResources and RomHackers Online. If you are interested in joining our project, take a look at our Job offerings.

Your Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies Team

Winter Wonderland

Puts the fun in dysfunctional

Seen January 24th, 2017
Posted August 12th, 2016
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This actually looks pretty amazing and the story is quite interesting. I'm actually really curious as to how space would look like and the events up there once it's implemented. I really hope there's an English version. I'm kind of mad I don't know German. xD Best of luck!

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Is also great
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Robert Frost, Fire and Ice.

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Great Pokémon Reject

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Seen August 12th, 2019
Posted September 29th, 2016
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8 Years
now this looks really good, especially mixing in some Golden Sun scenes for some of the screenshots. :) I'll play it even if I don't know the language :D
Some of the hacks that I like:

I also support Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Glazed, and a few others who either have large banners or none at all.
I'm often not on, but when I am, I show my support in likes :-D
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Eye of the Storm

Seen October 3rd, 2016
Posted September 3rd, 2016
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7.4 Years
I highly suggest making it English instead of German. After all, English IS the universal language.

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Seen June 26th, 2019
Posted January 2nd, 2017
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10.3 Years
I was thinking about doing an english translation, but i think i'm not the man to do some sort of free translation...
Also what we had to to would be a translation of the graphical stuff, because we can't just change the rombase, as you can read we already are near to beta 2 which goes up to the 7th badge and is at about 70% of the whole project. If we would do an english rombase we had to translate that for our german community members hehe.

Anyway i'm very statified you like the thing, also I want to specially thank an guy of the forums here, it's "diegoisawesome", he helped me a lot with the rockfall thingy, he gave me his code for this and I also extended it to make simple script execution possible, in my opinion: AWESOME, thank you very much for this :)

And for the end: Special thanks to Alen, who is a german romhacker and moderator at RHR, he translated our posting to plain english, special thanks for that to him, he is a great guy also on the german forums :)



Humbled Beginner

Age 24
Sapphire City
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted October 16th, 2019
1,286 posts
11.5 Years
This hack is very innovative! Events that start as soon as you enter the map instead having to take a step, no truck intro, the moves that you can use outside of battle. Everything about this hack, especially the water graphics, is beautiful! Totally worth the pain of Google Translating every line.
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Pokemon Rocket Strike creator

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Posted May 21st, 2019
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7.4 Years
Endlich ein deutscher Hack. Sieht sehr schön aus, gute Arbeit!
Finally a German Hack. Looks pretty nice. Will start playing this.
Check out my hack "Pokemon Rocket Strike"

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Eye of the Storm

Seen October 3rd, 2016
Posted September 3rd, 2016
3,373 posts
7.4 Years
i think i saw a golden sun reference in one of the screenies (the giant easter island face statue)...

an english translation would be nice, but gotta find someone who can do it proper and not some google tranlsate crap.
To be fair, Google Translate is only a guide; it takes someone good with English to properly rewrite from there in a manner that makes sense. I've tried Google Translating Russian text before and had to fill in gaps.

"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

Cyclone. FC: 2079-8536-2160. Safari on X (5327-1949-9511): Lampent, Pumpkaboo, and Golurk (Ghost). Champion of the GC11 Pokémon Challenge!
Breeder extraordinaire. Semi-competent battler. :P

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Author of Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies

Age 24
Seen 4 Days Ago
Posted October 9th, 2018
85 posts
9.9 Years
Die 1. Beta geht bis zur 4 Arena, also die jetzige. Die 2. Beta wird bis zum 7. Arenaleiter und ein Stückchen mehr gehen. Wir werden versuchen unnötige Pokemon zu löschen und stattdessen andere einzufügen, also abwarten. ;)


The 1st Beta goes up to 4 Badges, so it has now. The 2nd Beta 7 to Badges and go a bit more. We will try to delete unnecessary Pokemon and instead insert other, so wait. ;)

Seen June 26th, 2019
Posted January 2nd, 2017
83 posts
10.3 Years
We were indeed considering the implementation of newer Pokémon, actually there are already evolutions that are from the 4th gen(Magnezone...)
In der Tat haben wir uns Überlegt neue Pokémon einzubauen, wir haben bereits welche der vierten Generation, vorrangig Evolutionen wie Magnezone.

In the first Beta you can obtain the first 4 badges, which would be "Ozeria City", also there are a lot of sidequests missing that are included in the 2nd Beta
In der ersten Beta kann man die ersten vier Orden bekommen, der letzte in "Ozeria City", außerdem fehlen ein paar Nebenquests.

I tried to answer this for the english guys aswell, also it would be nice if someone here who is able to speak german and english might help us with the translation, because we surely want to have this hack not only in german but also in english, otherwise we would not have posted it here^^

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