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Old June 15th, 2013 (6:46 AM).
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I'm on summer break and I decided to play mons. I just can't get into the groove of Gen V. Like, I can learn about the top threats and everything, that's no big deal to me, basically everything is a threat and if it's not a threat you are doing something right. I get that part, everything kills everything and you can't really counter all the threats.

I just don't get the whole "what pokemon do I use first" part. Like, dpp was so different, a standard team was like SR lead, choice user, sweeper, support, support, wall breaker. But with Gen V is basically just 6 pokemon that work together and all 6 of them have to have some sort of greater purpose than their actual role, if that makes any sense.

Tl;dr how to team build?

Also does stall work in Gen V? It seems like a lot of teams are offensive based and matches are pretty quick.

P.S. Hi.

ninjaedit: also is UU or NU or whatever other tiers better than OU? I know OU can be really polarizing at times and lower tiers seem to have less of a problem with that.
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Old June 15th, 2013 (8:21 AM).
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    It all depends on WHAT type of team YOU feel is right, A defensive team would use MOSTLY high HP pokemon and 1 or 2 soley to attack. Another thing is DO NOT USE ONE TYPE only, CHANCES ARE YOUR TEAM WILL BE LOCKED DOWN . Mix things up and use a team that fits YOUR playstyle. I hope this helped ....also train 1 or 2 pokemon with team helping abilities.
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    Teambuilding has been the same as it always has apart from leads are useless.

    Create a core build your team around it. Dont think about roles, roles have been obsolete since like gen 3 lol.

    Anyways, CB Tar, Sheer Force Landorus-I and Keldeo is a common core.

    Tar Pursuits all of Sheer Force Landorus/Keldeo's checks and counters. Whilst having many resists.

    Either way your team should have a common goal. Open up a Latias sweep ? Use Magnezone to remove steels and get something to remove/weaken special walls : I.E Lures, Pursuit, Psyshock, T-Spikes, Sub Split Gengar etc etc etc.

    Another decent one is Rotom-W and Scizor. They can Volt Switch and U-Turn between each other via forcing switches to force momentum. This way with SR up you can weaken whole teams. They also massacre each others counters and have good typing synergy wise.

    Its all about what pokes you are using.

    Stall is the same as it has always been, i got high on leaderboard with it despite people saying it no longer works. People just suck at using it tbh but yeah, i wouldnt use it to start battling in BW2 you need to have alot of prior knowledge of gen 5 before you use it imo.
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      UU is by far the best metagame to play at the moment in terms of balance.

      As for OU, just stack hugely-overpowered offensive Pokemon and win the weather war and you have a good chance of doing well. It's a pretty awful metagame

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