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Old December 30th, 2013 (4:56 PM). Edited January 9th, 2014 by I've Come to Bargain.
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X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread
Grab your Friend Code (found in 3DS Home, at the top center, click on the orange smilie face icon) and exchange them with other members to make use of X/Y's Friend Safari and O-Power features.

Important:The first google link below is a form where you enter your username, player name, and your safari type and species if known. Once submitted, you can edit your responses if you made a mistake. The second google link is everyone's safari information. The types are often sorted.

Enter your information here:

View the Safari list:
Previous Safari list:

*You should actively seek out folks and politely send them a private/visitor message. Make use of this thread and the googledoc resource to fill up that friend safari.

*Note that you can only have 100 friends on your 3DS. What you can do to not reach your limit is add each other, you check what's in the safari, and have the other person delete you. Provided that you do not delete them too, you will still have their cool safari. This should work and save on space.

— Remember that actual trading belongs in the Trade Plaza section.
Click here to join the live trading chatroom.

— Remember that actual battling belongs in the Quick Battle thread of the Battle Center section. Click here to join the live battling server chatroom.

Scroll through the old list of Safari rarities if you'd rather not look at the Google Form. Send the member a message if you want to add them.

  • Venitardus | 4468 2394 4701 | Loudred, Dunsparse, Smeargle | VM/PM First
  • Jake1617 | 5343-9456-8568 | Lilipup, Loudred, Eevee | PM First

  • Guy | 3754 7567 2740 | Pansage, Ivysaur, Quilladin | VM/PM First
  • Kdark276 | 0361 7652 9175 | Sunkern, Ivysaur, Maractus | PM First
  • pirouette | 3024 6502 4761 | Tangela, Swadloon, Quilladin | PM First
  • kanakinz. | 3625-9205-2604 | Oddish, Swadloon, Quilladin | VM/PM First
  • Burcol | 2106-0089-9134 | Sunkern, Petilil, Quilladin | PM First
  • Sanctaja | 4141-3216-0701 | Pansage, Petilil, Maractus

  • Joey_951 | 1392 5256 8301 | Growlithe, Braixen, Pyroar | VM/PM First
  • Nobie | 3325 2817 7970| Ponyta, Larvesta, Braixen | PM First
  • LuminescentUmbreon | 0018-0174-0200 | Larvesta, Magmar, Fletchinder

  • Warden130 | 1950 9171 9581 | Frazure, Noibat, Sliggoo | VM/PM First
  • Jollibee1031 | 4699 6633 8791 | Druddigon, Noibat, Gabite | PM First

  • LicensedJet | 0147 0255 6583 | Ferroseed, Metang, Klefki | PM First
  • bdawg714 | 3668 9022 1737 | Fortress, Ferroseed, Bronzong | VM/PM First
  • oshizlgzngahr | 2766-9627-4826 | Ferroseed, Klang

  • katak | 0533 5532 8404 | Riolu, Throh, Machoke | PM First
  • CCGanja | 3454 1043 8434 | Meditite, Sawk, Tyrogue | PM First
  • Skarim | 3153-3835-3584 | Breloom, Throh, Mienfoo
  • Alster26 | 4811-8292-5096 | Throh, Mienfoo, Hariyama

  • Mithel_Celestia | 5214 9296 9909 | Ledyba, Illumise, Venomoth | VM/PM First
  • IceRentoraa28 | 2466-2855-0226 | Ledyba, Beautifly

  • jius0086 | 1435-4953-2499 | Shuppet, Phantump, Dusclops | PM First
  • Akio123 | 5043- 2794-2826 | Lampent, Pumpkabu, Drifblim |

  • domichan | 0619 3336 7988 | Drowzee, Wobbuffet, Girafarig | VM/PM First
  • -Rush | 5043 2904 4087 | Grumpig, Espurr, Duosion | PM First

  • sarCAsum0 | 5043 2919 0847 | Spritzee, Kirlia, Floette | PM First

  • Somma | 0318-7770-8658 | Snover, Bergmite, Cloyster | VM/PM First
  • Kangaskahn | 1134 8784 0637 | Spheal, Beartic, Dewgong | VM/PM First

  • Blade_of_darkness | 3711 6875 3134 | Dedenne, Pikachu, Manectric | VM/PM First
  • Chief Spoon | 1392 4389 1930 | Electrode, Electabuzz, Zebstrika | VM/PM First
  • Nug Sando | 1392 5481 1292 | Helioptile, Dedenne, Galvantula | VM/PM First
  • Darkest Shade of Light |1564-3657-0478 | Electrode, Helioptile, Luxio | PM First

  • Pokeballin | 0791 2502 2699 | Doduo, Rufflet, Tranquill | VM/PM First
  • zomgitscathy | 0920 1042 8845 | Spearow, Swanna, Tropius | VM/PM First
  • Drialmeida92 | 4098 3926 7126 | Spearow, Hoot-hoot, ??? | VM/PM First

  • Melonfrog | 1950 8675 9646 | Marowak, Phanphy, Gastrodon | PM First
  • Gogoat Rocks! | 1048 9262 1484 | Trapinch, Camerupt, Gastrodon | PM/VM First

  • Scizor95 | 1822 0345 9469 | Boldore, Onix, Barbaracle | PM First
  • Tikker | 4227 1524 0709 | Dwebble, Corsola, Rhydon | PM First
  • IceRentoraa28 | 1392-5745-9935 | Boldore, Onix
  • Shrew | 4914-3495-9756 | Dwebble, Onix, Barbaracle

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Old December 30th, 2013 (5:09 PM). Edited December 30th, 2013 by Guy.
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Added you to the list. We don't have the new sign-up sheet and safari list up yet on Google Docs, but Lilith will add those to the first post shortly.

The links to the new sign-up sheet and safari list have been added.
Old December 30th, 2013 (5:25 PM).
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    Ah well, since we've got a new thread, might as well copy the stuff I have in the old one, as my requests still stand to this day.

    Code is 3711-6875-3134, but please be sure to VM/PM me before you add me so that I'll add you back.

    My Friend Safari is Electric with Dedenne, Pikachu, & Manectric.
    Old December 30th, 2013 (5:36 PM).
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    This thread is not to make trade offers and/or requests. That belongs in the Trade Plaza section. You may only use this thread for sharing your Friend Codes and Friend Safari details.
    Old December 30th, 2013 (5:51 PM).
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      Most my info is in my sig, will help anyone find out what pokemon you have in your safari just send me a PM.
      Completed National Pokedex
      FC: 0791-2502-2699 Flying type Tranquill, Doduo and Rufflet
      Old December 30th, 2013 (6:03 PM).
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        Posts: 6
        Semi new player here! Need some friends to trade,battle and advice.
        Looking for a normal safari with Ditto.

        My info in sig

        Pm me to let me know you added.

        Happy training trainers!!

        Pokémon X
        FC: 0361-7652-9175

        Safari: Grass type
        Old December 30th, 2013 (6:06 PM).
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          Gender: Female
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          just so everyone can see mine again.
          hello! i'm hoping to catch all pokemon or most since i don't have the previous games anymore i would really appreciate it if i can get more FC's so i can get alot more pokemon
          heres my FC: 0619-3336-7988 and pm me so i can add back.
          my Safari contains psychic pokemon and it includes Drowzee, Masqurian, and Wobbuffet.
          let me know if you add and thank you!
          trying to catch them all!
          add me! message if you added me!
          Safari: psychic: drowzee, wobbuffet, girafarig
          Old December 30th, 2013 (6:17 PM).
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            So you'd be really helping me out if someone has Ditto in their safari.
            Mine is Fairy with Kirlia and Swirlix. I know it's not all that useful but I'd be forever grateful.
            Anyone who wants to add me should PM me first please.
            Old December 30th, 2013 (6:57 PM).
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              Still looking for Ditto Safari, mine has Riolu, Throh, and Machoke, FC:0533-5532-8404 PM me if you added me.
              Old December 30th, 2013 (7:28 PM). Edited December 30th, 2013 by Joey_951.
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                My safari type is Fire with growlithe, braixen and pyroar. FC 1392-5256-8301. Looking for shelgon safari.

                P.S: I accidentally gave out my friend's FC on Google Form. My FC is the one I most recently on the Google Form

                Old December 30th, 2013 (7:45 PM).
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                  Hello guys, newbie here. I've been doing some research on the friend safari and it seems I need someone else to tell me what Pokemon I have to offer. Anyone curious enough to check for me?

                  My friend code is 0018-1742-3192 (You can either PM me yours or post it below, I don't mind)

                  I also understand that a ditto safari is highly sought after - does anyone have a ditto safari here that they can share (even if just temporarily)?
                  Old December 30th, 2013 (7:59 PM).
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                  響け〜 響け!
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                  Add me if you want! Flying Safari: Spearow, Swanna, Tropius.
                  Paired with Dragon and Koakuma

                  Old December 30th, 2013 (8:36 PM).
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                    Add me FC 1736-1750-8649 i have PMed most of you guys
                    Old December 30th, 2013 (8:54 PM).
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                    This looks interesting, I'm in! Please PM me before adding me, any VM regarding registering other Friend Codes will be ignored.

                    IGN: Mid
                    Friend Code: 3024-6502-4761
                    Safari type: Grass
                    Pokemon: Tangela - Swadloon - Quilladin

                    Looking for interesting safaris with Pokemon such as Larvitar, Mawile, Riolu, Frogadier and such. Just PM me what you have when adding my Friend Code, thanks! I will register most Friend Codes even if you don't have particular Pokemon I want.

                    Old December 30th, 2013 (9:22 PM). Edited December 31st, 2013 by Mithel_Celestia.
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                    Alluring Illusion
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                      Posts: 406
                      I don't have much friends so add me if you are interested. Can anyone also send me a type of my Friend Safari? 5214 9296 9909

                      Edit: Safari: Bug w/ Ledyba, illumise, and venomoth
                      Trainer Data:
                      Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
                      Gender: Male
                      Hometown: Lacunosa Town
                      Trainer class: Ranger, Psychic, Deceiver*
                      Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

                      *Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.
                      Old December 30th, 2013 (9:23 PM).
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                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 24
                        Still looking for a ditto safari. If anyone wants to add me, PM me so I can add you asap. My safari is fire with Ponyta, Larvesta and Braixen. FC: 3325-2817-7970
                        FC: 5429-9129-4794
                        FS: Psychic | Drowsee, Espurr, Xatu

                        PM/VM if you add me!
                        SGNTR Adoption Thread!
                        Old December 30th, 2013 (9:25 PM).
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                        The PokéGambler
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                          Posts: 31
                          Oooh yay a refreshed thread!~ I'm still adding anyone to the list, have plenty of space xD (Though my Safari is bogus... >~>)
                          "C a r e . To . G a m b l e?"

                          Pokemon Y -- FC: 0318-7770-8658 -- IGN: Rayden

                          Ice-Type Friend Safari

                          Soundproof Snover , Sturdy Bergmite, Overcoat Cloyster
                          Old December 30th, 2013 (9:33 PM).
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                            Join Date: Dec 2013
                            Location: New Zealand
                            Age: 24
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Modest
                            Posts: 15
                            Safari in my sig. Happy to accept any FC.
                            Friend Code: 1950 - 9171 - 9581
                            Friend Safari (Dragon): Fraxure, Noibat, Sliggoo

                            Current team:
                            Old December 30th, 2013 (9:49 PM).
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                            - - just another pokébreeder
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                              Nature: Gentle
                              Posts: 40
                              So my safari is pretty much pointless. But hey whatever someone might need it.

                              Grass Type Safari
                              [ oddish - swadloon - quilladin ]

                              I have most of the safaris I need, so I'm just posting in case any of you need my grass safari! Send me a PM/VM and let me know what your friend code is if you do add!
                              Oh yeah, and my friend code is in my signature

                              // Kanakinz.3625-9205-2604 //

                              Pokemon X
                              In-game Name: Kana
                              Safari: Oddish - Swadloon - Quilladin

                              Old December 31st, 2013 (12:06 AM).
                              CCGanja's Avatar
                              CCGanja CCGanja is offline
                                Join Date: Dec 2013
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 27
                                Heres my safari:


                                Meditite - Sawk - Tyrogue

                                Send PM if u add me, don't start saying in this thread hey i added you add me, cuz im not going to read here every day x)

                                FC: 3454 - 1043 - 8434

                                My safari is fighting: Meditite - Sawk - Tyrogue
                                Fc: 3454 - 1043 - 8434
                                Name: Iiiitx
                                Send PM if u add me
                                Old December 31st, 2013 (12:47 AM).
                                -Rush's Avatar
                                -Rush -Rush is offline
                                  Join Date: Dec 2009
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 33
                                  Hello hello everyone~
                                  I have a psychic safari of grumpig, espurr, duosion
                                  Add me and PM me
                                  My FC is in signature~
                                  Pokemon Y: Leo 5043 2904 4087
                                  Psychic Friend Safari
                                  Old December 31st, 2013 (1:36 AM).
                                  Tickker Tickker is offline
                                    Join Date: Dec 2013
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Posts: 4
                                    My friend code: 4227-1524-0709
                                    My Rock Safari Pokemon: Dwebble, Corsola and Rhydon

                                    Pokémon I am looking for:
                                    Dark: Paniward
                                    Fairy: Spiritzee

                                    But willing to add anyone that want's/needs my safari just PM me
                                    Old December 31st, 2013 (2:38 AM).
                                    desmondshoes's Avatar
                                    desmondshoes desmondshoes is offline
                                      Join Date: Jul 2008
                                      Posts: 2
                                      Howdy all! I am somewhat new to the forum and I'm looking to fill my 3DS friendlist so I can find that elusive Ditto! I don't know what type of Safari I have but I would be happy to add anyone! Thanks! 1461-6197-0466
                                      Friend Code: 1461-6197-0466 Dez - Safari: Seviper/Toxicroak/Swalot
                                      Old December 31st, 2013 (3:34 AM).
                                      Drialmeida92 Drialmeida92 is offline
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                                        Gender: Male
                                        Posts: 4
                                        Hey, a friend of mine told me i have got flying type with Spearow and Hoothoot, the third time isn´t unlocked yet since i haven´t finished elite 4 yet

                                        btw here is my FC: 4098-3926-7126

                                        I am personally looking for someone with a Ditto that unfortunately is not on the list yet but I added everyone on the list so far, so add me back
                                        Old December 31st, 2013 (4:34 AM).
                                        Jollibee1031 Jollibee1031 is offline
                                        I need a legit copy of PkmnWht
                                          Join Date: Oct 2013
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Posts: 9
                                          Dragon Type with Druddigon, Noibat, and Gabite. FC in Siggy

                                          PM's only pls :D
                                          3DS Friend Code - 4699-6633-8791

                                          Friend Safari - Dragon (Gabite,Noibat,Druddigon)
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