PCL Leaves of Absence & Mercenary Hiring

Started by Sirfetch’d December 23rd, 2015 6:34 AM
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Leaves of Absence & Mercenary Hiring

Let us know here if you're going to be unavailable to battle and for how long. Unfortunately, clan members aren't allowed to take LoAs longer than either three weeks during the Offseason (right now) or one week during the Championship. At that point you'll have to leave your clan and sign up again in the future.

If you're currently involved with an event, it would be a good idea to link your LoA post in the event's thread. Your clan leader will hire a mercenary to fill in for you.

Mercenary List

Each mercenary takes turns getting hired. For example, if a clan hires a mercenary, that mercenary will be unavailable until the other mercenaries are hired as well. Once every mercenary is hired an equal amount of times, all mercenaries that aren't on LoAs will be made available again.

Clan leaders must make a post specifying which mercenary they want to hire. The mercenary can be any of the following, as long as they have "available" by their name.

- Anti - available / OU / GMT -5
- Aurora - available / RU, Ubers / GMT +11
- Blurryface - available / Monotype preferred, OU, Ubers, UU, PU, LC, CAP, 1v1, Tier Shift / GMT -5
- Careful - unavailable / OU / GMT -6
- champagnepapi - available / all, OU preferred / GMT -5
- Etherion - available / OU / GMT +8
- GoldenAltaria - available / OU, Ubers, BW2 OU, BW2 Ubers, XY Ubers / GMT -5
- HamtaroTumin - available / OU, Ubers / GMT +5:30
- Kevin Garrett - unavailable / all / GMT -5
- luikzd - available / OU, Ubers, UU / GMT +5:30
- PokeHunterBlack - available / OU / GMT +10
- SeanClinton - unavailable / OU, Ubers, UU, RU, NU, LC, VGC / GMT 0
- SmIIIte - unavailable / OU, UU, NU, LC / GMT -6
- Syndrome - unavailable / OU / GMT -6
- Void. - unavailable / all / GMT 0
- Vrai - available / all, OU preferred / GMT -6
- Wayne18 - available / OU, Uber, LC, Anything Goes / GMT -8


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Hey, gimmepie has been having internet issues, so Dragon has hired you to fill in for him in PCL Championship II: Week 2. I'm late to organizing this, so I'm willing to extend the deadline for your match if necessary.

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I'm going to be taking a LOA from PCL for a couple months, might join back when Sun & Moon come out but at this point idk.

Lack of interest has been a main factor sadly



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I'll be taking a Week-and-a-day LoA from Saturday 18 June to Sunday 27 June due to being banished to isolation in the mountains (read as: working at a summer camp), not that it's particularly relevant with the Milotic out of the PCL.

Also a heads up I will need a LoA of just under 3 weeks in July/August for the same reason, dates will be confirmed when I get back from this week.
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