News CoroCoro gives more movie information

Started by PokéCommunity Daily May 11th, 2016 9:57 PM
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I expected a follow-up on the trailer like many said, but nope we were lied again and just got another boring M19-related article. But at least hopefully we'll get an actual Sun & Moon article next month, which CoroCoro really haven't done at all this year since the announcement... and no that boxart tease last month doesn't count.
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Does seem this is all we are getting. We know for sure (serebiiconfirmed) that next month's coro coro issue will have info. (Last month they just said we would get info, not that the coro coro issue would provide it...)

Article updated to reflect that.

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Haha.. I love that panel where it looks like Ash is arguing with Volcanion. Pretty unique relationship and makes me think of the Lucario movie which still stands out to me as one of the best and most emotional. Really do hope this movie's budget won't be too low given extremely poor sales of the movie before it too, as much as I liked the setting of Hoopa and the Clash of Ages this one interests me much much more overall.

Looking forward to more info!
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We just have news about the upcoming Pokémon movie from the two pages leaked.

Click here to view the article.
It reveal nothing new , Just some old screenshot !
I'm interest in Ash-Greninja's role in the role , I want to see how he stand against an army of Megevolve pokemon.
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