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It was originally scheduled for the end of July.

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Largely agreed. If they were to make versions shaped like the Team emblems, though, I could be convinced to buy an Instinct one...
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yes i like grass type what of it


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I figured they'd delay it since GO is still suffering issues and they likely want more time to polish GO plus so it can handle the heavy demand, as KJ speculated.
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Well, the game's got enough issues. I imagine the GO Plus constantly tapping into the servers (or however it will do it) might cause a bit of issues. Wait until they've optimised everything, I guess!
This is basically my thinking - I don't think anyone wants GO Plus badly enough right now to risk even more issues popping up all over the place; they've only just about managed to fix the current ones haha.

Personally I've not actually been planning to buy GO Plus myself as it feels a little unnecessary when the game is already so smooth to play but the main draw for me would be if GO Plus ends up saving on battery life - if it does then I'd rather stop carrying around my bulky charger with me all the time and the device does seem a little useful outside of that.



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Yeah, I'm not too upset by this either. It would have been a cute, little trinket to carry around while playing GO, but I don't think it would really add anything to the gameplay. Maybe if it saved some battery like previously mentioned, but overall, meh.

I'll still probably get it though.

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The GO plus just doesn't seem all that necessary for me to purchase so I'm not really interested in it. Everything I need to play the game is already built into the game, plus my Nexus 6 has probably one of the single longest lasting batteries as well as rapid charging (I can plug my phone in for about 45 minutes and it will get a full charge), so I don't really need another expensive piece of hardware to play something that I have been enjoying with a free price tag.
I also have a strong feeling that future updates to the game are going to also make the GO plus an irrelevant device. The GO plus will probably still be more efficient, but I bet with a little more effort on the players part, the device will just not be necessary to play the game at it's full potential.
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I don't see the point of the device, unless it counts your distance travelled towards eggs then it's pretty much useless
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It appears this article explains why Pokemon GO Plus was delayed.
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