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Now if only they can get a functional community team to run their platforms ^_^

You'd think they have a little bit of money now to at least invest in their manpower.

As someone who works professionally in social media and digital marketing, all I can say is that Niantic's really making it way more difficult for themselves than necessary.


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Neat, although doesn't really help us. It gives us just confirmation of what was basically confirmed already. Still at least, they are invested in the game. They definitely need to add more to their team and work faster, or they'll lose fan interest. Hopefully updates can come faster and when gen 2 comes out, they will be able to bring back the massive following it had at the start.


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Question: One last question: How the hell do I find Ditto?

Hanke: I’m convinced that you’re a hardcore player. I can’t tell you how to find Ditto, because then it wouldn’t be any fun when you found him. But it’ll happen. I promise.
At least Ditto is confirmed to come, and is it gonna be one of the easter eggs or found in the sightings?
Still, those two lines cracked me up real good.
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I'm super excited about events I think they're gonna be really fun and combined with new Pokemon the game will feel more fresh.