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Ash learns how to do Z-Moves and meets Tapu Koko. There’s also a livestream of the games on the 23rd on NicoNico to look forward to.

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Mallow knows you need to be proactive with Ash, unlike Serena sorry but not sorry Amourshippers

I really liked the trailer. The animation feels fluid and realistic (like how Pikachu is clawing into Ash's shirt as opposed to being glued on).

Kiawe looks awesome, as well as Z-moves in general.

Missing seat in class...Team Skull infiltration? Although I didn't see Lana so maybe that belongs to her.

Overall, really happy with the trailer and looking forward to SM anime.
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Nice trailer! We are getting so many lately! I like seeing more of the show though as the art style is nice and it looks pretty interesting. There seems to be a lot of different events going on here.

I'm wondering what leads Ash to go here though. I also wonder if that's Oak's Rottom. It would make sense since no one else has the Rottom Dex.


If you want to update the article with a youtube trailer, then here is a link to one: