News Mimikyu song!

Started by shellysunfish October 20th, 2016 9:26 PM
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aww that song is adorable! ^_^

I didn't think much of Mimikiyu before but I might have to use it on my team just because of this haha.


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Always planning to use it as my wild card in my Sun team.

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Okay, now I definitely have to use Mimikyu on my first playthrough. That thing is adorable!!


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I was going to use Mimikyu on my team anyway. I legitimately think it's one of my favourite Pokemon of the generation. It's just so cool and unique! Then again Pumpkaboo was my favourite last generation too, so ghost runs in the family here!

Use it tho guys, Pikachu is overrated, Mimikyu has the coolest name and the coolest look. IT IS THE COOLEST GUYS.

Although Ryan was like wtf are you listening to lol

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Mimikyu was one of the pokemon I have high expectations for, alongside of Bruxish. I was pretty much planning to use it when it was first revealed (same with Bruxish), ignoring its natural adorable factor, I am super excited for its natural free substitute that it enters the battlefield with.
I think Mimikyu is going to be an amazingly strategic pokemon since it has to be double tapped in order to KO it.
It's like it has a better version of "Sturdy". I also feel like people are going to quickly grow to dislike Mimikyu because of it's slightly better form of Sturdy, requiring people who encounter it in the wild to always be forced to use 2PP to KO it.
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BRB putting it as my Youtube video
Mimikyu's disguise is modelled after Pikachu because
of the popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise.
This lonely Pokémon thought that this disguise
would allow it to make friends with people.

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Mimikyu might just be my favourite Gen 7 Pokemon. The cute little rap is so sad...I want to be friends with you, little Mimikyu. ;_;
I'd love to know what's under the cloth though; it'd just be so sweet to be able to see its true colours, even if I get cursed.


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Video was great, Mimikyu was already on my list of pokemon that'll probably take a slot on my team, but I like the video.

I still wish we got to see what Mimikyu actually is / looks like without the dead pikachu costume
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POOR MIMIKYU ;-; I fell in love with this Pokémon when I heard about its desire to be loved just like Pikachu is. I was going to have one on my team anyway, so this video just strengthened my opinion.
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im not sure but if you watch the rap video, in one area, the Pikachu is at its max happiness or something and mimikyu randomly appears. i think that Pikachu changes into mimikyu.
Hi! Just to let you know that I've moved your thread over here as we already have a discussion of the recent video of Mimikyu. Feel free to talk about it here. ^^


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I liked Mimikyu since I first saw it, but I didn't really consider it in my team (dunno, maybe because it doesn't evolve and it is obvious since the beginning)... untill now. Even if it's a one stage Pokemon, it will probably be in my team!
I miiiiight be back?
And why am I not a supporter anymore >.<