Event Lets get your move on! [Week 6: Poison / Feb: 21 - 28]

Started by Sirfetch’d February 21st, 2017 9:08 AM
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Which Poison type move is the best one out of them all?

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This is actually a new tournament that I've thought of! If you're familiar with the Favourite Pokemon Tournament, then this works in the very same fashion! There will be a poll of a specific type (Normal, Grass, Water, etc) and you'll just pick your favourite moves from that type!

This Week's type
This week we will be voting on Grass and Poison type moves!


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Toxic is classic.
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Sludge Bomb and Toxic are mainly the only two Poison-type moves I use. Physically I'd go for Poison Jab too.


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Like a previous poll only voted good ones this time. Poison jab and Sludge bomb
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Poison Jab is pretty much the only attacking Poison type move I use on a regular basis, so it gets my vote here. I do love both Toxic and Toxic Spikes though, since I'm starting to use status effects to my advantage a lot more than I used to when I was younger.


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Not so much into Poison moves, but I really do like Poison Tail, Toxic and Sludge Bomb; moves I've seen in the anime, which look pretty awesome to execute. :]

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