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we love our tennis

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Seen April 22nd, 2019
Posted April 6th, 2019
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Oo, this update seems choc full of goodies! I know it's a bit silly but honestly my favourite part is just being able to spin the gym signs again once the raid boss is dead, that always irritated me to an unreasonable degree. Being able to use berries from any distance is certainly an interesting change but I'm not totally confident on it being a good one... I feel like that'll just be more annoying to deal with than fun to use? I suppose it'll depend on how reduced the healing actually is and whether it's just a more productive way to use pink berries than throwing them out.

I wonder will this update finally fix the "The gym is under attack!" bug stopping you from entering a gym for ~10 minutes after your team takes it over?


This is fine.

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Posted 9 Hours Ago
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Article updated with datamined info. Highlight? More code added to do with Legendaries... :V


Seen October 5th, 2018
Posted July 26th, 2018
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I noticed 2 bugs so far:
- Dragonite & Charmander eyes are like, glassy? Like they're dead? It's super creepy
- You can feed berries to Pokémon with max motivation and it makes you lose your berries :(
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