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From chances to earn more XP, to getting more items, it's a nice way to celebrate the upcoming equinox!


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Be strong, TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan. You're perfect as you are
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Events are always nice! I'm a bit unsure about the new incubator however...It will probably be 3 uses? But like, much more expensive than the other incubators :/


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I'm glad for an event that isn't Raid specific and encourages walking. Has been a while compared to the first half of the year! Now I just need to hope I can get my first Mareep...

Will wait and see what the prices are for the special boxes. May be worthwhile to get one especially as I have four 10 km eggs, but... prices will determine that.

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Paired to Sheep :>


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Nice double post
I'm still not sure i'll pick it up. I fear it's gonna be outrageously overpriced :(

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1) If I got a 2km egg (at pokestop) prior to Sept 22nd, but I hatch it after, could it be a special event egg?

2) If I get a special 2km egg prior to October 2nd, but I hatch it after, could it still be a special event egg?

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This event doesn't interest me any. Really the only 10km Pokemon I need is Mareep, but its not worth spending money on incubators. This is a good event for new players though. Maybe if I needed tons of Pokemon.

Won't be going outside much this next week since its going to be 90 degrees until thursday. Wish they would have an Electric, Dragon, Steel or Fighting event though, have only caught about 15 dragon types so far, doesn't help that there's only 4 dragon type Pokemon in the first 2 gens and 1 is an item evolution.

To the above poster, 1 is no and 2 is yes. Eggs don't change once you get them meaning they will always hatch the Pokemon inside as is, there was a Pichu/ash hat event recently and you could hatch the egg a year after the event ended and it would still be wearing the hat.