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Welcome to the thread for Kanlara Ultimate - the final version of Pokémon Kanlara Adventures!

21/01/2020 Patch Notes:
There is now a notepad file with data on wild Pokémon encounters in the attachments below.


- Travel through the new region of Kanlara
- Explore a new story
- Catch and battle approximately 430 different Pokémon from generations 1-7
- P/S/S split, EXP on Pokémon capture, Running Indoors
- Expanded move list featuring new moves such as Shift Gear, Coil, X-Scissor
- Custom TM list
- The Fairy type and a brand new type called 'Demon' have been implemented
- 30+ original Demon Pokémon
- Original moves with custom move effects, these are exlusive to Demon Pokémon


Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate is a ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed (1.0) which features a new region, story, Pokémon from all 7 generations, and a few modern updates to make the game nicer to play.


Kanlara is the region where you were born. You spawn here, and you meet up with your childhood friend and rival. You are informed that the Professor wants to see the both of you.

At the Lab, Professor Woke lets you know that apparently, Kanlara is under attack by a group known
as Team Rocket.

You recieve your first Pokemon, and together you and your rival set out on your adventure.

Your goal is to become the best trainer you can, but also to put a wrench in Team Rocket's plans and make sure they're put in their place.

Later, it becomes apparent that Team Rocket is gaining too much power, and the entire fate of Kanlara will rest on your shoulder as you embark on your path towards the final battle, that will decide it all...


What is a Demon Pokémon?
A: Demon Pokémon are formes of normal Pokémon - think of them as regional forms. They gain a new typing - the Demon type - upon evolving, improved stats, sometimes a new ability, and more. They are stronger than regular
Pokémon but are hard to obtain. They are not forced upon the player or necessary to use to beat the game, but the lore is explained in game and there are some Trainers that will use Demon Pokémon against you. Try using
Fairy or Steel types to counter Demon Pokémon, or a Demon Pokémon of your own.

Q: Can I do something with the Pikachu in Sena's Grove?
A: Yes, after obtaining a Magnet (can be found in The Power Plant), the Pikachu will battle you if you speak to it again. Keep in mind that this is the only way to obtain a Pikachu in this game, so try to catch it.

Q: I just beat Agatha... what do I do now?
A: Now, you have to help Zorya in Sena's Grove. Head to Sena's Grove and travel south for the Lab there. After doing the event at the Lab, you'll find a certain special NPC outside. Speak to him, and then head
to Kanja Boulevard. On the bridge, you will find Misty. Talk to her, battle her, and you'll receive the PokeFlute - an item necessary to reach the Solemn Road, which leads to Florina Town - and the 6th Gym of the Kanlara Region.

Q: How do I access the upper floor of the Nahara Town Library?
A: The NPC blocking the stairs leaves after you've cleared the event at the Lab in Sena's Grove.

Q: What do I do with the 'Ancient Map'/How do I obtain the second part of the Key?
A: Speak to the guy in green uniform in the Nahara Town Library. After hearing his story, he'll ask you to obtain a second part of a key. This part is dropped by wild Klefki. Klefki appears in the Lost Cemetary, but
the drop rate for the Key is low. You'll probably have to catch or use Thief/Covet on at least 10 Klefki. Stay determined!

Q: How do I access the basement level of The Haunted Mansion?
A: After clearing the Pokemon League, a Scientist will appear at the gate of The Endless Desert, to the west of Kahara Town. Speak to him and he will give you an item which allows you to access the basement in Haunted

Q: How do I access the area to the north of The Endless Desert?
A: You have to travel to the Trainer Tower in Kanja Boulevard, and talk to the Magma girl there. If you give her one Rare Candy (you can buy this for 2222 coins in the Wanjara City Arcade Hall), she will give you
the Go-Goggles. With this item you can access The End of Desert area...

Q: I've noticed there's an area called 'Rocket Island' on the Town map... how do I get there?
A: After clearing the Pokemon League, a Rocket Grunt will appear in Kanja Outskirts, sitting on the bench there. Speak to him, and he will offer you a trip to Rocket Island. This is the only way to reach the Rocket Island.

Q: Where do I catch 'X' Pokémon/How do I evolve 'X' Pokémon?
A: If possible, use your PokéDex. For info on evolutions, please check out the Library in Nahara Town. Additionally, just ask in the thread.

Credits / Tools Used
Thanks to DoesntKnowHowToPlay for the P/S/S patch and Gen 4-6 Pokémon cries
Thanks to colcolstyles and FBI for info on making wild Mew and Deoxys obey
Thanks to WesleyFG for Gen 7 Pokémon cries
Thanks to MrDollSteak's 64x64 DS-style Pkmn Sprite Resources
And all contributors to said resource.
Thanks to thedarkdragon11's 64x64 Gen 7 Pkmn Sprite Resource
And all contributors to said resource.
Thanks to the creators of all tools I used for this project.

Thanks to all tutorials from Pokecommunity and the people of
this community who contribute and help make this a possiblity.

A-map 1.95 and 1.92
HXD Hex Editor
NSE 2.0
Hopeless Trainer Editor
esperance's Cry Editor

- None game-breaking found yet
- When inside buildings and places such as caves, viewing the Town Map will not show your current position
- One part of Kahara Desert and the Seasworn Path will not show your current location when viewing the map
- Demon Xatu's 'Ancient Heal' move will not graphically update your healthbar until you enter a menu or take damage. (The effect still works properly; Replenishing your health bar to full)
- Using disabled Fairy-type moves (perhaps some others as well?) displays several lines of garbage data, then continues on as usual


Below in attachment

How to play

Download the patch titled 'Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate' from the attachment below, and patch your ROM with the program Lunar IPS.
Please keep in mind that Kanlara Ultimate needs to be patched on a clean 1.0 version of FireRed, such as Squirrels.

Check this guide if you've never patched a ROM before. (It's easy)

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This hack looks really good! But I think you should have used Mr.DS's Rom base for the abilities and new moves, or PSI Master's ROM base.
I considered using ROM bases, but decided against it for various reasons.
Does this have physical/special split yet?
It does not.
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How do you evolve Porygon in this? And is Porygon-Z in this? If so, how do you evolve Porygon2?
There's an item called Evo Stone it acts as an evolutionary stone for all Pokemon that normally evolve via trade. It evolves Porygon into Porygon2 and Porygon2 into Porygon-Z.

You get one for free from a guy in Elder Village (check the southwesternmost house). You can also buy Evo Stone's from the Green Pokemart dude in Nahara Town.
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1.0 (Squirrels)

Edit: @Sakakii Didn't realize an update was out. Could you let us know what was changed/added in v1.1?
It was just the one bug fix. Specifically, a warp in Merryfall Town warped you to a completely different town, potentially locking you out of continuing the game. So I removed that warp in 1.1. You can continue playing on 1.0 it's fine, as long as you are aware of the bug. I post a picture here, showing you which warp to not enter in 1.0.

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Such an amazing experience thus far, however I'm in Giovanni Enterprises right now, and the guards are way too high leveled and the speed on my game on VBA is so fast I can't avoid them, I grabbed the code from Misty but cannot do anything with it. Any help? By the way the emulator is on iOS / Mac.
You don't need to get past the guards to progress - you only get bonus items like TM's and the likes for doing so.

The code
can be used with one of the safes, and gives you the card key