FireRed Pokemon VR Missions

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Pokémon FireRed VR Missions

Interested in a new kind of challenge? Rather than a huge adventure through the Pokemon world, VR Missions instead offers a series of specific scenarios in which you must make it to the goal of the level, using only what the level gives you in each stage. There are 30 stages and all, each with a unique gimmick of some kind. If you are familiar with the Battle Sim from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, the idea is similar to that, just with some overworld puzzles in addition to battles.

Here's just a sample of what to expect:
- Make use of otherwise useless gimmick moves
- Face down challenging opponents with low-tier teams
- Defeat Mega Kangaskhan with a Slurpuff
- A surprise is waiting if you clear all 30 stages!

Download Link!

- Patch to US FireRed 1.0 ROM
- Use a UPS patcher
- Change your emulator save type to Flash 128k or you can't save!
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I was actually kind of in the mood for a rom like this. Will definitely try it out.
Evo-Yellow: 151 Evolve Raichu Hack, uses the Yellow Disassembly. Play as girl, ride a pokemon, special/physical, dark/fairy/steel types, new pokemon, gen 2 sprites, evolve Pikachu into Raichu and have them still follow you with new Raichu emotion sprites!
Yellow Hack Tutorial
Fire Yellow - A FireRed Hack & Yellow Remake with Following Pikachu


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While this was a neat idea, I had to stop before finishing the Easy missions because some of the missions are too luck-based to make this fun. In particular, I kind of know how to clear Mission 5, but you need everything to go just right, and you still can have something like Rock Throw miss that will ruin any chances of beating that mission. Gym Battle 1 is easy enough in concept, but the second enemy Pokemon determines whether you clear the mission or not. If you get hit with Slash or get a crit in some other attack, you cannot survive the first attack of the third Pokemon, and Thunder does just enough damage that you cannot defeat the second Pokemon in one attack without a crit.

It's a good concept, but even solid strategies are reliant on luck to successfully complete missions. I hope in future updates you could tune down the amount of luck involved if a player is using the intended strategy or one that is close to it.
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I feel Normal Level 6 has a lot of potential wasted on a dumb Helix fossil meme. The guy directly south of him asks you for a Ponyta to trade for his Seel, it would've been a much more unique and interesting solution to be given a Master Ball instead of the Helix fossil in the mansion and have to catch a Ponyta to trade for a water type to learn Surf to escape.

Instead its just really easy and revolves around a dumb dead meme that is just handed to you instead of thinking about the solution. Ok. Cool.
Lets battle!