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About the Games Showcase forum
Welcome to the Games Showcase forum!
Looking for a fangame to play, or maybe you'd like to share your game? That's what this forum is for!

If you would like feedback on an idea, please make a thread with the [Game Idea] prefix in the Game Development forum. It may be moved here later by a moderator if you decide to go through with the idea and actually develop it.

Threads created here require moderator approval before they will be publicly available. Please give this a few days before contacting a moderator.


  • Developing: Use this prefix if and only if you've started working on your game. If your game is still in the planning stages or if it's just an idea, it should go in Game Development with the [Game Idea] prefix.
  • Released: If you have a version of your game available but it's not the final, definite version, you may request the [Released] prefix by messaging a moderator, or by stating it (in bold preferably) in the thread itself.
  • Completed: This prefix is only for games that are thoroughly tested and deemed completed by the creator. You can't have the [Completed] prefix if you're still going to update the game a lot later on, because it clearly wouldn't be the final product you had in mind.


While these are not all mandatory, it is highly recommend that your thread include:
  • An introduction to your game;
  • What you're using to make your game;
  • The plot and back-story of your game (don't worry about spoiling your game, because nobody will care about your game if you can't even give such basic and crucial information, meaning that you wouldn't have anybody to spoil the game to);
  • A list of unique features;
  • A progress report (how far along is the game? Are there any future updates planned?);
  • A detailed changelog of older versions;
  • Screenshots, videos, GIFs, walkthroughs, etc.


A complete list of credits in your Showcase thread
If you're using something you didn't make, you must credit everyone who contributed to it originally. Listing yourself, nintendo, and the creators of Essentials is not enough. If your thread does not have a full list of credits, it will not be approved.

Pokémon Essentials games may not contain any type of monetization.
If your game uses Pokémon Essentials or any creations specifically made for Pokémon Essentials, you are not allowed to make any kind of money with your game. This includes microtransactions, paypal, kickstarter, etc.

URL Shorteners are not allowed.
You may not put any downloads through URL shorteners, even if you don't earn money off them.

You may not hide your game in an encrypted archive that requires a password to extract.
You are not allowed to have an archive (e.g. zip, rar, 7zip) that requires a password to be extracted.

All global PokéCommunity rules apply in the Scripts, Tutorials & Tools forum, as do all Game Development rules.

Written by Marin, updated by Juliorain. Feel free to contact any of the forum staff for clarification.