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Meggy will be reviewing each Pokemon movie up until the most recent movie! Check out the review for Pokemon: The First Movie.

Do you guys agree that the critics were too harsh on the movie itself?
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Pokemon The First Movie was a nice, iconic movie, and I tend to like kanto-ish stuff (pikachu, clefairy, and jigglypuff are pretty much in my top four with lucario, anyways :P). It can be a bit too serious for me, with the more war-ish theme to it, though, but meh, I still like the film xD Also, Mew is soooo adorable^^ And, really, the whole film is just a real classic in general n_n
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Good article but i'm dissappointed that there's no mention about how 4Kids ruined the movie. Critics weren't too harsh on the movie at all, you can blame 4Kids for bad reviews.

It was advertised as “the Pokémon match of all time”, as Mewtwo, cloned by a scientist at the beginning of the movie faces off against Mew.
Incorrect term, Mewtwo is a result of genetic engineering. Always remember that clone is an identical copy of something.

Score – 8.1/10
The original japanese version is worth of that score, american version should get only 6.1/10 thanks to 4Kids.
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