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Went through a bunch of research to learn more on what the new Pokemon are based on! Check the article for details, and let me know of any ideas you have to add too. :B

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I've never used Skarmory or Celesteela on my in-game team, so Corviknight would be the first of that rare dual typing. I hope it does well! I really like its design, if my current avatar doesn't clue you in already, haha.


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I'm a pretty big proponent of Eldegoss and Corviknight and hope their stats and movepools do them justice.

Well-researched and composed article, guys!
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Having looked at numerous sheep breeds found in the UK and the features of Wooloo itself (a thick, white, wooly fleece, small horns, a uniformly black body, strands of wool on either side of its face and over the head and downward ears), I have narrowed Wooloo's main inspirations down to three breeds:
The Llanwenog,
The Oxford Down,
And the Valais Blacknose (though in this case it would have to be an adolescent due to the huge horns, but I believe this breed especially is a good match due to it being very docile and having a fleece with commercial uses).
Is it likely that the artist actually looked at these sheep when designing Wooloo? Probably not. But it is fun finding close matches to it irl.