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This is fine.

A cape
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Quick balls! How, uh... not exciting. -_- until article linking between forums and Daily kicks in.


past our yesterdays

the dream world
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lol at least it's better than nothing... ? I can tell TPCi was kind of scratching their heads about what to give digital preorders and they must've figured that some Pokeballs were the only route that they can go, I guess. I dunno, I would've went the extra mile and go for different Dynamax codes, that way people can weigh whether to buy it from the TPC website or buy it digitally or something. idk my 002c.

pretty sure these would be Quick Balls that you could buy in the game at some point, anyway. ._.


Cape Town
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why quick balls
Why not know, balls that tend to be difficult to get and therefore desired? Love Ball, Moon Ball for instance? What a missed opportunity. @_@

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