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This is fine.

A cape
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This actually looks pretty neat to me.


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Kansas, USA
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That's actually pretty cool O: I'm gonna get it.

A reincarnation of my childhood dreams
I don’t know what this emotion is
If this place is also inside a dream

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I mean, getting to look around in a diorama is neat, but if it's going to just be a static map to explore and then disappear before the first 3 months have even passed then I feel like it's something not worth the memory space to me, excepting the nature of getting to see more details and seek out hidden areas you might be able to explore. Personally, I'd prefer to just explore it in game.

*Now if it were an app that allowed you to actually monitor the Wild Area and see what kinda weather and Pokemon were to be found at that moment, now that would be an app I would gladly make space for.
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Supported OSes are iOS 11, Android 5, Windows 7 and macOS 10 HighSiera or later.
It's shame that it wont be available for Linux but I'm still going to test if it works with WINE.
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