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Another Love Ball! Yes yes!!

What will you guys be catching/breeding with these?


Laverre City
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I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see this. Because of some terrible Joycon drift I was experiencing, I ended up wasting my Heavy Ball. :'(

But now at least I've got the complete set back!

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I usually hoard rare balls (I have several games where I've never used my Master Ball) but had to resort to my Heavy Ball to catch Gmax Snorlax, and also used my Dream Ball for another capture.

As for what I'll use these for, I'm gonna hoard them. What else?

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So do you need online access or...? Also, how long until the giveaway ends because i'm not getting the game until now Christmas Eve.
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yo i ain't even used my first ones i'm so paranoid about wasting them. thankfully enough people wonder trade their apriball breeding rejects so that's one way to get some that you might be planning or not even thinking about, but as for me, the only one i am really set about getting is a love ball sinistea to masuda for a shiny. i haven't figured out what else i want yet. i have lucked out and gotten some cool apriball female pokemon from wonder trade and friends including heavy ball corsola (thank u syn.....), love ball hatenna, and moon ball dreepy. i feel obligated to shiny hunt any time i get a female apriball mon lol wow i got derailed here i'm sorry
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