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You have my deepest sympathies for being required to write positively about Pokemon Home for this article. I feel your pain.


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Mostly agreed with your points. Trading via mobile and being able to send those Pokémon to the main games is an absolutely amazing feature that I'm very happy about, but... the cons are just too frustrating. /: The fact that this high price tag compared to Bank is because of features like GTS and National Dex, which were already in previous games at no extra cost, puts the biggest dent in it for me. Sigh.

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Okay, because i'm not good at reading comprehension, i'm able to get some of it. Yeah if I get a better Switch that actually connects to my home server in the WAY FAR off future, *maybe* i'll get the one month plan, but for now....well....i'm agreeing with Dawn, you have my sympathy too. I really don't care. What a way to celebrate my 500th post I say eh? I don't care anymore.....
I'm back to being RedBalloon! Thanks Erik
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.

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I think Pokémon Home would be better if Game Freak and co. can be more generous in giving some key features to free subscribers (like Judging feature, or having tad bit more Pokémon to store to) and making the yearly plan tad bit more affordable, considering that the pricing seems to be too much for me. Plus, if they're willing to put the GTS on Pokémon Home, they should add them to Sword/Shield via updates as well.

So I think, if Pokémon Home can be more affordable while not taking away (or limiting) the features that fans used to enjoy for free in past Pokémon games, many fans will appreciate it more, and happy to pay for it.


This is fine.

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You have my deepest sympathies for being required to write positively about Pokemon Home for this article. I feel your pain.
Disclaimer - there's no need for Daily articles to be positive, and I don't think this article in itself was entirely positive either. There's cons for basically every point, and some of the positives are kinda outdone or made redundant when considering their accompaning con.

I don't mind even more negative Daily articles, as long as it's not attacking other people or whatnot, and is reasoned in its critiscm.
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