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Same deal as before, but it's on a "big project" in which the details are not yet known. More details are in the article! Thoughts?

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I might watch this, if I remember and I'm not in the middle of something else. I can't seem to rid myself of the curiosity for this franchise even though it inevitably disappoints me.

My money is on an actual new project being announced, rather than a remake. I'd expect something in the style of Colosseum/XD, but who knows, maybe we'll finally get a Warriors-style Pokemon title that has been an idle dream of mine for many years...it certainly wouldn't be the first time KT got involved with a Nintendo flagship IP. I just can't see a remake as a big project - the assets are already there because they re-use the 3DS models, the region design is already there because it's a remake, so...yeah. Even though there is a lot of circumstantial evidence for Let's Go Johto and historical evidence for DPPt remakes, those just don't scream "big" to me. Big is new. Big is exciting. Big is not retreading old ground.

...at least for normal developers. This is Game Freak. Temper your expectations accordingly.


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I have no expectation for this big project, but if I have time, I'll probably watch the livestream.
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I can only pray in the name of Arceus for DPPt remakes.

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