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Rise to the Top
IC Thread
Part I: Becoming a Master

Welcome to this year's World Championship Series, trainers! This is a competition that tests to see who the greatest trainer in the world is. Like in the anime, there's four ranks to get through for qualifying for the finals: Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master. Unlike the anime, the top 16 trainers will be let through into the Master Class, whereupon trainers will face off against one another until a victor emerges. Rankings are otherwise as follows:

Top 16
In Part 1, your goal is to get to Master Rank. You can determine whether you've already started your climb to the top, or are just registering now - though if you pick the latter, you might need more battles to get you qualified! If you choose the former, you can choose whether you're in Normal or Great Rank; latecomers may be able to start from Ultra Rank.

As a general rule of thumb, it will usually take two victories to move between ranks, unless you begin at the top of Normal/Great rank, in which case it'll only take one. If you lose a battle, you'll also have to compensate for it. You can only battle people who share the same rank as you.

To challenge someone, your phone or another device will alert you to whenever another participant is nearby. You may challenge them, vice versa. If you/they accept, then it's on - simple stuff. Battles are 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 at this stage; the format is up to you - can be Singles, Doubles, Sky Battles, etc. You can also message/call someone to arrange a battle with them, if you wish. Most of your initial battles should be in your home region. You may battle Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, etc. for your matches, or just a random trainer, another roleplayer, etc. - be creative! If you want inspiration for your battles, I'd recommend watching one of Ash's matches from the latest season of the anime. Characters from the anime don't exist in this RP.

In actual battles, you can only bring Pokémon you have on-hand into the fray, but you can rotate your team between battles. Like the games, each Pokémon can only have four moves each, but you can swap moves freely between battles. Abilities cannot be changed. Battles are adjudicated by a Rotom Drone.

Besides that, that's all! Get writing, have fun, and if I've missed something or you want to ask something - just let me know!


Lana Alanis-Young (Ultra Rank)
Mihira Anand (Great Rank)
Courtney Nair (Great Rank)
Carrie Tanner (Normal Rank)
Caelan Blake (Unregistered)
Alaka Malina (Ultra Rank)
Lei Keahi (Unregistered)
Ravir Eisenhorth (Unregistered)

Want to join? Click here for the OOC thread!

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It was 1 am at the Saffron City airport, and right now a youngster had just arrived at the entrance of the airport.

Of course, this youngster had a name, albeit not one they were very fond of. They were named Lance, after the famous dragon trainer. It wasn't a bad name by any means, but just one they didn't feel fit them very well.

Lance was pretty used to staying up this late, but actually leaving their home at this time was a different story. Not only was it a struggle to sneak out of the house and not wake their moms up, but their parents also kept all their Pokemon in a large backyard, one of them being a Noivern. One small move even with the distance would have alarmed Noivern. Fortunately Lance was able to sneak out, only bringing with them an average-sized backpack with their necessities, their Pokemon, and all the money they earned from Kanto tournaments. That should be enough to make it through Unova.

Now that they had made their way up to the front desk, Lance anticipated their least favorite part of any interaction; Handing over their Trainer's License.

The receptionist got a good glance of their license, and soon enough Lance would dread a simple reading of their name.

"Alright then Lan…" The receptionist flinched as the black-haired trainer abruptly slammed their hands on the desk.

"LANA!" The trainer did a double-take, almost surprised by their sudden reaction. "Uh, it's Lana actually. That's how it's pronounced, even if it doesn't look like it." They didn't know where the name Lana came from, probably the closest name that resembled their legal name, but they certainly didn't mind it.

The receptionist glanced over to Lana's license and back over to the license holder. She seemed to realize the implication of Lana's statement.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Miss."

Miss. This wasn't the first time they were called that, yet the adrenaline rush Lana got from it was always unmatched.

As Lana continued through the necessary steps to obtain a boarding pass, all they were able to think about the euphoria they felt from being called Miss. This was the first time in awhile they had felt this joyous, even smiling for the first time in months.

Now boarding flight number six.

The intercom announcement caused Lana to jolt out of their seats. They had been so focused on their thoughts that time flew by.

Lana made their way to the plane entrance, thinking about Unova. They saw Unova as a fresh start in terms of reputation as a trainer, but perhaps there was another way to start over. They knew nobody in Unova, so nothing would really stop Lana from presenting themselves as a girl.

As the plane took off for Mistralton City, Lana grinned to herself while thinking about the possibilities. Not only was she able to freely battle in the upcoming tournament, but she could present herself as Lana, and nothing felt more gratifying to her.
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Lana found herself in a rented room at the Mistralton City Pokemon Center on a Monday morning. Her sleep schedule wasn't great as it was, and traveling through a different time-zone didn't help. She left from Kanto at 1:30 AM on a Monday, and arrived in Unova at 2:30 AM, also on a Monday. The details of how this worked would be overwhelming for anybody, but Lana couldn't be bothered to figure it out. She spent until 9:00 AM reading online about how she'd get around Unova, as well as if she'd be able to change some details in her World Championships registration.

Lana was a single win away from entering the Ultra Ball tier. Participating in the Kanto Series as much as she had got most of the grinding out of the way, and she just needed to find someone else in her rank to battle. Of course, most people were asleep during her time so far in Unova, but now she'd expect more trainers would be available.

Right before she ventured into the Unova region, she headed to the lobby to grab a cup of coffee. The black-haired girl fell asleep on the plane ride, leaving her wide awake since her arrival at Mistralton, and was just beginning to feel tired again. As Lana took her second cup from the cafeteria, she had no doubt she picked up her coffee addiction from Mom-J.

As the caffeine rush kicked in, it seemed like a good time to search for a match. Lana activated the search feature on the World Championships app, waiting somewhat impatiently for a match.

"A challenger approaches!"

A robotic voice echoed not just from Lana's Rotom phone, but from a table that was right next to where she was sitting. How convenient.

Lana shifted her head to see two old men sitting at the table next to her, one short and chubby, the other very tall and thin. It was rather comical how the two contrasted.

"My my, I wouldn't have guessed my next opponent would be in such close proximity." The short old man slowly got out of his seat to walk over to the black-haired trainer, using a cane to support himself, and holding his phone in his other hand. He had a large, white, bushy mustache and eyebrows, and a large bald patch on his head surrounded by hair. Once he got close enough, he tucked his phone into his pocket and held his hand out. "I'm Albert, but you may simply call me Al."

Lana winced subtly enough to where Al was unable to notice. This old man looked like he was on the brink of death, she thought, but shook his hand anyways.

"I'm Lana. Lana Alanis-Young."

Al's eyes widened, and a soft grin formed on his face. "Alanis? By any chance do you happen to be related to Jennifer Alanis?"

Oh muk. Lana thought to herself. She was hoping that being in a different region meant nobody would recognize her last name, but it seemed the curse would follow her wherever she went.

"Nope!" She abruptly yelped. "Never heard of her! Jennifer Alanis? I've never ever heard of her once! She's probably a garbage trainer anyways! The WORST I bet!"

Al responded with a wheezy laugh. "My bad, I've just been a big fan of the Alanis sisters, so I suppose my mind couldn't help but to think of them after hearing your last name. What a coincidence."

"Hehehe, yeah." Lana nervously laughed. "What a coincidence…"


Lana and Al stood outside the Pokemon Center, about fifty feet apart. Al's tall friend stood to the side, preparing to carefully observe the events about to unfold.

A hovering noise could be heard arriving, revealing itself to be a Rotom Drone that floated in-between the two trainers.

"The battle between Lana Alanis-Young and Albert Freidmann is about to begin! The format will be a two-on-two battle!" The drone announced in a robotic voice, not unlike the voice from the World Championships app. "Both sides, send out your Pokemon!"

Al smiled as he tossed a Pokeball, which popped open to release a white light which formed into a Torkoal. Upon release, he exhaled smoke from his nostrils, and it suddenly became unbearably hot for Lana with her hoodie on.

He has drought, so Eva would be useless here. Lana thought to herself as she tossed a Pokeball of her own, sending out Donna, her Dusk-form Lycanroc.

Al gazed at Donna in awe. "Well it isn't often you see a Dusk-form Lycanroc. Today must be my lucky day!"


""Donna, use Stone Edge!" Lana commanded as soon as the drone declared the beginning of the match. Donna howled, which had caused stone pillars to shoot out the ground Torkoal stood on, knocking him on his back.

Perfect. He's defenseless.

"Now, use Accelerock!" Donna dashed in Torkoal's direction, her fur morphing into a rocky texture in the process. She bashed into the fire-type, yet somehow the Torkoal tucked his head and limbs into his shell before the attack was able to land, minimizing the super-effective damage.

Muk! How'd he use Withdraw so fast?

Just then, Torkoal's shell began quickly spinning, gaining momentum that allowed him to circle Donna. The Lycanroc chased after the tortoise Pokemon, her fur again hardening, yet the fire-type's speed made it difficult for even a priority move such as Accelerock to hit.

As Donna inched closer to her target, Torkoal shot a Flamethrower from the holes in his shell, the size of them increased due to the weather effect, knocking the rock-type back. Even if she resisted fire, the sunlight increased the damage output of the attack.

Torkoal continued to circle around Donna, increasing in speed with every lap he made, continuously blasting fire from every orifice of his shell, being almost impossible to approach or land an attack on.

Lana examined the scene, slowly coming to realize something about Al's strategy.

Wait a second! This is the EXACT same strategy Mom-J uses with ShellShocker! What is this old coot trying to do?

As she was distracted by her revelation, Lana snapped back to reality when she heard Donna snarl under her breath. Being unable to hit her opponent was beginning to frustrate her.

Lana, deciding to take advantage of this, ordered her Lycanroc to use Stomping Tantrum. Donna angrily stomped her paws with all her might, causing tremors in the ground which knocked Torkoal back onto the bottom of his shell, causing him to untuck his head and limbs. The spinning and the attack left him in a bit of a daze, leaving Torkoal open to another stone pillar that shot out from under him, again knocking him back.

"Torkoal is unable to battle!" Al returned his Pokemon, his loss not upsetting him. "That was quite the match! I'm glad I didn't let my old age discourage me from entering the World Championships!" Lana noticed the weather cooled down as Torkoal was withdrawn. Drought had worn off.

Al tossed another Pokeball onto the field, this time sending out a Kabutops, which hissed at Donna on entrance. The Lycanroc snarled in response.

Donna clearly is at a disadvantage here, but I want to catch him off-guard real quick.

"Donna, use Thunder Fang!" At a break-neck pace, Donna charged toward Kabutops, drawing her fangs that were coated in electricity. The moment she got close enough, she pounced on her foe, biting down on his head as Donna's fangs released electricity into the shellfish Pokemon's body.

Kabutops screamed in pain, but slashed at Donna to successfully knock her off, then immediately followed up by covering her body in water and charging his liquid-coated body at the wolf Pokemon, causing her to collapse.

"Lycanroc is unable to battle!" Lana returned Donna to her Pokeball, realizing just how strong this Kabutops was. She knew she'd need someone who would be able to withstand these attacks, and she had just the Pokemon.

Stoically, the black-haired girl tossed a Pokeball onto the field, opening up to send out a white light which morphed into a Venusaur, named Ivy. The first thing Ivy did was turn his head back and croak at Lana, who rolled her eyes back.

"Yes Ivy, I'm fine." She assured in a rather irritated tone. Ivy smiled before shifting his vision back towards Kabutops. It had been a while since he felt confident his trainer wasn't pushing herself.

Kabutops again covered himself in water, jolting towards Ivy, giving him enough time to react by shooting light into the sky that again increased the sunlight, much to Lana's dismay. The water surrounding the shellfish Pokemon had decreased, being dried up by the sun, yet neither Al or his Pokemon were phased by it.

What's going on here? Lana squinted. Although come to think of it, there's no reason he should even be using Liquidation in the first place…

Lana gasped as she realized Al's plan. "Ivy! Use Growth!" She panickedly commanded. The Venusaur's plant grew, while Kabutops tackled Ivy from the side, using his scythes to latch onto his prey, and biting into him. Ivy loudly screamed in pain.

Of course. He wasn't going to attack a grass-type with a water-type move, he just wanted to use it so he could get closer and use Leech Life.

Kabutops kept sucking on Ivy's flesh, being completely healed from Donna's earlier Thunder Fang. Fortunately for Lana, she knew exactly how to shake this pest off.

"Ivy, use Petal Dance!" The grass-type Pokemon started to spin in place, not nearly as fast as what Torkoal achieved a moment ago, but at enough of a speed to where it'd be suicidal to detach. While Ivy continued spinning, petals fell from Ivy's plant and formed a tornado around the two Pokemon, with the petals blowing in the wind fast enough to the point where they sliced across Kabutops' shell. He regained energy from Leech Life, but Petal Dance immediately depleted any energy he gained back.

After two minutes of spinning, Ivy abruptly stopped, launching the water-type off of him. Ivy's vision was incredibly fuzzy, seeing three of everything, and felt very nauseous. Luckily, he was able to muster up the energy to shake his body so the Persim Berry hiding in his plant could conveniently fall into his mouth, which he quickly chewed, and was able to completely restore him to a normal condition.

The second his vision cleared, Ivy saw Kabutops charging at him with his scythes crossed, glowing a bright green.

"Use Solar Beam!" Ivy arched his back, pointing his plant, now glowing white, directly at the incoming Kabutops. Usually Solar Beam takes a minute to charge, but thanks to the weather effect, Ivy was able to immediately launch a thick, steady beam of solar energy directly at Kabutops, knocking the shellfish Pokemon back ten feet, leaving him unconscious.

Kabutops is unable to battle! The victor is Lana!

Lana deeply sighed, watching the Rotom Drone fly off somewhere.

"That was a fantastic match!" Al cheered as he returned his Pokemon. "It's a shame I only recently decided to try battling on a serious level."

Oh great. Lana really didn't want to hear this old coot's life-story. She quickly turned around and waved her hand. "Yeah, sure. Bye."

Lana checked the results of her last battle on the World Championships app. Sure enough, she made it into the Ultra Balls tier. Maybe now she could live-up to her family's legacy.

As the black-haired girl walked into the Pokemon Center, Al simply leaned on his cane, while his tall friend walked up to him.

"The joy a young trainer displays during battle is usually the best victory to be had from our battles." The short man said aloud. "But that young woman seemed to lack any, and I find that quite disheartening. I still enjoyed our battle, but the energy her relatives express is seemingly absent. Wouldn't you say Pal?" His friend, apparently named Pal, nodded in agreement.


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Carrie Tanner

"Thanks, have a nice day!" Carrie smiles as her latest customer leaves her stall. Her smile drops once the old lady is out of sight, and she lets out a sigh. It's nearly noon, the awning over her stall isn't blocking much sun, and she's looking forward to her lunch break.

Her phone chimes with an unfamiliar notification sound, and when she checks it, it's from her new World Championship app. "A battle challenge has been issued." "Wait, someone's challenging me? Now?"

A teenage boy steps up to her stall while she's looking at her phone. "Yeah, let me get an Oran Berry, a Leppa Berry, and a battle with you." He grins at her, and he has the Championship app on his phone, too.

"Do you wish to accept or reject this challenge?" the phone prompts, and Carrie shrugs as she presses the green "accept" button. "Sure, kid! I was just about to close for lunch, anyway."

"An official battle has been registered."

"Right on! But I would like those Berries before you do. I wasn't just being clever." He pulls out his Trainer card, smiling apologetically.

Carrie puts on her customer service smile as she tucks her phone away. "Of course, sir. Let me just get those for you."

♧♧Soon, at the beach right down the road...♧♧

"This official Pokémon Word Championship Normal Rank Battle has been approved!" The Rotom Drone is more energetic than the app, Carrie notices. "Chadley Rockwell from Slateport City has challenged Carrie Tanner from Slateport City. Both Contestants are allowed the use of one Pokémon!"

"So who goes first? I go first, you go first? Same time?" Carrie considers her options, while Chadley has already selected a Poké Ball. "Same time it is, then."

"Trainers ready? Please send out your Pokémon! 3... 2... 1... GO!"

Carrie sends out her Sceptile, who immediately dashes over and gives her a hug. "Oof! Hey, buddy! Ready for this?" Looking at the field, Chadley has selected a Gastrodon.

"Battle, begin!" The Rotom Drone zips straight up, overseeing the battle.

"Alright Sceptile, get in close with Leaf Blade!"

"Dodge it with Dig!"

Gastrodon starts burrowing into the sand, but Sceptile is faster, and slashes across its sluggy back with his arm blades. The contact spurs Gastrodon to dig faster, and it vanishes below the sand.

"Not so simple, huh?" Chadley mocks, but he looks nervous. "You have no way of knowing where Gastrodon will come from!"

Carrie shrugs. "I'm guessing from below, though. But just to be sure, Sceptile, use Detect."

Sceptile crouches down, his hands on the sand. He extends his senses outward, and can actually feel where Gastrodon is moving. As soon as he detects its approach, he leaps into the air, nimbly dodging the subterranean strike.

"Now, use Energy Ball!"

"Counter with Hydro Pump!"

The orbs on Sceptile's back glow green as the energy collects in his mouth, forming into an orb that he spits out. Gastrodon regurgitates a torrent of water at him, which completely swallows the glowing sphere. Sceptile is pushed back by the force of the Hydro Pump, but his Energy ball wasn't completely canceled out, and it hits Gastrodon right in the mouth, cutting off the stream of water.

"Let's end this with Frenzy Plant!" Sceptile digs his tail into the ground, his back orbs again glowing with green energy. Roots and vines burst from the sand in the shape of a large fist, smashing down on Gastrodon before it has a chance to attack. Sceptile stands hunched over, catching his breath, while Gastrodon is squashed flat on the beach.

"Gastrodon is unable to battle! The winner is Carrie Tanner! Congratulations, your number in the rankings has gone up!" Its job complete, the Rotom Drone flies away.

"Hahaha, nice! You did great, Sceptile!" Carrie runs over to give Sceptile a hug, causing the big lizard to grin happily. "Nice match, Chadley! This was fun!"

Chadley returns Gastrodon with a sigh. "Good looking and a good fighter? If I had to lose, I don’t mind if it was to you. Give me a call sometime, I'd love to do this again."

Carrie smirks, returning Sceptile to his ball. "Sorry, but just like this fight, the types don't match in your favor. Besides, I'm spoken for." She shows off the ring on her finger.

Chadley shrugs, disappointed but understanding. "Then I guess I'll be going. Maybe I'll see you around."

Carrie waves as he leaves. "You know where my stall is!" Speaking of which, she needs to head back before her lunch break ends. Or maybe she'll stay closed a little longer, get herself a nice lunch, as a treat.


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Mihira Anand

39 | Female | Journalist | Mother Of One
Full Profile | Current Rank: Normal

Qualifiers - Prologue

Viveka perched on the edge of Mihira's desk and waited patiently. Just over twenty years of living with her mother has created something of a sense within Viveka- she was never able to identify exactly how, but she always knew when Mihira was close to finishing her work. And so she knew when to quietly let herself into the office, find a patch of clear desk, and scroll through her phone until Mihira gave a final sigh and began to organize her materials.

"So, Worlds," Viveka waited until her mother nodded in acknowledgement. "I'm struggling to find matches already."

"Yes, I am as well."

"I think we battled all the same people, too."

Mihira hummed. "Fourteen?"

"Yeah. Of course now that I finally got back in the tournament groove there's nobody else to battle."

Mihira shuffled through her papers. "I would like to rank higher, myself. The interviews should be worth the effort."

"Aw, mom, were you letting them win?" Mihira's lips curled up in a brief shadow of a smirk. "Mama! You're skewing the rankings!"

Mihira waved off Viveka's whining. "Not enough to cause concern."

Viveka pouted for a moment, and Mihira was well aware as to why- her daughter had been trying her best these past few weeks, and had still barely made it to Great rank. Mihira, on the other hand, had let the majority of her challengers win. The ones she hadn’t let win were simply a result of her own over-estimation of her opponents. And while those wins had certainly done some good for her own rank, they did almost nothing for her articles. It’s a rare participant that enjoys a post-defeat interview.

But she will have to take the loss of content here so that she has more to work with in the end.

Anyway,” Viveka turned her phone’s screen to Mihira. “Remember Travis? We battled him last week. He had a pink Crobat, really cool, sent me a link to his videos- he gave up on finding people here and went to Hoenn. They’ve got huge participation this year; don’t know why, but there’s just insane amounts of people.”

Mihira studied the page. Battle after battle, multiple series of battle festivals, matches in all kinds of obviously makeshift arenas- yes, Hoenn really was the place to be. Viveka waited while she finished her routine organization and considered the prospect.

“Pack summer clothes, my dear. We’ll sweat to death if not.”

Solrock [Levitate]
Flygon [Levitate]
Corsola [Natural Cure]
Torterra [Overgrow]
[Thick Fat] Mamoswine
[Rock Head] Aggron
[Wandering Spirit] Runerigus
[White Smoke] Torkoal
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Two cups of coffee wasn't exactly a substantial breakfast, and Lana could attest to that as 2 pm rolled around. She hadn't consumed any food in a day, so grabbing a bite to eat at the Pokemon Center cafeteria seemed like a wise choice. To her detriment however, she just grabbed a bag of chips with some fruit snacks and called it a meal. Eating anything more would waste precious time she could spend increasing her rank.

After she devoured her insubstantial lunch, Lana rushed upstairs to check her phone she left to charge. When she checked her lock screen, she noticed a few notifications that gave her a shock.

30 Missed Call(s)

Of course. Lana didn't expect her moms would just not notice her absence, but she underestimated how persistent they'd be.

"Incoming call from: Mom-S"

Lana jumped as her phone had loudly repeated the robotic-sounding sentence, dropping her device to the ground. She backed against the wall her bed was placed against, avoiding her phone until it stopped ringing.

By now her moms had probably soared through the skies of Kanto, and began to search every nook and cranny of the region. It wouldn't be long before they found out their daughter was in a different region, but the time it'd take for them to find and locate Lana would give her enough time to enter the Master Ball rank.

The possibility that her moms would find her still frightened Lana despite the likelihood of it actually playing out. She wasn't afraid of any punishment she might receive, rather the idea of facing her crying moms who were worried sick about their daughter was unbearable.

Her phone did eventually stop ringing, and she snatched it off the ground, sighing in relief. Now seemed like a good time to march her way to the bus stop, which would be her ticket to Castelia City, a city packed to the brim with trainers, at least according to her research.


Castelia City was a familiar sight to the young trainer. Lana had been to Castelia before, and up until today, the massive city was what she thought the entire region was like.

The areaa around the bus stop Lana got off of was very crowded, so incredibly crowded that she'd be overwhelmed by challenges.

Her attempts to escape the crowded cityscapes led her to the pier, where a few people were hanging around . Now was her opportunity to seek out a new challenger.

"A new challenger approaches!"

That was fast. Lana looked up from her Rotom phone and was towered by a tall, toned young man with a deep complexion. He looked to be in his late twenties.

"Hey there!" The man in-front of the young trainer swept his long, white dreadlocks out of his face to push down his white frame sun-glasses, revealing his long, pink, glittery nails. He was draped with a rather unconventional outfit, wearing a white, long-sleeved crop top, matched with black leather pants, and his entire outfit was adorned with a pink, baggy coat. His fashion was somewhat similar to friends of Lana's moms.

"It seems you're my next opponent?"

Lana gulped then furrowed her eyebrows. "Yeah. You gonna battle me or what?"

The man chuckled. "Pushy today, aren't we?"

"Shut up!" Lana growled. "I need to get to the Master Ball tier as soon as I can! I don't have time for small talk!"

The man widened his eyes, and chuckled again. "Pokemon battles are supposed to be fun y'know, not just having a number go up! It's an art form! You didn't even ask me for my name, and what fun is it to win against someone whose name you don't even know?"

The young trainer sighed and crossed her arms. "My name is Lana. I don't really buy what you're saying, but I just want to battle already."

The flamboyant man smiled from ear-to-ear, enthusiastically clapping his hands together. "Lovely! My name is Connolley, Connolley Sharik King! It's quite the name, I know, but you can call me Conny if you'd like."

Given his unique name, Lana would happily opt to just address him as Conny. "What are you waiting for? Get on with it already!"

Conny accepted the challenge on his pink Rotom phone. "[B]Someone[B] needs to chill today. How does a two-on-two battle sound?"

"Doesn't matter!" The black-haired girl snapped.

As customary, a Rotom Drone descended to referee the match. The challengers both stepped back enough to give their Pokemon some space, where Lana noticed Conny wore black, leather cowboy boots.


"The battle between Connolley Sharik King and Lana Alanis-Young is about to begin in a two-on-two Pokemon battle! Both sides, please send out your Pokemon!"

Lana and Conny simultaneously tossed a Pokeball at the same time. Lana had sent out her Magnezone which she nicknamed "Bot", and Connery's Pokemon was a Ribombee that couldn't stay still, zipping through the air, occasionally doing loops.

Looks like I'm starting out with another type advantage, but this guy is a mid Ultra Ball tier. I don't expect this to be easy.


At the Rotom drone's announcement, both trainers commanded their Pokemon to use a move. Bot used a Flash Cannon from their magnets, but the opposing Ribombee set up a Light Screen, causing the super-effective attack to seep through the forcefield, dealing less damage than it would otherwise.

"Honey, use Skill Swap!"

Ribombee's eyes flashed a bright pink while staring at Bot, causing the Magnezone to fall on the ground, unable to float around anymore.

No point in keeping them out. I'll have to switch Bot out.

"Bot, use Volt Switch!" Using both of their magnets, Bot launched a ring made-up of electricity that locked-on to Ribombee, but did minimal damage because of his force field. The ring boomeranged back to Bot before hitting them, and launching the steel-type back to their Pokeball.

This guy is creative, I'll give him that. Lana thought to herself while glancing at an Ultra Ball in her hand, contemplating if now was the time to send out the Pokemon that resided within.

Eventually she gave in, tossing it out to the field, revealing an Arcanine.

The Arcanine maliciously snarled at his foe, slightly frightening Ribombee.

"Cain, Flare Blitz!"

The Arcanine chased the bug-type, his body engulfing in flames. Ribombee stood still to spin left, and then spin right in succession, repeating the process while glowing light green. This made it much easier for Cain to smash into the body of his foe, putting behind his entire body weight plus the added effect of the surrounding flames, causing even the Arcanine to recoil. Ribombee flew back about fifty feet. Despite this, the Ribombee was able to muster up the rest of his remaining energy, and was still able to zip through the air.

He just used Quiver Dance! Cain needs to get another attack in!

Cain again began to charge at Ribombee, preparing another Flare Blitz, but the bug-type reflected pink light off of his wings, and the reflection of the light was so strong it left a burning sensation on any parts of Cain's body it hit. The boosted damage from the Dazzling Gleam was too much for Cain to handle, causing him to stop in his tracks while the flames engulfing his body faded away.

If only Cain would swallow his goddamn pride and wear the psyducking Assault Vest! But whatever, he can't take the recoil from another Flare Blitz. That only leaves one choice…

"Cain, Thrash!"

The moment those words left Lana's mouth, Cain's expression became equipped with the nastiest smirk, and his eyes began glowing a bright red. Ribombee circled around Cain's head, almost as if he was teasing the fire-type, intending to fly higher if the Arcanine tried jumping to attack.

Rather unexpectedly though, Cain used all his might to hop into the air, and grab Ribombee's head with his teeth. When they fall back down the ground, Cain spat his foe onto the ground and began to ferociously stomp and scratch the bug type with his front legs.

Ribombee is unable to battle.

The announcement of the Rotom Drone was not enough to stop Cain's wrath. Right as the Arcanine bared his fangs, Conny returned Ribombee to his ball.

"Pokemon battles are supposed to be fun, but I think your Pokemon might be having a bit too much fun." Conny remarked, seemingly unconcerned with the six foot canine that was loudly barking him down. He grabbed another Pokeball he hid somewhere under his coat, tossing it to send out a Carbink. The jewel Pokemon floated around, but stayed stationary, unlike Ribombee.

Lana knew she was at a type disadvantage, but was unable to command or even retreat her Pokemon as he rampaged on. Cain blindly rushed forward, smacking into Carbink with his entire body weight behind him, but the jewel Pokemon didn't as much as flinch.

"Gem, use Calm Mind!"

As Cain continuously rammed into the rock-type, Carbink closed their eyes, the jewels on their body glowing pink. Lana winced, knowing full well what the outcome would be.

"Now unleash Power Gem!"

Bits of rock started breaking off of Carbink's body, and launched forward in a barrage of rock bits, knocking Cain onto the ground.

"Arcanine is unable to battle!"

Still wincing, Lana returned Cain to his ball. She switched back to Bot, who theoretically should be able to take Carbink down.

I don't want him to do some muk on me like he did at the beginning of the battle.

"Bot, Thunder Wave!"

Boy's magnets spun around, sending out three small electric rings that headed directly for Carbink. The rock-type didn't seem to mind, since they again closed their eyes and their jewels glew pink again.

Static could be seen surging through Carbink, and they fell to the ground, unable to keep their focus for Calm Mind. Bot shot a Flash Cannon from his magnets, dealing massive damage to the jewel Pokemon, but not enough.

Carbink did get up, and to Lana's surprise, started slowly levitating towards the Magnezone.

What the…

Impulsively, Lana ordered another Flash Cannon from Bot, yet Carbink was able to persist, marching right through the steel-type attack.

Did he use Calm Mind so much to the point he can't be defeated from a super effective attack?

Right when Lana began to question if Carbink was invincible, the jewel Pokemon again collapsed on the floor.

"Carbink is unable to battle! The winner is Lana!"

Oh. Doesn't look like it.

Conny returned Carbink to their ball, giggling. "Damn, seems I couldn't use my strategy. Hopefully next time!"

Lana abruptly pointed at the victim of her previous battle. "You went easy on me! You knew I had Bot, yet you sent Carbink out! There's no way someone at your rank doesn't have a Pokemon that can take on both Arcanine AND Magnezone!"

Conny once again chuckled. "You caught me red handed! I must confess, I wanted to see what you were made of. You're a smart kid, but I think you need some improvement, and I would love to help you out. Let's talk about it!"

"Psyduck off!" Lana sneered. "I don't need someone to hold my hand!" The young trainer seemed as if she was about to continue to go off, but her stomach growled so loud it threw her off.

Conny's eyes widened. "When was the last time you ate?"

"None of your busine-" Lana was again interrupted by her stomach growing. "...Two days ago."

The flamboyant trainer gasped. "Unacceptable! Come on, we're getting you something to eat!"

Hesitantly, Lana complied. She'd rather continue battling, but she couldn't deny that she was starving.


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Caelan woke up in the Ranger Union's HQ, in one of the break rooms. Even though he was no longer a Ranger, everyone there was like family to him. He strapped his prosthetic leg onto what was left of his real leg before walking out of the break room. He stopped to see an old friend from his graduation party and asked her, "Are you sure making Pokémon Mega Evolve with a Capture Stylus is even possible, let alone a good idea?" His friend rolled her eyes and continued with her work.

Caelan sighed before continuing through the Union HQ. He grabbed a cup of coffee to wake himself up, occasionally waving to his former colleagues. As he walked out of the union, he took out a Poke Ball and let out his Magnezone before hopping up on top of it saying, "Ok SK-149, let's get back to Chicole Village." Before his Magnezone levitated up and started moving as a high speed to the south part of Almia.

When he walked up to the house his parents and younger sister lived in, he got a message from his deactivated Stylus and picked up, "Hey, what's up?" When he heard that the union leader was making an exception to let him come out of retirement, he smiled, but that faded away when he was told that he would be transferred to the Hoenn Region. He thought about it, "If I have to go to Hoenn to get out of this retirement crap, I'll do it. Tell the chief I'm in." before turning off his communicator and entering his family house.

His little sister ran up to him saying, "Yay! Big brother's back!"

He picked his little sister up and hugged her before putting her down. "I actually have some news, good and bad, which do you want to hear first?"

His father sighed and said, "Give use the good news."

Caelan told them about his reinstatement as a Ranger, which made his mother cry from joy, but then he said, "This is the bad news... I'm being transferred to Hoenn." and his mother's smile turned into a frown

His mom asked, "Why are they moving you to Hoenn? Doesn't Almia need you?"

Caelan explained, "Ever since that incident with Darkrai, Almia has too many feet on the ground and not enough in other regions. I understand if you don't want to move, but being a ranger is my calling. If I have to go to another region to keep being a ranger, I'm going."

His dad smiled, wiping a tear from his eye and hugging his son saying, "I'm proud of you Caelan, and I always will be. I'd never seen you smile so brightly as you did the day you got accepted to the Ranger School. We'll be fine, and a vacation wouldn't be out of the picture, we've been wanting to go to Verdenturf Town for a while, so I'm sure that we'll see you."

Caelan smiled and hugged his father back, "Thanks dad, this means a lot to me. I'll be sure to visit, and if you ever get worried, just call me." before heading back outside and riding SK-149 back to the Ranger Union HQ.


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Mihira Anand

39 | Female | Journalist | Mother Of One
Full Profile | Current Rank: Normal

Qualifiers - vs Merry

Their arrival in Hoenn saw Viveka immediately dashing away in search of opponents, while Mihira took the more sensible route- checking into a hotel room, taking inventory and neatly stowing her and her daughter's luggage, texting Viveka the hotel information, arranging all of her field gear into a messenger bag, and then heading out into Mauville.

And immediately hearing her phone ping, even above the noise of the crowd.

"A challenge has been issued," it said in its cool monotone when Mihira finally managed to drag it out of her bag. "Would you like to accept?"

The name "Merry" and a horrendously backlit profile picture mostly featuring a straw hat was all the information she had, and neither of those things were particularly helpful. Mihira glanced around, but a tap on the shoulder was a far better prospect than searching a crowd in the middle of Mauville.

"Howdy," Mihira's opponent tipped the same wide-brimmed straw hat as was in their picture. "Th' name's Merry, the pronouns're they and them, thank ya kindly."

“Thank you for letting me know,” Mihira responded, surveying them. A stocky young adult, Merry was, wearing tall rubber boots over denim overalls over a long-sleeved white shirt in turn. Their short brown hair was mostly covered by the aforementioned hat, and what little skin they showed was a deep bronze that spoke of both sun and melanin combined. They looked the part of a farmer through and through, and Mihira wondered how much was for show and how much was truth. “My name is Mihira and I am a journalist; is it possible for me to interview you for a series regarding the World Championships?”

“Long as I still get a battle out of it,” Merry chuckled.

“Of course. Please, lead the way to a field- I haven’t spent much time in Mauville recently.”

“Ya mind a walk? I got a particular favorite ‘round here.”

“Not a problem.”

Merry’s leisurely stride allowed Mihira ample opportunity to retrieve a notebook and pen. “May I have your full name, please? As well as your profession.”

“Y’ can just put down Merry Richtide, if y’ please. I’m a farmer, most days, but bein’ a gym leader ain’t too bad neither.”

“And what prompted you to register for Worlds?”

“We-ell,” Merry drawled, “y’ hit a bit of a sore spot already. I ain’t the best gym leader around, that’s about it. Good enough t’ take on youngsters, me, but anyone with a few badges hands me my ass on a platter. They ain’t merciful ‘bout it, neither.” An undercurrent of hurt ran through their short laugh. “So’s this’s practise. I been up to Great rank once but got knocked down a peg pretty quick. Good battles all ‘round, but I’m only aimin’ to get to Ultra. After that it don’t matter much to me. Least I can say I got that far.”

Mihira nodded, scribbling notes as they walked on. A like-minded individual, in a way. Though she was sure Merry wouldn't be unhappy if they hit Master rank. “Mm. I, too, am only aiming for Ultra. My daughter, though- she’s here to win it all.”

“Your daughter?” Merry sounded out the word in wonderment. “Must be a prodigy, then.”

“Hm?” Mihira’s genuine confusion quickly cleared. “No, hardly. She’s twenty-one this year. Viveka’s good at many things, but nobody could call her a prodigy.” Somewhat harsh, perhaps. But Merry’s disbelief broke through her mental apologies.

“Now, if y’ don’t mind me sayin’, she must be adopted. I ain’t ‘bout to believe ya birthed a twenty-one-year-old.”

“To be fair, I did not- I birthed a baby, that has now spent twenty-one years living in the world.” The quirk of Mihira’s lips sent Merry laughing properly, ringing out like bells across the less-crowded grassland just west of Mauville. Merry, indeed. Mihira allowed herself a full smile as they finally came to the roughly-lined, hilly arena Merry favored and called a Rotom drone, which buzzed over from an apparently concluded battle nearby.

Teylor Richtide-

“Merry!” The farmer snapped, the sudden shift in mood a shock to Mihira. “I updated weeks ago- check yer servers!”

The Rotom drone expressed some noises of regret, apology, and confirmation before returning to its programming. “Merry Richtide has challenged Mihira Anand to a Normal-Rank battle! The format will be singles, two Pokémon a side! Trainers, please ready your first Pokémon!

Merry shook their head and reached into their pocket, procuring a standard PokéBall. Mihira’s fingers sought out her own Lure Ball.

Three… two… one… BEGIN!

Merry’s Pokémon appeared in a flash of pink and began to roll before Mihira could even get an eye on its true shape. But pink, farmer, Rollout- the context clues all pointed to Miltank. Not a bad matchup for her Corsola, who was currently surrounding herself with water, but not a great one either. But experience was on Mihira’s side for this specific trick, and even as Miltank gained momentum she directed Corsola to wet the ground around her. Bubbles exploded over the field, not hitting Miltank more than a splash but soaking the grass and turning it quickly to mud. Miltank was undeterred, sending Corsola flying backwards, but Mihira watched with satisfaction as the cow began to circle once more- all of the rolling dug trenches into the soft ground, trenches that Mihira ordered Corsola to coat with ice. The controlled roll turned to an uncontrolled slide as Miltank hit the downhill and finally crashed at the bottom of its circuit, popping out of her rollout to immediately waggle a finger and send a summoned rock hurtling toward Corsola, whose Bubble Beam only slowed the inevitable impact. The watery cushion of Aqua Ring swallowed little of the twin impacts- the hurled rock and the Stomp chaser- but Corsola split the soft turf as rocks responded to her Ancient Power and knocked Miltank back into the icy trench, sending it sliding away once more.

Little angry bubbles refilled the cushion of Aqua Ring as Corsola got back on her feet, finding her stance once more to pull boulders from the earth and send them sliding after Miltank. She, too, followed after them- they slammed into Miltank at the end of the trench one after another, not fast enough to stop her from using Milk Drink, but fast enough that she had no time to get away before Corsola was on top of her, freezing her entire left side to the side of the trench. Miltank waggled her finger and the after-image of a spinning gear hung briefly in the air and then she Stomped, shattering the ice and bouncing into Rollout once again. Corsola’s burst of bubbles sent her zooming backward up the trench and freshly-made ramp of ice caught Miltank by surprise- she slid into the air, Rollout form breaking but a finger waggling to summon a shining metallic beam aimed straight into Corsola’s answering Ice Beam. The Flash Cannon won out, of course- it broke through to pummel Corsola and she was sent rolling, unsteady and unable to truly dodge the gravity-assisted Stomp coming her way. It missed her by an inch, coming down inside the bubble of Aqua Ring, and that was Mihira’s chance.

“Freeze it!”

Ice shot up from the shell of Aqua Ring, climbing Miltank’s body until the whole creature was covered and solid, Corsola frozen alongside her hoof.

The Rotom drone cautiously hovered over to examine the pair.

And Corsola, inside a ball of ice, shattered the side facing away from Miltank with her Bubble Beam, shaking shards out of her horns as she wiggled her way out.

Trainer Merry, your Pokémon is frozen solid!

“Thank ya, Rotom. She’ll be done.”

Corsola jumped when Merry recalled Miltank, leaving the icy shell to collapse next to her. She huffed and tried to play it off, stomping her stubby little feet in irritation. Mihira said nothing, but her small smile was evident in her voice as she asked Corsola to choose.

As usual, Corsola insisted on continuing to fight. She blew more bubbles into her cushion of water to bulk it up while they waited for Merry’s next choice.

That choice turned out to be Tauros- how predictable for a farmer, Mihira thought. Again, not obviously a bad match for her Corsola, but that Miltank’s Metronome had been a surprise. Who knew what Merry’s Tauros could know?

Bulldoze, for one.

It shook the ground, the radius of the attack growing with every stomp as he charged toward Corsola, who jumped into the nearest trench to slide away backwards, propelled by Bubble Beam. But the bull’s charge did more than shake the ground- it flattened everything in its path, crushing the remaining ice and filling the trenches as he gained on Corsola. An Ice Beam formed a ramp that the coral Pokémon propelled herself into the air with, shooting Bubble Beams behind her to arc over Tauros’ head and land at mid-field. But Tauros just swung around, this next charge breaking no more turf but instead crackling with electricity, easily catching Corsola in the middle of shoring up Aqua Ring and tossing her back toward the Merry’s side of the battlefield. The bubble around Corsola shrunk as she absorbed energy from it, simultaneously calling forth rocks from the earth to form a shield against Tauros’ Wild Charge. The bull slammed into the shield and that gave Corsola the briefest of openings- and Ice Beam, straight to the forehead. Tauros stumbled, and Corsola rolled away to the side.

And when Tauros looked up again, its eyes were red with rage.

“Darn,” Mihira saw Merry mouth, and that seemed incredibly understated for what came next. Surrounded by electricity, tearing up the ground beneath his feet, and lowering his head with the shine of steel glancing off his horns, the bull slammed into Cosola, all at once too much for the little pink Pokémon.

Trainer Mihira’s Corsola is unable to battle!

Mihira activated Corsola’s Lure Ball and watched the Tauros stomp impatiently, Bulldoze breaking the ground even further than it already had. Merry’s words did nothing to calm it, nor stop the Pokémon from using its moves in a worrisome display of rage. The “darn” they had mouthed a moment ago told Mihira that this, in fact, was a common occurrence, but she still wasn’t sure of the reason. She scribbled a note, and selected an Ultra Ball.

Runerigus materialized, falling heavily into the soft ground before lifting herself up to face her opponent. Electricity crackled as the bull charged into her, but it didn’t faze Runerigus- in fact, she seemed to laugh as the charge neutralized around her. Tauros, angrier than ever, swung its horns wildly to no avail; the ghost simply phased through them, laughing and summoning psychic energy to laminate the field at Mihira’s behest.

Trick Room.

Runerigus caught Tauros by surprise with the sudden twist in speed, bouncing into a full-body press before darting away, while Tauros struggled to follow in this game of tag. Steely light flickered across his skull even as his suddenly sluggish body dragged behind. Runerigus dodged easily and waved a scolding finger and Iron Head was no more- Disabled, despite Tauros’ struggle to prove otherwise, and quickly given up on. Horn Attack once again hit nothing but air, Wild Charge was grounded and laughed at. Tauros’ frustration and Merry’s resignation only fueled Runerigus’ games until Tauros discovered she could be hit with Bulldoze- but by then, it was far too late, and a final Body Press was all that was needed.

Trainer Merry’s Tauros is unable to battle! Trainer Mihira has won the match!

Both trainers called back their Pokémon and chose to meet outside the ruined field’s boundaries. “Appreciated,” Merry said, only a trace of bitterness in their voice, and held out their hand. Mihira shook it.

“Do you mind a few questions? Not for my article, just trainer to trainer.”

“Whatever suits ya.”

She was sure they weren’t going to give her a decent post-battle interview. Victories for her almost always meant a lack of content in exchange.

“What happened with your Tauros?”

“His ability is Anger Point, y’see. It ain’t activated much, but when it is I still lose control. He gets single-minded.”

“And why did you choose to use him against Corsola?”

“Ah, I shouldn’t’ve, really. But I wanted to level the field- and I didn’t want t’ pit my Gogoat against your Corsola’s Ice Beam. Mighta done me better ‘gainst Runerigus, all told.”

“Fair points.” Mihira tucked her notebook away and slid a business card into Merry’s rough hand. “Well, thank you, Merry. I appreciate the battle. My contact information is there, and you may keep an eye out for the next compilation of interviews. If you have any more to discuss, or any associates who are also in the tournament and are willing to be interviewed, please let me know.”

“Will do.”

The sounds of PokéBalls being activated caught her attention after walking some ways. She glanced over her shoulder to see Merry commanding a rather subdued Tauros as well as a Wooloo to flatten out the field, each using Bulldoze to its fullest. A Gogoat joined them, spreading energy through the ground and bringing grass forth to cover the tilled soil.

Yes, that would have been an interesting matchup.

Rank up! Normal → Great!

Pokémon in Battle

Corsola [Natural Cure]
Aqua Ring | Ice Beam | Bubble Beam | Ancient Power
Runerigus [Wandering Spirit]
Shadow Claw | Disable | Trick Room | Body Press

Miltank [Scrappy]
Rollout | Metronome | Milk Drink | Stomp
Tauros [Anger Point]
Horn Attack | Wild Charge | Iron Head | Bulldoze
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Courtney Nair
18 - ♀ - Kanto
Rank: Great

Charizard (Cinnamon - ♂ - Blaze)
Magmortar (Chili - ♀ - Flame Body)
Luxray (Zest - ♂ - Intimidate)
Braviary (Sumac - ♂ - Defiant)
Roserade (Paprika - ♀ - Natural Cure)
Shiftry (Clove - ♂ - Chlorophyll)
Passimian (Nutmeg - ♀ - Receiver)
Tyrantrum (Anise - ♀ - Rock Head)
Vs. Zahira - 2 vs 2 single

Another day, another Braviary flight to the nearest mainland cities. Courtney had resorted to this method to find new trainers to battle, after honing her skills and - most importantly - her Pokémon’s strength in her native Cinnabar. Of course, the next step was to take longer trips and possibly get all the way to Unova, but she wasn’t ready yet. And so, she set her eyes once again on familiar Pallet Town.

Most of the other trainers seemed to either have already progressed to the upper Ranks or stayed in Normal… but there still were a couple in the lower parts of Great, where the red haired girl still was. In fact, it didn’t take too long for her to find someone to battle… or maybe, it was her who chose to battle Courtney.

Out in the little battlefield by the Pokémon Center, accompanied by a Rotom Drone, showed up a very tall girl, with dark, long and curly hair. “Zahira, right?” Courtney called out, and was met with a nod of approval. “I’m ready.” She said, still very collected.

“I’m ready too! Ultra Rank here I come!” Courtney smirked, as the drone let the fight begin. On one side of the field, a small Umbreon shuddered, but still tried to focus on its opponent as, on the other side, a fierce Luxray let out a battle cry.

Courtney started off the battle with a bang, going straight for a Wild Charge. “Curse!” was all that Zahira called out, however, as she watched her Umbreon take the attack without ever losing control of herself.

“You’ll be the one cursing after this! Attack again, Zest!”

The Electric-type did as told, hitting once again the Umbreon head on. Its opponent, however, quickly recovered and struck back with the perfect move: Assurance. Its power doubled after Wild Charge’s recoil, and did a hefty amount of damage to Zest. It growled as it recovered, looking back at Courtney and hoping that her smirk was still there.

“Well, nice move!” The girl shouted as Zahira just replied with “Oh, I know.” Courtney was obviously not very happy to hear that.

The next move of the dark haired girl was Confuse Ray. Luxray dodged and hit back with Fire Fang, but couldn’t do much to avoid the second attempt that came after. It started to aimlessly run around the battlefield, ignoring Courtney’s calls and hitting itself in confusion. Umbreon used this opportunity to strike again with some powered-up Assurance attacks, and at this point the red haired girl was really starting to struggle. “No, no, I know you can do better than this Luxray!”

Eventually, it happened. Zest snapped out just in time to catch Umbreon by surprise and land a strong Play Rough on it. “Yes! Again, Zest!” Courtney called out, all her enthusiasm back in an instant, as Luxray slowly got closer and closer to having the upper hand. Zahira kept her eyes on Courtney the whole time, slightly annoyed by her attitude but with some admiration for her as well.

After another exchange of attacks, a tired and hurt Luxray had come out victorious over Umbreon, who was promptly recalled by Zahira. “Claydol, come on out!” she said, still very calm.

At that point, Zest was called back by Courtney, who sent in Clove instead. The Grass-type didn’t waste any more time and went straight for Leaf Blade, but didn’t put as much of a dent in Claydol as it hoped. On the other side of the battlefield, Zahira smiled slightly - as the switch gave her just enough time to have Claydol use Cosmic Power.

Clove kept going, its leaves glowing with energy as it jumped up and struck Claydol again. For quite some time the Ground type just took the attacks, standing as still as possible to channel Cosmic Power multiple times. Then, it got to a point where… yes, even Zahira started to get more fired up.

Her Claydol was looking more and more tired, on the brink of collapsing, and yet no attack from Clove could really knock it out anymore. “It’s time, it’s time!” Zahira announced. “Power Trick!”

One more channeling for some sort of inner Psychic power, and then Claydol was ready to attack. “Earth Power, let’s end this!” Its trainer shouted with never seen before urgency, as the Ground type started to quickly move around the battlefield, seismic waves and crevices forming on the surface where Shiftry was walking.

Courtney was more than just surprised. She was totally astonished to see such a collected trainer like Zahira snap, as if she used Power Trick on herself. But what confidence in her Pokémon she must have had, to even try something like this! The red haired girl would’ve definitely smiled and let out a battle cry, telling her opponent to bring it on and getting ready to do the same.

She didn’t, however. Things were looking a bit too grim for her, and seeing Clove already struggling to move through the rougher and rougher battlefield made her even less hopeful that she could turn this around. Zahira’s strategy was just so perfect.

The Shiftry looked back at his trainer, somewhat disappointed, after dodging yet another Earth Power. Just like Claydol was meant to be an answer to Zest, Clove was Courtney’s answer to Claydol - Clove himself knew that. So, that said, was there any reason for him to keep being told to dodge and strike back. His eyes pierced through Courtney’s.

“Sunny Day!” The short girl finally called out, and it really was all that Clove wanted to hear. “Oh, I won’t let you!” Zahira shouted, but the Grass-type was not listening anymore. It stood still on top of a jagged rock, looking up towards the sky, and kept going even after being hit with a perfectly centered Earth Power.

Sunny Day created just a small orb in the sky, that looked more like the flame of a candle, but that still could do what it was intended to do. Tired and hurt, Clove just let the sun rays breathe new life into it, and sprung into action with an unprecedented speed. “Throat Chop!” Courtney called out. Shiftry executed, Claydol endured the hit.

By now the battlefield looked like a dozen Gigalith had used Rock Slide on top of it. Shiftry wasn’t sure of where to jump to, as Earth Powers kept coming from all directions. Claydol didn’t seem to surrender despite all the hits it could take, and Zahira was sure she could win. “You’re not talking much, now?”

It was true, Courtney wasn’t in control of the battle. Courtney couldn’t keep this up for much longer, especially with Zest being so tired already. Courtney needed a gamble.

“Clove! Grab the Claydol!” She nodded, her smirk back where it belonged - her face. “Explosion!”

The adrenaline rushed through Courtney as she waited for the smoke to dissolve, revealing both Pokémon lying motionless on the battleground. She was surely born for this.

Paired with Ninetales and Vulpix 🌸 Moderator of Challenges, Roleplay Theatre and Roleplay Stage


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As Caelan returned to the Ranger Union, he walked inside and saw the same friend who was working on the Mega Styler waiting for him. She said, "Good to see you out of retirement Caelan. The Union is sending me with you to Hoenn."

Caelan smiled lightly and said, "Good to be back. It wouldn't be the same without you and I being in contact, right Mimi?"

Mimi smiled, "I feel exactly the same. Even though you were my junior by one year in school, I was very impressed that you were part of my graduating class, and a bit happy I'd get to work with you."

As the two got on the Ranger Union's small plane, Caelan chuckled, "It's been years and we still don't have a better plane. Well, not like we have a choice." before stepping onto the plane and strapping himself in next to Mimi.

The pilot said, "You two are going to Hoenn, right?"

Caelan and Mimi nodded and the pilot nodded back before taking off. As the plane flew to the Hoenn region, Caelan was getting a bit airsick saying, "Now I remember why I use SK-149 instead of bird Pokémon."

Mimi rolled her eyes, "We're almost to Mauville Airport, so just take some deep breaths and calm down."

Caelan nodded as the plane started to land, getting off with Mimi as soon as he could. They walked into the Ranger Union's Hoenn Branch HQ and were greeted. Mimi went to her new station in Operations and Caelan was told that supposedly, there had been some fossil smugglers out in the desert on Route 111. He said, "Right away, I'm on it." before going outside and getting on SK-149 and heading towards the desert. As they did, Caelan took out his Go-Goggles and put them on.
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"Here's your food, Miss!"

Lana couldn't help but drool at the plate the kind waitress had set in front of her. A large burger topped with lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, and a side of thick-cut fries at this moment in her life was a meal fit for a queen. Without hesitation, she dug her teeth into the juicy burger, savoring every bite. It didn't matter if she hated tomatoes, the fact she had anything to eat at all was a saving grace.

"Haven't seen this one around, is she a new one?" The blonde waitress asked as she refilled Conny's empty cup.

"I don't know just yet, we might have our next initiation here." Conny waved at the waitress as she grinned, and walked away to tend to other customers.

"So Lana, where are you from?"

"I'm from Kanto." She said with her mouth full of chewed burger bites. Conny's eyes widened as he took a sip of his cola.

"Kanto? What the hell is a starving child from Kanto, such as yourself, doing wandering the streets of Unova? Better yet, how old are you? My guess is sixteen at the oldest."

"I'm fourteen." Lana plainly responded, still mostly focused on her feast.

"Seems about right." Conny took a few more sips from his drink. "Are your parents here? Better yet, do they even know where you are?"

Lana's chewing slowed as she felt her heart sink. The most she could do was ashamedly shake her head.

There was an odd silence for a moment. Lana looked down at her plate after being reminded of her moms.

Conny was able to read the guilt the young trainer had present in her face. "Don't feel bad about it, you're not alone in that. Look around you, everyone in this diner has been turned away by their parents, including m-"

"It's not like that at all!" Lana cut off with her mouth empty for a change. "I actually love my moms a lot, and they love me too, it's just…" She sighed before continuing her sentence. "They don't get it. I'm trying to become strong trainers like them, but recently they forbid me from entering tournaments. I put in so much effort into getting to where I am, and they just stop me like that!" The black haired girl pouted before she continued to take aggressive bites from her burger.

"Your moms must be worried sick y'know." Conny took a loud sip from his cola. "If I were you, I'd let them know exactly where you are."

Lana grimaced at the thought. "I don't think I can, I uh… I have something I'd need to explain that'd I… Don't know how they'd react."

The flamboyant trainer's glance grew slightly sympathetic. "Sweetie, trust me when I say I know what it's like to not want to share something with your parents."

Did he just call me sweetie?

"But I will say, if your moms aren't accepting of who you are, I'll gladly be your new father."

How the hell does he know?

Lana's eyebrows somewhat furrowed. "I don't even know you. The only time we're seeing each other after this is when you give me a damn rematch! Don't go easy on me ever again, you hear me?!"

Conny chuckled. "Trust me, if I gave it my all, you would lose." He smugly took an elongated sip from his drink.

"Screw you!" The young trainer snapped. "I didn't earn that win! My rank right now basically means nothing because of that!"

"Looks like you're onto something." Conny again chuckled. "You're right, your rank doesn't matter. There's no spirit in just increasing a number, and if there's no spirit, what's the point?"

"Shut the psyduck up!" Lana clearly wasn't interested in this conversation. "I don't want to hear that from someone who lets themselves lose to a kid! Rematch me now!"

Having a teenager shout profane language at him was starting to get a little grating. "I'm not giving it my all against you, I'd feel terrible if I crushed a young trainer's dreams. However, I know just the person who wouldn't hesitate to do just that. As soon as you've finished your food, and pick up your Pokemon, I have someone to introduce you to. You might like her."

That seemed promising. Hopefully Conny wasn't lying about all that.


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Alaka Malina
Male | 24 | Jubilife City (Sinnoh)
Custard (Imposter) - Transform
Prince (Male, Snow Warning) - Aurora Veil, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Disable
Pan (Female, Slush Rush) - Icicle Crash, Swords Dance, Drill Run, Iron Head
Titan (Male, Snow Warning, Mega Capable) - Aurora Veil, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Ice Punch
Fuji (Female, Snow Cloak) - Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Double Team, Blizzard
Zeus (Male, Slush Rush) - Bolt Beak, Icicle Crash, Surf, Pluck
Dave (Male, Ice Face) - Hail, Ice Punch, Liquidation, Zen Headbutt
Sunny (Female, Forecast) - Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Thunder, Hurricane

The Jubilife City skyline rose up into the dark night sky, lights glittering brightly - not unlike the stars they drowned out. This place had a different vibe to a lot of the other places in Sinnoh, even as late as it was, people were still out and about all over the place.

Alaka took a deep breath, and drank up the view. It was true that he much preferred the scenic views of the wilderness, especially the frosty wonderlands around Snowpoint and Mount Coronet, to the urban. Stil, he had to admit that a vibrant city like Jubilife had its own beauty and charm. It wasn’t a bad view at all.

“Hey, you alive over there?”

“Hm?” Alaka turned back and looked over the park battlefield. A man of around his age, maybe a bit younger, with heavily styled spiky hair and an expensive-looking denim jacket was looking at him with a mix of confusion and irritation. The Infernape standing in front of him looked even angrier, the flames billowing out from its head constantly flaring up dramatically with its annoyance.

“Please select your Pokemon,” the Rotom drone hovering between them said in its monotone, mechanical voice.

“Oh, right. We’re battling.” Alaka reached for a simple pokeball.

“Yes, we’re battling!” the other trainer yelled exasperatedly, “Are you sure you’re really on the verge of Ultra rank?”



The other trainer’s outburst was cut off by Alaka releasing his chosen Pokemon for their 1v1 match. The sleek, white vulpine form of Prince, Alaka’s Alolan Ninetales emerged from a flash of light, his tails billowing gracefully behind him with the faint breeze that was now starting to pick up. Moments later, a faint frosty mist was swirling around the base of the battlefield and small ice crystals were starting to fall across it as Prince’s Snow Warning took effect.

“Well, at least you’re making it easy for me,” the other trainer said with glee. “Bernie, we’ll finish this in one hit before we have to deal with too much hail. Flare Blitz!”

“You know the drill,” Alaka said to Prince, stifling a yawn.

Flames erupted up around Alaka’s opponent’s Infernape and it rocketed forward like a missile. Prince didn’t move. The Alolan Ninetales turned its nose up at the Fire type opposing him and scoffed, unimpressed.

A veil of shimmering rainbow lights flared up around Prince, washing beautifully over his body. Bernie crashed into him, the force of the attack shoving him backwards as flames exploding out from the impact, but he didn’t drop. In fact, courtesy of his Aurora Veil, the attack did far less damage than one might expect. Prince scoffed again as Bernie screeched in frustration.

“It might be problematic if he keeps doing that, you should Disable it,” Alaka said conversationally to his Pokemon.

Prince evidently agreed as the blues in his aurora stood out more strongly for a moment, a reflection of the eerie blue aura that briefly flared over Bernie.

“The hell?!” Alaka’s opponent snarled. “Fine, Thunder Punch!”

Electricity crackled around Bernie’s fist as the Infernape abruptly attacked, launching a boxing-style jab at Prince. Without instruction, Prince nimbly sidestepped out the way.

Growling, Bernie tried again twice more, each successive miss not only frustrating the Fire type into making messier and messier attacks but deepening the look of condescension on Prince’s face.

“Dazzling Gleam, please.”

If a Ninetales could truly smirk, that was what Prince did. A painfully right, pink-tinged light exploded out from him, forcing all those in the near vicinity to squint uncomfortably. Bernie was knocked off his feet by the attack, tumbling over the dirt battlefield several times before coming to his feet.

“Mach Punch!” the trainer on the other side of the battlefield yelled, his temper starting to fray as Alaka continued to smile at him pleasantly from his side of the pitch.

Bernie was a blur, all but disappearing from view as he was suddenly no longer where he’d been but back in front of Prince, driving a sharp punch into the side of the Ninetales’ head. Prince stumbled a bit as a result of the attack, but once more didn’t lose his footing as the Aurora Veil around him continued to dampen the attacks Bernie rained upon him.

Again there was a flash of violently bright light as Alaka had Prince use Dazzling Gleam, Bernie being repelled across the battlefield again. The Infernape struggled back to his feet, snarling at his opponent - an action that was met only with a sigh and eyes narrowed in scorn.

“Mach Punch, again!”

Apparently, Alaka’s opponent liked the idea of an attack that Prince wasn’t going to be fast enough to dodge. The high speed punch collided with Prince, the Ice type finally sagging somewhat from the attack, but still pridefully refusing to lose his footing.

“At his feet,” Alaka said, still quite calm.

Prince opened his mouth a beam of icy white and blue shot out, striking Bernie’s feet and leaving them coated in ice. Unlike his flaming head, the Infernape’s feet were still perfectly vulnerable to being frozen by an Ice Beam.

“I suppose we’re done then,” Alaka said.

“What are you talking about?” the other trained snapped, “It’s just his feet. Bernie can keep fighting.”

“Oh,” Alaka replied, “Right. Dazzling Gleam then please, Prince.”

For the third time that night, the park battlefield was enshrouded in a blinding white-pink light. When the Dazzling Gleam faded, Bernie was lying on the other side of the battlefield, blocks of ice still around his feet. The Infernape tried to get up again, but only made it into a sitting position before a block of ice fell from the heavens, smashing across his head and knocking him unconscious.

Prince serenely strode over to Alaka as the Aurora Veil around him faded, curling up placidly by his feet. Alaka barely seemed to notice, no longer looking at the battlefield but examining the park fountain, having just noticed the pretty statues that comprised it. Across the battlefield, the other trainer was exclaiming furiously, but Prince didn’t care and Alaka wasn’t even hearing it.

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Lana Alanis-Young
Ultra Rank

Curious about the person Conny built up, Lana skeptically followed the older trainer back to the Castelia pier. Unlike her meeting with Conny, only one person stood at the pier, and whoever they were, they were wearing a large, white fur coat. It was hard to tell anything else about them with their back turned towards the trainer duo.

"There she is!" Conny enthusiastically cried. "Hey mother! Over here!"

"Mother!?" Lana leaned into the ear of the man next to her to whisper. "I thought you said…"

"Well, I guess she's not technically my mom, but she may as well be with everything she's done for me."

"CONNOLLEY!" The figure who stood at the pier began marching forward, the sound of her platform shoes stomping against the cement floor matching her roar. "What on EARTH do you think you're doing, having me walk all the way out to the pier! I swear, this better be important!"

Now that she was closer, probably a bit too much for Lana's liking, the black haired girl was able to get a better look at Conny's "mother". She had olive skin, similar to Lana's, but her ridiculously large, white coat made it hard to tell anything about her body. Her long, thin legs were covered in white fishnets.

Her eyes were completely obscured by something Lana wasn't sure what to call, but it was like a long, thin piece of mirror that acted as sun-glasses, reminding her of Cyclops from X-Men. It was probably called a visor or something.

Aside from that, she had a short, blonde bob on her head, matched with blunt bangs that stopped right above her very narrow eyebrows, bright green lipstick, and long, glittery, green nails, using them to carry a small, yellow handbag. It was pretty clear where Conny got his fashion sense from.

"Don't you worry mother. I think you'll find her worth your time." With that, Conny smacked Lana's back pushing her forward. "Her name is Lana. She says she wants to fight a powerful trainer who won't go easy on an opponent, no matter what!"

Lana trembled in fear, as she stood in the presence of the six foot six woman. She was unable to see this woman's eyes, but she could feel her pupils harshly scanning her, judging every sudden movement being made.

"My, my, what have we here?" The tall woman kneeled down to try making one-sided eye contact with Lana. "Connolley, is this girl your new child?"

"Not quite." Conny answered. "She already has two moms who care for her very much. She's just here for the Pokemon World Championships."

The woman read the fear Lana expressed through her shaking. "I must say, I do see a bit of my young self in her. I was once a Metapod myself, now look at me! I'm as stunning as a Butterfree!"

"You're so full of yourself lady." The black haired girl barked. The tall woman gasped.

"Are you implying I lack any reason to be?" Her thin eyebrows furrowed as she grabbed a lime green Rotom phone from her handbag. "Do you have any idea who you're speaking to?"

"Your 'son' here went easy on me, so if you've raised someone like that, probably someone whose name means much."

"How DARE you!" The woman's grip on her phone tightened. "I see you're foolish enough to put down the name of Insecta Reine Papillon, and I won't stand for it. Not ONLY am I currently sitting around the top of Ultra tier, I've made it to Masters many times in past years, and they call me the Contest Queen for having brought Pokemon Contests to Unova!" She then glanced over to Conny, flashing a grim look. "And Connolley! You should know better than to go easy on a trainer! We don't go soft, we CRUSH them!"

All Conny could respond with was another chuckle. "Yes mother."

That can't be her ACTUAL name… The young trainer was baffled by how over-the-top this lady's name was, making Conny's full name seem average in comparison. The amount of prestige she had in announcing her own name made Lana cringe. What the psyduck kind of name is Insecta?

Lana's phone began to vibrate. The cause was a battle request from Insecta, but something about the request was unusual.

"A triple battle? What the hell is that?"

Insecta's face grew in disgust. "You've told me everything I need to know about your skill as a trainer. It's astonishing to me how someone lacking such critical knowledge can be my opponent, but since you apparently were not aware, we both send out three Pokemon at a time. Think double battles, but three-on-three."

That doesn't seem too difficult, but I can't lower my guard for even a second. At the press of a button on Lana's phone, a Rotom drone descended from the sky.

"The battle between Lana Alanis-Young and Insecta…" Lana raised an eyebrow as she noticed the drone became increasingly nervous. "...Reyn Papillon…?"

"YOU IMBECILE!" The tall woman shouted. "It's Insecta Rehn Pa-pee-yohn!" She absolutely made sure to annunciate her name. "Get it right next time!"

The Rotom drone shrieked and nodded. "Yes ma'am!"

"The battle between Lana Alanis-Young and Insecta Reine Papillon is about to commence in a three-on-three triple battle! Both sides, send out your Pokemon!"

"Witness, the one and only, Insecta Reine Papillon!" Before Lana could even send out her Pokemon, Insecta tossed her large coat to the side, revealing an outfit that made the young trainer's jaw drop.

With the coat out of the way, Insecta revealed her body as very slim and petite, wearing little else other than what looked like a two-piece bikini, with the top piece having a design identical to what was seen on Beautifly wings, the black, red, and blue being replaced with various shades of green. The part that stood out however, was two large, glittery butterfly wings folded out from behind her back, shaped more like those Butterfree, but had the same colors as her bikini.

"Fly free, my pretties!" Insecta tossed three Net Balls, sending out a Butterfree, a Masquerain, and a Frosmoth. Lana's eyes were drawn to the red and yellow ribbon the Butterfree had tied around her neck, recognizing it as a Focus Sash.

Three bug types...I don't really have any other choice do I?

Lana sent out Hoshi, Cain, and Donna, doing her best to keep her Dragonite away from Frosmoth. Masquerain stretched out her upper wings, causing Lana's Pokemon to mildly cower.

Damnit, Intimidate! These are pretty fragile Pokemon though, so I can't imagine it making much of a difference.

"Hoshi, use Flamethrower on Butterfree! Cain, Flare Blitz on Frosmoth! Donna, Stone Edge on Masquerain!"

The Butterfree began rapidly shaking her wings, summoning a red powder, and blowing it in the direction of Lana's Pokemon. Hoshi, Cain, and Donna readied their attacks, but their eyes all glew red, and started growling under their breaths, focusing in on Butterfree.

At the same time, Frosmoth also began rapidly flapping her wings, this time summoning a strong gust of wind from behind her side. Masquerain floated in place, spinning back and forward, glowing light green.

Despite Lana's command, Cain's flaming body charged into Butterfree, causing her to recoil, but still recover to her former position, her Focus Sash burning up in the process. Sharp rock pillars poked out from the ground under Butterfree, but the movement of the rocks was so slow that she swiftly flew around them to dodge. Hoshi shot a Flamethrower from his mouth at the butterfly Pokemon, but once again she dodged the attack.

Above Frosmoth, her eyes glew light blue, causing two disembodied human hands formed from psychic energy. The hands started clapping, pumping Masquerain up.

Masquerain used the Tailwind to glide around swiftly, and shot a burst of pressurized, boiling water at Cain. Cain had already taken recoil damage from Flare Blitz, and screamed in pain before falling to his knees.

"Arcanine is unable to battle!"

Holy psyduck! That was way too fast!

Donna howled again, summoning more rock pillars that made their way towards Masquerain, but the attack was too easy for her to avoid. Butterfree wildly shook her wings again, summoning a lavender powder that she blew towards Donna. Donna quickly grew drowsy, and passed out in the middle of the field. She didn't faint, but could be heard snoring loudly.

"Donna, wake up!"

Too focused on trying to wake Donna up, Lana neglected to pay attention to the Frosmoth and Masquerain, both of which launched Ice Beams at Hoshi. Hoshi was unable to take two super-effective attacks, and collapsed to the floor.

Dragonite is unable to battle.

Lana came to her senses too late, gasping when she realized she was one against three.

"Donna! Donna, please wake up!" She pleaded, doing her hardest to turn the tides of battle. Her efforts proved fruitless when one Scald from Masquerain knocked Donna on her back, her snoring noises being mixed with whimpering.

"Lycanroc is unable to battle! The victor is Insecta!"

"Excuse me, that's Insecta Reine Papillon to you!" The tall woman cried, but the Rotom drone flew away before being able to apologise. Insecta rolled her eyes behind her visor.

"I lost… I don't remember the last time I lost…" Lana pulled her hood up, and gazed at the floor in shame. "I can't believe it…"

The young trainer turned her head around when she felt a weight on her shoulder, seeing it was only Conny. "I tried telling you, sweetheart. If you want to make it to Masters, you're gonna need some help."

Lana slipped out of Conny's reach. "I told you already, I don't want you to psyducking hold my hand! I know what I'm doing! Just leave me alone!" With that, Lana hightailed away, making it a point to not look back at the two trainers. She needed to be alone.

Insecta and Conny looked rather unamused watching Lana run off, both crossing their arms. Conny chuckled a little.

"She'll come back." Insecta insisted, sliding back into her fur coat. "They always do."

  • Ivy
  • Donna
  • Cain
  • Bot
  • Hoshi
  • Solomon
  • Eva
  • Melon

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Ravir Eisenhorth – Nartes, Suocé

Analogue to what would be El Callao, Perú

«Retrofitting at the Vedenéal Olympic Station is still running slowly, leaving the region's finest Trainers without a sanctioned battleground for this event,» spat a news reporter on the TV. «Given the format of the current tournament, most other high-grade stadiums have been rendered unavailable.»

Ravir raised his eyes from his Training regime app and looked at the report on new construction with a held breath. The subway would still take a while to get him and Kirlia to the hotel complex where he would be spending his final two days before heading out of the country, and he knew he was not the only one to pursue such a strategy. Kirlia, busy trying to figure out a brochure with a city map by his side, did not pay attention to the news report.

«Yes, Trainers have been smart to “take it outside”,» added one of the commentators. «The support from the private sector has been pivotal in this matter, and we expect that the diversity across both the Trainer marketplace and the private sector's offerings will greatly change the national metagame.»

Ravir frowned as the video of a man with a blue cape and brown hair appeared on screen, leading an old, hardened Houndoom into battle. A name was mentioned that Ravir chose to ignore for the moment. The video changed to that of a woman in ceremonial military attire and her Murkrow, answering questions from a few reporters.

«And speaking of national,» resumed the anchorman, «no new insights from our highest ranking League officials regarding changes to the format. The Gym Leaders are too busy with the various candidates to the World Championship duking it out all across the country to respond to inquiry, whereas Elite Four headmaster Yarade LeBlanc has been particularly silent on the matter of letting such an amount of Trainers wander off the country at once. More at eleven.»

Ravir sunk deeper into his seat, checking that the few other passengers on the wagon would not pay him any mind. The last thing he wanted was recognition or a challenge, which would mean more delays. Sheepishly he turned his attention to Kirlia, who was so absorbed by the city map that even his empathic abilities had not picked up on Ravir's unease.

Ravir noticed something and he blinked. “Here, lemme help you with that,” he said as he grabbed the brochure and turned it upside down. “North side up, that's how they're read,” he told him somewhat mockingly.

Kirlia muttered him a thanks on his own language, shifted about on the seat and returned his attention to the map.

Ravir did not have time to wonder what was all that about with the map. A chime from the train's notification system let him now they were about to reach his stop, so he stood up and beckoned his Pokémon to follow. Once the subway stopped at the station and the gates opened, Ravir and Kirlia were quick to sprint away towards the nearest escalator up, from there to a stand to buy a mineral drink quickly and from there to one of the exits.

Sunlight bathed Ravir's face, he shuffled his hair and took a sip from the bottle. A quick glance at the eastwards skyline, opposite from the direction of the sea, told him he was only a few blocks from the hotel. All he had to do was to keep his head down and to not return glances from anyone.

“Archo,” he asked while he produced a Pokéball, “can you feel anyone noticing me?”

The Kirlia held his hands together for a moment and started chanting lowly, while Ravir took quick glances at the few passerbys around, checking that no one was staring back. As the chanting died down a little, Ravir took a look at the various buildings around – most of them older constructions with small windows, and serving for the most part as offices and medical centers.

“-liaaa?” inquired the Kirlia all of a sudden, pointing to a junction nearby. From the voice alone, Ravir guessed that that would be the safest path.

“M-hmmm, well up we go then.”

Ravir aimed the Poké Ball to the ground and from it emerged in a beam of light Sitella, the team's resident Pinsir. She chittered as she looked around, not familiar with the place; finally she turned back to Ravir and leaned towards him.

“No fights for now, we hope,” he said with a smile. “Let's go for a walk, so you get to know the place.”

The Kirlia and Pinsir looked at each other and then they nodded at Ravir. The human motioned for them to lead the way, and Archo was quick to head off in the direction of a nearby street, while Ravir followed the slow Pinsir as she took to the noises of the city and bravely headed after Kirlia. Ravir made sure to keep his head down. He took a look at his watch – 17:20.

As the team traversed the streets, Ravir made an effort to listen to what the people on the streets were talking, but not desiring to get too close to anyone, he could not hear of anything interesting. All he cared was that he could reach the hotel without issues so they could rest before the long trip to Sinnoh, in the north of the world.

Eight blocks to go, Ravir had to cross to the other side of the street to evade some children who were eagerly discussing who the better Trainers were.

Five blocks to go, an Aggron and a Medicham were helping the local police clear up an accident site where a truck had let loose some of the cargo, damaging nearby vehicles. A lot of people were watching and Ravir was fortunate enough that the incident drew enough attention that he and his team got by unnoticed.

Three blocks to go, Ravir took another sip as he walked past a store. By the corner of his eye he noticed his own face reproduced in a number of televisions, noticing he had just walked by a TV store with a street-facing camera. He cursed under his breath, hurried away and glanced at his surroundings to make sure no one had noticed him.

Two blocks to go he saw the front of the hotel and he redoubled his step to–


Ravir stopped and cursed as he heard the alert from his Pokégear. This time that cursing was not under his breath.

Kirlia and Pinsir noticed and stopped a few steps ahead. The Kirlia squared up and shot him a growl that Ravir could only interpret as “Language!”.

Ravir produced the Pokégear (a modernized model) and looked at the screen. There was a single bell indicator wriggling on the black bar on top of the screen.

Hesitantly, he held his thumb against the bar.

«Contestant Eisenhort, Ravir. A challenge has been issued to your name. Please stand by.»

The voice and the message box were quite clear. Someone had noticed him at last.

Ravir sighed. He had been so close...

His eyes wandered for a moment on the simple “Yes/No” response box. The idea crossed his mind that he could very simply make this go away and carry on… though he was unsure any other people around seeing the refusal would be so easily deterred. He stood firm and instructed Sitella and Archo to scan around. He needed to nip this one in the bud now.

Sitella turned about to the left and let out a screech, instantly calling the attention of a few people around. As they turned to see what was going on, they noticed Ravir as well as the young Trainer, a tanned skin girl on Safari attire, heading towards him from down the street accompanied by a Duraludon and a Yanmega.

“Come on, Ravir!” she spoke. “You didn't think a Trainer in the Zero Registry was going to escape notice in a commercial city, did you?”

Ravir turned towards the girl and motioned for Sitella to get ready. He smirked as he gesticulated to his surroundings. “Same to you, Talea. I figured a Trainer like you just wouldn't be happy fighting in an orderly stadium.”

The Talea girl looked around her, realizing how people were already gathering to watch the fight. Flashes of flipphones and smartphones quickly surrounded the pair as the street was blocked by the amount of people gathering.

In but a moment, a stream of the incoming fight was already coming up on platforms like Youtube and Invidious. In even deeper circles of the net, the initial bets were taking place.

Ravir held his Pokégear and showed it to Talea. “Do we do this then?”

Talea huffed. “Your call, I mean, I did just challenge you.”

Ravir nodded and quickly pressed his finger on one of the buttons shown on the screen.

«You have accepted the challenge. Good luck.»

Talea smiled. She stepped back and motioned for Duraludon to take centre stage. “Iedol, get this started!” she instructed as the creature stepped forward heavily and growled at the two Pokémon accompanying Ravir.

The male Trainer stepped back as well, ignoring the callings of the spectators right behind him as they were themselves stepping back and organizing themselves. He pondered his strategy for a moment and instructed Archo to handle the first part of the fight. The Kirlia dashed forward to the middle of the street, assumed fighting stance and immediately started charging the energy he was going to need. Without him needing to, he started synchronizing his body with that of his opponent, and in a short moment Archo's features became somewhat leaner, his step softer, as his body had traced the opponent Duraludon's Light Metal.

“Very well then... let's see who gets out of the country.”

At the two Trainer's first cries for combat, Duraludon and Kirlia launched themselves at each other with a Flash Cannon and a Psyshock respectively. The people around them clamoured for a fight, and even with the battle already started the stream already got ten likes and one subscribe.

Atop the buildings nearby, unnoticed amidst the commotion, a man of brown hair, his clothes obstructed by a heavy blue cape, scribbled down some notes on a note book while his Houndoom tracked the fight below, her tail swinging in anticipation.

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As SK-149 arrived in the desert, Caelan got off of it and said, "You're staying out of your Poke Ball buddy, you're one of the few Pokémon I have that can withstand these harsh sandstorms." Before heading further into the desert. He could see two or three people digging through the sand and laughing, and supposed they were the smugglers he was told about.

One of them laughed, "Man, the cops here are a bunch of losers! A sandstorm kicks up and they turn tail and run!"

The second smuggler, "You got that right man, we can do whatever we want here!"

Caelan walked up to them and said, "Wrong. SK-149, Electroweb!" before his Magnezone shot out an Electroweb at the thugs, who all cried out from the electricity.

One of them said, "Who the hell do you think you are!? Wait... a Ranger!? Crap!" before trying to get free from the web, but reinforcements had already arrived and took the smugglers away.

As Caelan returned to the Hoenn Branch HQ, he couldn't help but think there was more to this that just cops being afraid of a sandstorm. He walked up to Mimi and asked, "Hey Memes, can you run some checks on those thugs? I don't think a cop would just run away from a sandstorm... It doesn't sit right."

Mimi growled, "I told you to stop calling me that! But fine, I'll run some checks and see if anything pops up, I'll contact you if I find anything."

Caelan laughed as Mimi got angry, "You're always so cute when you're angry. But thanks."


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Mihira Anand

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Qualifiers - vs Benji

It was simple to locate Viveka, even in the hubbub of a city full of matches. Her penchant for sending her Magnezone above the pitch for aerial capture was an easy beacon to follow. This particular arena was one favored for double battles, the babble of the crowd told Mihira. Not her own nor Viveka's favored format, but incredibly popular throughout Hoenn- it was only a matter of time before one of them found themselves in such a match.

Expressly forbidden from writing about her daughter, Mihira chose instead to gather quick interviews from the gathered spectators. But still, she watched Viveka; she was always impressively animated, considering the burden of the ubiquitous video camera on her shoulder, drawing power from whichever of her Charjabug weren't currently in battle. The other was face-to-face with a Cherrim and being ridden by that little leech Viveka had come home with recently- the Joltik was holding its own in battle at the moment, though, which was more than could usually be said for either Charjabug. There were a few things Mihira could point to as reasons for Viveka's struggle in the tournament so far, and that pair was her top choice.

"Taking notes- you planning to battle one of them after?"

Her contemplation was interrupted by the loud, cheery voice of a man not much younger than she, nor much taller than her high-heeled height. His coveralls spoke of a man on the job, but his attitude and, in fact, presence at this place turned her assumption to someone who had come straight from work. Either way, he had asked a question of her.

"Not at all. I am a journalist, writing a series of articles on the World Championships. Are you participating?"

"Yeah! When I'm not at work, anyway. Normally I'd stay down in Slateport, but everyone's been making their way up here lately, so I figured I'd check it out. Do something different, y'know?"

Mihira jotted down his answers, then realized she had missed a step. "Would you be willing to be interviewed?" she asked, but the man's attention had zeroed in on his phone with a grin.

"Sure," he said, tapping away, "but only after a double battle!"

"A challenge has been issued," Mihira's phone told her. "Would you like to accept?"

The name Benji flashed up onto the screen next to the man's picture. Mihira glanced up to see the arena being vacated, Viveka victorious, and nodded. Benji, becoming more animated by the second, whooped and ran to the pitch.

"CLAIMED!" he hollered to the crowd. Several pairs of prospective oppoments grumbled and whined as Mihira took her place at the opposite end and called the Rotom drone down.

Benjamin Inoue has challenged Mihira Anand to a Great-Rank battle! The format will be doubles, two Pokémon a side! Trainers, please ready your team!

Benji made his choice as quickly and confidently as he had made his challenge. Double battles were clearly his standard, and unfortunately not something Mihira practised often. But even she knew how to choose a complimentary pair.

Three… two… one… BEGIN!

Benji's Wormadam, coated in discarded metal, rose immediately into the air at the same time as her Flygon while his Diglett- no, his Alolan form Diglett shot forward with shocking speed, aiming straight for Mihira's Torterra. A cheap shot to begin, perhaps- but it had to Dig to avoid a Razor Leaf, and Torterra stomped down to release earth-shaking shockwaves even as Wormadam summoned a twister of sand that quickly obscured the field- though not enough for Flygon to miss where Diglett was shaken from the ground. Not enough to conceal it from clamping jaws, its weight no obstacle at all to Flygon flying it away into the raging storm.

The crowd around the field scattered as the whipping sands breached the edges of the arena but Mihira stood tall, finding her Go-Goggles and slipping them over her eyes. With them, she saw Benji grin across the field- he had done the same, and sounded pleased as punch about it.

"Should have expected it, from the looks of your team!"

And he had still used Sandstorm, despite her duo's immunity. There must have been another reason, Mihira knew. But what?

A shining metallic beam pierced the sandstorm and Mihira's thoughts, crashing into Flygon and dislodging the Diglett from his mouth. Wormadam fell back and Flygon and Diglett only fell, from nearly above the raging sandstorm to the ground below. Flygon caught himself easily, but Diglett's only cushion was the translucent blue shield that shattered upon impact with the ground. Unfazed, it dashed in towards Torterra once again. Mihira ordered Earthquake but Benji was onto her- Diglett raised jagged rocks from under Torterra, pinning him between slabs and raising him into the air, unable to stomp to release the shock waves that had foiled Benji's plan before. Flygon dove to catch the Diglett again but it now had leeway to Dig, so Mihira changed trajectory, sending it into the storm to catch Wormadam just before it fired out another Flash Cannon. The bug panicked, Flash Cannon and another flashing beam alternating as it struggled for release from Flygon's crushing bite, and Mihira saw an opportunity.

Flygon, Wormadam still clamped in his jaws, dove toward the helpless Torterra, circling round and round until the panicked Flash Cannons demolished the slabs of rock. Torterra fell heavily to the ground, just in time to meet Diglett's shining head popping up from the ground and striking true to his underbelly. The big Pokémon staggered, but still managed to toss out a Leech Seed that bounced harmlessly off Diglett's shield as it retreated back into the storm. Flygon, having had enough of managing a squirming steel bug, slammed Wormadam into the remainder of the Rock Tomb and shot into the air, finding the center of the storm and twirling rapidly in the opposing direction while summoning a ball of light that shone through the falling, no longer whipping sands.

Wormadam, dazed but still in it, made a valiant attempt to summon a countering Sandstorm but was foiled by Torterra pinning it to the ground with one wide foot and stomping with the other. Shockwaves radiated across the field and into Diglett as well, though the little Pokémon let its shield take the brunt of the attack. Flygon, at center stage, was the one to finish the job- a Solar Beam straight into Diglett, blasting it into the ground so hard one would have thought it could only dig that deep itself.

"Trainer Benjamin's Diglett is unable to battle!"

And that only left Wormadam, a weak Signal Beam all it could muster before a simple but point-blank Razor Leaf took it out as well.

"Trainer Benjamin's Wormadam is unable to battle! Trainer Mihira has won the match!"

Some groans from the crowd gave Mihira the sneaking suspicion that Benji may be somewhat popular around here, but they were easily drowned out by both her own daughter's cheers and a loud, heavy-handed congratulations from Benji himself.

"I don't get many people who can get past the weather, you know!" he enthused, halfway dragging her off the pitch after she recalled her Pokémon. "Do you ever use weather to your advantage? You gotta, right, 'cause you had those goggles ready to go!" Losing seemed not to have shaken him in any way- instead, he chattered on, as if he were the one interviewing her.

Oh, yes, the interview.

...Well, she could have a conversation first.

Rank: Great → Great

Pokémon in Battle

Flygon [Levitate]
Sunny Day | Solar Beam | Crunch | Dragon Dance
Torterra [Overgrow]
Earthquake | Wide Guard | Leech Seed | Razor Leaf

Alolan Diglett [Sand Force]
Dig | Iron Head | Rock Tomb | Protect
Trash Cloak Wormadam [Overcoat]
Magnet Rise | Sandstorm | Flash Cannon | Signal Beam
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As Caelan walked out of the Hoenn Branch HQ and over to the Pokémon Center, he noticed a sign up list. "Hmm, battle trainers from all over the world to claim the title as world champion. Sign up before it's too late." followed by rules of the tournament. Technically, Caelan was a trainer before coming out of retirement, and he had a year's worth of unused vacation days, so he figured, "Might as well sign up." before taking one of the sheets and filling out the information. He placed the form into what looked like a fax machine.

The machine beeped and said, "Participant Caelan Blake registered. Trainer class: Ranger. Rank based on previous experience: Normal Rank. Trainer card being printed." before spitting out an ID card.

Caelan picked up the ID card as it came out and smiled, "Looks like being a trainer will be fun after all. It's a good thing I let those vacation days pile up." before heading back to the Hoenn Branch HQ and putting in his papers to use his unused vacation days.

Mimi walked over to him as he filled out the paperwork and said, "You're taking a vacation? You haven't taken a vacation in the ten years I've worked with you Caelan, what's up?" Caelan explained the tournament he entered, and Mimi chuckled, "Well, sure seems you'll be having fun using those vacation days for a world tournament. I'll be rooting for you."
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Lei Keahi

22 | Female | Aspiring Champion
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The Dragon's Den

Two mounted torches stood on either side of the room, the large flickering flames casting a dim light over the surroundings. Beneath her feet, light waves lapped from below at the wooden floorboards. Lei took a deep breath as her attention turned to the two long Gyarados statues which spanned each side of the room. She had originally planned to stay longer in Blackthorn City – she had been training there for a year now under Clair’s supervision. When the announcement for the World Championships reached Johto, Lei felt that it was time to leave, but Clair disagreed, arguing that Lei needed more training. Lei looked down at her hands, fidgeting with the Pokéball of the Pokémon that had given her so much trouble, the sole reason why she was here. Whether she would pass the Dragon Master’s Test or not, she knew she would join the World Championships; her heart told her she had to.

“Are you alright, dear?” one of the Dragon Elders approached her. “You’re sweating buckets.”

Lei laughed off the question sheepishly, “Of course! It’s just this kimono, I’m not used to wearing such heavy clothes.”

She technically wasn’t lying – the ceremonial clothes were the thickest garments she had ever worn and, combined with the humid environment caused by the flames and water, it was a sweaty nightmare in the Dragon’s Den. At least she had remembered to tie her hair up, plus it was also a nice chance to try wearing some traditional Johtonian garb for once.

“Well, what’s the grimace on your face for?” the Elder chortled. He saw right through her. “This is just between us, dear, but the battle is just a ceremony. We’ve already decided that you’re a worthy dragon tamer ever since you stepped foot here one year ago. That’s why we gave you the egg in the first place – we knew you were the right trainer for it.”

Lei gave him a weak smile, “Thank you, Elder Aelfric.”

But it wasn’t the Elders Lei wanted to prove herself to. The doors burst open, the breeze from the cavern rushing into the shrine. Lei glanced over her shoulder – it was Clair. She had an imposing figure, almost a head taller than Lei with her heeled boots on. Clair gave a cold look at Lei as she walked over to one of the Gyarados statues and leaned against it, crossing her arms and ready to watch the ceremony. Although Clair was very prideful, there was usually less animosity between the two – they were mentor and mentee, after all, and more importantly, friends. An eerie silence fell across the room, leaving only the tranquil sound of the waves echoing throughout the shrine and the cavern.

“Ahem, anyway,” Aelfric spoke up, bringing Lei’s attention back into focus. “Come here, Lei. Now, I am sorry, but I must test you. Not to worry, you are to answer only a few questions. Ready?”

Lei nodded, glancing back down at the Pokéball briefly. She felt vulnerable, watched from every angle as she stood in front of the altar where Aelfric now stood. As soon as she nodded, two other elders on the sides of the rooms started hitting two large drums with mallets. As Lei concentrated on the sound, she felt her heartbeat mimic the pace of the drums, quick and constantly pounding.

“What are Pokémon to you?” Aelfric looked down at her.

It was a straightforward question, but deceptively simple. What were Pokémon to Lei? The Pokéball in her hand gave a warm almost comforting radiance. Just knowing he was there by her side in her distress gave her courage. Throughout her journeys, her Pokémon were always there for her, and she always wanted to be there for them. Without them, was any of it worth it? It was clear to Lei now, as she looked up to face Aelfric.


The drumming stopped and the three elders exchanged glances at one another, pleased to hear the answer. Clair, on the other hand, remained unimpressed.

“Oh, I understand…” Aelfric murmured, as if writing down a mental note, before speaking again. “What helps you to win battles?”

“Believing in one another, both Pokémon and Trainer,” Lei responded, starting to gain confidence. She had to believe in them, even if they would disobey her.

The same routine occurred again; the elders exchanged looks, though this time Clair tapped her foot against the wooden floorboard impatiently.

“My dear,” Aelfric paused briefly, coughing to clear his throat, “what kind of trainer do you wish to battle?”

“Anyone,” Lei smiled briefly, thinking about the thrill of battles – what it was like to showcase one’s ability as a team. “Everyone trains their Pokémon in different ways.”

“Very true,” the elder nodded, proud of her progress so far. “What about raising Pokémon – what is most important?”

The drums began again, and with it, Lei’s heartbeat quickened again. She looked back down at Zwei’s Pokéball, moving it close to her heart. It was the first time she had ever raised a Pokémon from an egg. In a way, she felt like she was his mother, watching his first steps, eating, playing, biting everything within sight. Nostalgia filled her senses, even though he had trained and evolved now, she was still his ‘mother’ – she still loved him.

It was at the moment of realisation, she spoke up. “Love.”

This time, Clair herself almost seemed pleased with the answer. But, of course, she knew she’d put these answers to the test very soon.

“Hmm,” Aelfric pondered for a moment. Lei briefly wondered if he had forgotten the next question as he finally spoke up. “Ah, last question. Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important?”

“All Pokémon are important,” Lei replied – her team meant the world to her.

“Very well!” Aelfric gave a wrinkly grin at Lei. “You care deeply for Pokémon. Very commendable. That conviction is what is important! But now, we will put that conviction to the test.”

The sound of heels moving to the centre of the shrine followed as the drums increased in tempo. Lei turned to face Clair.

“The battle will be a one-on-one,” Aelfric announced. “Each trainer may use one Dragon-type Pokémon.”

“Don’t wuss out now, Lei,” Clair smirked, tossing her Pokéball into the air. A beam of light ejected onto the wooden floor and out came a long blue serpent-like creature.

On the other end, Lei nervously chucked the ball she had been fidgeting with out into the open. The comforting feel of the Pokéball in her grasp was now gone, and uncertainty took over as the blue twin-headed dragon covered in black fur popped out. The two heads regarded one another and immediately started butting heads, trying to bite one another. Aelfric struck a large gong behind him, the sound reverberating throughout the room – the battle had begun.

“Zwei?” Lei called out to the Pokémon, “we need to focus now!”

The two heads briefly acknowledged Lei but quickly broke out into fighting yet again. All Lei could do was sigh in response.

“Ha! You call that belief in your Pokémon?” Clair taunted the trainer-Pokémon pair. “Dragonair, use Dragon Tail!”

The dragon Pokémon slithered quickly towards Zwei, its tail glowing a bright green filled with energy. In a quick swipe, its tail struck the dark-type, knocking it backwards. The two heads seemed to look out in every direction, trying to find the source of the mysterious attack. It seemed, at least for the moment, they had declared a truce.

“Zwei, over there,” Lei pointed at the Dragonair, “use Dragon Rush!”

“Not so fast,” Clair chimed, resting her hand on her hip. “Dodge!”

The Dragonair gracefully lifted itself upwards with its wings, spiralling upwards towards the ceiling. Zweilous kept its pace, cloaked in a similar green energy as it missed its target by a long shot, racing forwards until it slammed into the Gyarados statute.

“Did you really think it’d be that easy?” she goaded Lei again. “Twister!”

The spiralling dragon picked up its speed as an air current developed in the room, pulling everything towards it, particularly the Zweilous, who was dragged into the epicentre of the tornado-like winds. The winds battered the Pokémon from every side as the Dragonair swirled above. Lei furrowed her brows as the two-headed dragon stared helplessly at the dragon flying ahead. It was then that an idea came to mind.

“Zwei!” She called out to her Pokémon, “I want you both to point opposite ways and use Dark Pulse!”

Through the battering winds, the Zweilous looked in opposite directions. While hitting the moving target would be difficult if they could fire in two directions it might just work. Two beams of dark energy erupted from the mouths of the dragon, splitting the wind. One went astray and hit the roof. The other found its mark. The Dragonair tumbled downwards as a dark beam hit it square in the head.

Lei cheered from behind, pumping her arm up in triumph, “Woohoo! Let’s finish this. Dragon Rush!”

But the Pokémon did not respond. Zweilous stood there, the two heads turning in on each other. The one that had missed its attack barked at the one that had struck Dragonair and soon the two were butting heads again. The two Pokémon looked worn down, all Lei needed was one finishing blow to take out Dragonair.

“Come on!” Lei urged Zwei on. “I know you can do it!”

Aelfric’s eyes perked upwards as he heard her, watching at Zwei intently to see his reaction. It seemed, for just a moment, Lei’s words had reached the Zweilous’ heart. But it was too late.

“Dragon Pulse!”

A purple beam shot across the room, hitting Zweilous directly. The Pokémon was sent blasting back, falling on its back at Lei’s feet. The two heads briefly looked at their trainer, almost apologetically, and immediately slumped. Aelfric struck the gong again as Lei crouched to hug the dragon and pet its heads – the battle was over.

“I’m so proud of you both,” she whispered to Zwei, whipping out his Pokéball and returning it to the comfort of the ball.

When she looked up, Clair was towering above her. The gym leader extended her arm to Lei, helping her up.
“I told you so,” she glared down at the Alolan girl. “You can’t just expect to win without a lot more training!”

Lei frowned, maybe she was right. Maybe she just wasn’t ready yet. She sighed, wondering if she and Zwei could ever overcome these issues and work as a single unit. It seemed impossible, but she had to still try.

“Ahem,” Aelfric approached, drawing the attention of the two trainers. “The Elders have reached a verdict.”

Lei’s face grew cold. She knew she had failed – Zwei had disobeyed her twice, and, importantly, it cost her the battle. The drums began again for a moment, subsiding after a small crescendo.

“We have deemed that you have the skill and spirit of a dragon tamer. Lei, you have passed.”

A sigh of relief came tumbling out of Lei’s body, the burden of failure had been lifted but confusion took its place.

“What? You’re kidding right?” Clair snapped. “She lost the battle! Her Pokémon was weak.”

Aelfric scowled at her, “Victory is not what defines a proper trainer, Clair! Lei never gave up on Zweilous, even when it disobeyed her. This battle was a test for the both of you. While your battling showed prowess and skill, Clair, your feelings towards Pokémon trouble me. Perhaps you could both benefit from joining this world tournament Lei mentioned.”

Lei glanced at Clair; the woman was seething. “Grandpa, I can’t believe this!” She instantly turned, storming out of the shrine.

Lei looked at Aelfric awkwardly, piping up, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stir trouble, Elder Aelfric.”

“Bah!” Aelfric chuckled. “You did well, Lei. You ought to be proud of yourself.”

Lei frowned slightly, a little reassured albeit concerned for her friend.

“Get some rest – both you and Zweilous deserve it,” Aelfric said. “Oh, and, good luck with the tournament. I’m sure you’ll be great.”

“Thank you, Elder,” Lei bowed slightly, before heading out of the shrine, waving goodbye.


The Alolan girl beelined for the Blackthorn Gym, heading straight to the changing rooms so she could finally get out of the sweaty heap. Smears of blue dye were spread intermittently across her skin as she attempted to scrub it off to no avail. She hoped that she'd never have to wear a kimono again. Time passed and all Lei had managed to clean was a single arm.

“You’re starting to look like a dragon yourself.”

It was Clair – she leaned against the door, crossing her arms. Her tone was calm in stark contrast to her behaviour at the Dragon’s Den, “I just dropped by to say good luck.”

Lei looked up at her, frowning, “I was worried about you.”

Clair was taken aback, “Me? Worry about yourself – you’re the one who’s going to be competing!” She paused, taking a deep breath, “look, I’m sorry about before.”

“Don’t sweat it,” Lei replied, she was the one who was the sweaty mess after all as she kept scrubbing at the blue blotches.

“I mean it,” she sighed, walking into the changing rooms. “Grandpa was right – and so were you – both strong and weak Pokémon are important."

"Here, let me help you,” she moved behind the shorter girl, scrubbing at her splotches. Unlike Lei’s attempts, they disappeared as soon as Clair scrubbed them.

“So,” Clair paused, “do you know where you’re headed to next?”

“I’m not too sure. Maybe the Lake of Rage – might go for a swim and hopefully find a trainer or two.”

“Ah,” she responded. “Well, I’m heading to Goldenrod for a fashion show – if you’re around, just hit me up and we can hang.”

Lei smiled, preferring the company of the more easy-going Clair, “will do.”

“There.” Clair look down at Lei’s spot-less arms, “hope that helped. Make sure to get your stuff ready - don’t expect me to come chasing after you if you leave anything behind!”

The dragon trainer parted ways with her, waving at Lei goodbye as she left the room. Once she was gone, Lei slumped onto the changing room bench, pulling out Zwei’s Pokéball again. She sighed - they still had a long way to go.


Zwei (Zweilous) - [Hustle]
Dragon Rush | Dark Pulse

Dragonair - [Shed Skin]
Dragon Tail | Dragon Pulse | Twister

Clair victory

"caw caw"


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Carrie Tanner

", I'll be home soon, but I'm going to see if I can challenge someone along the way." Carrie absentmindedly chats on the phone as she walks home.

"So soon? Didn't you already have a battle today?" Minamo sounds slightly distracted, probably multitasking around the house.

"Yeah, but I'm rusty! I gotta work all the kinks out before I move up to fight people who actually know what they're doing."

"If you say so... hey, I got Altaria and Gardevoir sent over from my parents' place. Maybe you can work with them tomorrow, try to get used to them?"

"Definitely! A bit of elegance to pretty up my team could be just the edge I need."

Mina laughs at that, which is one of Carrie's favorite sounds. "Don't get your hopes up, they'll need some work before they're ready for serious battles."

"I'm ready to put in the work if they are. It shouldn't be-" She's interrupted by a chime from her phone. "Oh, hey! There's someone nearby, at the Fan Club. I'm heading there now!"

"Go get 'em, sweetie! I'll see you at home. I love you!"

"Me too, Mina. Later! *mwah.*"

♧♤Soon! At the Pokémon Fan Club...♤♧

Outside the Fan Club, there's a small group of people gathered by the fountain. Checking the database, Carrie sees that the competitor is a young man named Jean. Sure enough, the small crowd, mostly girls, are gathered around him as he talks. Carrie isn't too interested in his stories, so she sends out a challenge to his phone.

"What's this? Someone dares to challenge moi? Well, by all means, step forward!" He dramatically gestures as his fangirls and boys step back. Carrie waves casually. "'Sup?"

"What's up? You want to know what's up? My rank after I defeat you, that's what!" He laughs at his own "joke", his followers joining in.

Carrie just sighs. "Look, Johnny boy, are we doing this or not?"

That sets him off. "It's Jean! Jean Winstrate! Of the Mauville Winstrates? Recognize nobility when you see it, you ignorant old bat!"

And that sets Carrie off. "Hey! I am not ignorant! Or old. I was just looking for a friendly battle, but you just made it personal!"

"Enough talk! Let's fight!" Jean accepts the challenge, and his entourage backs away as he and Carrie make their way over to a tennis court that doubles as a battle arena.

A Rotom Drone descends from the sky, summoned by the acceptance of a challenge. "Welcome, one and all, to this Pokémon World Championship Normal Rank battle! Carrie Tanner from Slateport has challenged Jean Winstrate from Mauville! Each Trainer will be allowed to use two Pokémon in this one-on-one battle! The winner of this match will ascend to Great Rank! Contestants, please choose your Pokémon!"

"I'll go first!" Jean demands. "Houndoom, I choose you!" He tosses the ball, his Pokémon snarling as it appears.

"Fine by me! Then I'll choose-" One of Carrie's Poké Balls pops open of its own accord, her Pokémon grinning excitedly at Houndoom. "Breloom?!" She shakes her head, smiling slightly. "Of course, you would want to fight this one. Here, don't forget your toy..."

"Breloom vs Houndoom! Hey, that rhymed! Get ready, get set... GO!" Rotom shoots straight up, and the battle is on.

"Finish this quickly with Flamethrower!" Houndoom charges in, a stream of fire blasting from its mouth. Breloom flinches from the heat, bouncing backwards and landing in a crouch.

"Hit him with a Leech Seed, and use your Orb!" Breloom lashes out with her tail, releasing a barrage of tiny spores that wash over Houndoom. Small mushrooms sprout from the Dark type's skin, draining its energy and releasing red spores that make their way back to Breloom, healing her injuries. She clutches the sphere Carrie had given her before the match, which emits a dark gas that stains her skin purple wherever it touches.

"Is that a Toxic Orb?" Jean is baffled, forgetting to call out an attack.

"It is! Want a closer look? Breloom, Fling it at Houndoom!" Breloom tosses the Orb at Houndoom, who Jean quickly orders to Howl. The flung orb hits Houndoom in the chest, releasing a puff of the dark smoke on impact. It starts to roll away, but Carrie jumps in to retrieve it, wrapping it in cloth and tucking it into her bag.

The Leech shrooms send more of Houndoom's energy to Breloom, while the poison actually heals her rather than hurt her. Jean actually seems to notice that. "Oh, so that's your big plan? I didn’t even know there were Pokémon that could do that. Not bad... but not good enough to beat me. Houndoom, use Crunch!"

"Counter it with Mach Punch!" Breloom ducks low as Houndoom charges in, her tiny arms suddenly lashing out like pistons once Houndoom is close enough. The hit staggers the canine, but it leaps at Breloom, biting down on her neck and pinning her to the ground. It shudders as the poison ravages through it, and the mushrooms drain more energy. Breloom grins as both of those things heal her.

"You've got him where you want him, Breloom! Point blank Mach Punch!" Breloom strikes with her speedy punches, earning an angry growl from Houndoom, but he responds with a Flamethrower directly into her neck. Breloom cries out in pain, struggling to break free, unable to heal fast enough to counteract the hellhound's flames.

"Struggle all you want!" Jean sneers smugly as Carrie tries to figure a way out of this mess. "Breloom relies on its speed to win fights, but Houndoom is faster, and we have you pinned! Now, Houndoom, do as I said and finish it with Flamethrower!"

Breloom gets in another Mach Punch, directly to Houndoom's throat, making it cough as it chokes out another gout of flame. It provides just enough advantage for her to break free of its grip, barely standing even after another dose of Leech energy and orb toxin.

"How you feeling, Bre? Got one more round in you?" Breloom nods, smiling weakly at Carrie. "Okay, I think you hit a weak spot there. You just need to hit him really hard, okay?"

Jean, meanwhile, seems angry. "How is it still standing? You're a Fire type, it's a Grass type! This should have been over after the first round! Get in there and incinerate that overgrown fungus!"

"Hey, we still having fun, Johnny? Enjoying the tournament?"

"Of course I am! I'll just enjoy it more after I win!"

Houndoom keeps its distance this time, standing back and exhaling lines of fire at Breloom. She dodges the first blast, leaps over the second, then slides under a third to punch up and hit Houndoom in the jaw. Apparently that was its weak spot, as the piston punch knocks it into the air and out of commission.

"Houndoom is unable to battle! One point to Carrie Tanner!"

Breloom heads back to Carrie, tired but proud, while Jean grumbles as he returns Houndoom. Carrie faintly hears him congratulate Houndoom, and almost regrets teasing him like she has. Maybe he's not so bad after all.

Jean tosses his next ball, revealing... an apple? No, not quite. The apple opens and spreads like wings, revealing a tiny worm in an apple-shaped shell. "Meet Flapple, a gift my father brought me from the Galar region!"

Carrie frowns in thought. "Probably a Grass type, so your seeds won't work. I doubt Mach Punch will hurt it, so our best bet..." she pulls out the Toxic Orb again, when the Rotom Drone suddenly gets in her face.

"A friendly reminder that the use of items is not allowed in this battle, unless the Pokémon brought the item into battle with them!"

"Right! Sorry..." She puts the orb back, waving sheepishly at someone in the crowd who laughs at her.

"Flapple, hit it with Wing Attack!" Flapple swoops in before Carrie can even call an attack, striking Breloom with its fruit-like wings. The tiny Pokémon is surprisingly strong, knocking Breloom down with just one hit.

"Breloom is unable to battle! One point to Jean Winstrate!"

The fans cheer as Flapple lands on Jean's shoulder, folding up into apple shape again. Carrie returns Breloom to her ball, pulling a Fast Ball off her belt. "Guess I should have figured it'd be a Flying type."

"Ha! Flying type, she says!" Jean laughs, and his fans dutifully follow suit. "Shows what you know! Flapple is actually a Dragon type!"

"Wait, really?" Carrie returns the ball to her belt. "Well, that changes things." Of course it is! Why couldn't Mina's parents have sent Altaria over yesterday? She grabs a Heavy Ball from her belt instead, sending out Slaking. Slaking yawns loudly, sitting cross-legged and facing away from Flapple.

"Hey, King! You ready to fight a Dragon? I'll need your strength to win." Slaking snorts in annoyance, the slowly stands up, towering over Carrie. He turns on his heel, lazily dropping onto his side as he fixes Jean with a bored stare. "Alright! Let's make some applesauce!"

Jean glances at Flapple nervously. The tiny Dragon hops off his shoulder, spreading its wings as it glides onto the field. "Flapple, use Iron Defense!"

Slaking lets out a long and loud Yawn, obviously bored by the tactic. Flapple folds up into its shell, a reflective sheen spreading over its form.

Carrie glances around, noting the confusion on the faces in the crowd. "What? He'll do something, just give him a moment..."

Jean scowls at her. "Take this fight seriously, Tanner! If you won't issue a command, then I will! Flapple, another Iron Defense!"

Slaking idly scratches his stomach while another coat of metallic armor forms over Flapple. And then Flapple starts snoring softly.

"There it is! Slaking, Chip Away!" Slaking leaps forward with startling speed, hammering blow after blow into Flapple with his mighty fists. The little wyrm is tossed around by the hits, coming to rest at Jean's feet. The crowd gasps at the sudden violence of the display, and even Jean takes a step back.

Slaking sits back down, tracing a finger in the dirt. Carrie steps up to give him a quick hug. "Good job, King." Slaking pats her appreciatively on the head, which is smaller than his hand.

"F-Flapple, are you okay?" Jean leans in to inspect his Pokémon, who is still softly snoring. "Of course she is! After two Iron Defense, even that fat ape can't hurt Flapple!"

Slaking looks up sharply, causing Jean to flinch. Carrie steps back, grinning slightly. "Sure, tell yourself that. But I'd apologize if I were you. Slaking doesn't take insults lightly."

Flapple wakes up, unfolding and slowly flying off the ground. "Why should I? Flapple, Grav Apple!"

Flapple flies into the air, then folds back into apple form, green energy gathering around her as she falls. She smacks into Slaking's head, causing him to cry out. As she bounces off his head, he immediately jumps to his feet, again hammering her with punches.

"And another Chip Away. You really should apologize." Carrie shakes her head, acting like she has no control over Slaking.

The rapid punches again knock Flapple away, and this time she crashes into Jean, weak and dazed.

"Flapple is unable to battle! Carrie Tanner is the winner!"

"Good job, King! That was a great match!" Slaking smiles at her, then flops to the ground. "Okay, I get it. Back in the ball." She returns him to the Heavy Ball, bowing to the crowd, who applaud nervously while looking at Jean.

Jean looks quite upset at his loss, but regains his composure quickly enough. "Fine! Fine. I know when I've been beaten. You're stronger than I gave you credit for, Tanner. Excellent battle."

Carrie smiles at him. "Thanks, Jean. You were pretty great yourself!"

"And speaking of Great..." the Rotom Drone chimes in, "Carrie Tanner has risen to Great Rank in the Pokémon World Championship! Congratulations!"

"Yes, well done, Tanner. I'm... glad I could help you reach Great rank." Jean's smile is obviously forced, but at least he's trying. "I'm sure you'd like to celebrate." He gestures to the Fan Club doors.

Carrie laughs. "You bet I do! Bye!" She starts walking away, leaving Jean very confused.

Oh, I'll celebrate alright. She thinks to herself with a smile. But not with you. I'm going home!


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Alaka Malina
Male | 24 | Jubilife City (Sinnoh)
Custard (Imposter) - Transform
Prince (Male, Snow Warning) - Aurora Veil, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Disable
Pan (Female, Slush Rush) - Icicle Crash, Swords Dance, Drill Run, Iron Head
Titan (Male, Snow Warning, Mega Capable) - Aurora Veil, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Ice Punch
Fuji (Female, Snow Cloak) - Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Double Team, Blizzard
Zeus (Male, Slush Rush) - Bolt Beak, Icicle Crash, Surf, Pluck
Dave (Male, Ice Face) - Hail, Ice Punch, Liquidation, Zen Headbutt
Sunny (Female, Forecast) - Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Thunder, Hurricane

Alaka sat in the airport terminal, awaiting the announcement that his flight to Alola was boarding. Apparently, you were generally expected to battle in more than one region before taking part in the finals in Unova, so it seemed as good a time as any to stop by home and say hello to his family before heading onwards to Mistralton City.

He didn’t think it would be too long until the voice came over the PA and it was time to get on the plane, but it wasn’t like he was in any real rush either. He certainly had plenty to entertain himself with. Custard was sitting on his lap, he Ditto cheerily amusing themself by transforming into random people, Pokemon and objects that they noticed in the airport.

So enamoured with his Ditto, who was currently a child-sized suitcase with a face, was Alaka that he didn’t even notice the buzzing in his pocket. Nor did he notice the nearby eyes turned to him when the buzzing had continued for several minutes.

“Come on man, aren’t you going to check that?” The voice had come from a young woman with vibrantly green and red dyed hair. She was now standing in front of Alaka looking somewhat impatient.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice.” Alaka pulled out his phone and opened the unending notification from the tournament app.

A challenge has been issued. Would you like to accept? The text on the phone read. A box had opened up on the screen, showing the face of the woman in front of Alaka, along with her name, Jazz.

“It’s taken me forever to find another Ultra Rank competitor around here. Almost everyone is Normal with a handful of Greats. I haven’t seen another Ultra Rank in literal days. That’s why I’m flying out to Alola earlier than I planned.”

“Ultra Rank?” Alaka questioned. Last he’d checked, he was only in the Great Rank. That was odd.

“Yeah dude, I couldn’t have challenged you otherwise.”

Alaka looked at the app again. Sure enough, Jazz was very clearly listed as an Ultra Rank competitor.

“I’m in the Great Rank though. Right?” Alaka asked, confused by this turn of events.

Apparently, this confusion was somewhat infectious because Jazz also did a double take and checked her own app. “No, you’re definitely Ultra according to this. Check your profile.”

Alaka did just that, bringing up his own competitor information.

Name: Alaka Malina
Age: 24
Registered: Sinnoh
Rank: Ultra (146)

“Huh. I guess that means I am in Ultra then. I wonder when that happened.”

On his lap, now transformed into Jazz’s carry-on bag, Custard let out a dreamy, but clearly celebratory cry. Although, cry was probably not the most accurate word for the sleepy, quiet sound.

“I uh…” Jazz bega, completely caught off guard. “I’d guess when you won your last battle.”

“Oh yeah,” Alaka said, “That would make sense.”

“Didn’t the Rotom drone tell you?”

“Was there a Rotom drone there? I don’t remember.” Alaka asked Custard before realising that Custard had been in their ball at the time and not a participant in the battle.

“There’s always a drone,” Jazz answered, “Are you okay, man?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Alaka replied, confused by the genuine look of concern on the woman’s face.

What would have been an awkward silence if Alaka was aware of such things soon fell over the two trainers as Custard continued to obliviously shift their form into random things that caught their eye. They became Jazz twice, prompting visibly discomforted reactions from the woman herself to suddenly see herself on Alaka’s lap.

“So… the challenge?” Jazz eventually ventured.

“Oh yeah.” Alaka looked back at the app and selected the “decline” option.

“What? Why?!” Jazz’s tone wasn’t demanding as such, but anyone other than Alaka could tell she was not just frustrated but legitimately confused by the decision. They had plenty of time before the plane arrived.

“I don’t really feel like it right now.” Alaka shrugged. “Maybe if we see each other in Alola. I’m just chilling with Custard right now.”

Jazz sighed. “Fine, but I’m holding you to that.”

Instead of walking off, she took the seat next to Alaka and started playing a mobile game while they waited. Custard changed into her phone.

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The Ralts Trainer's Homecoming - Kaito vs Flint & Volkner - [1]
Kaito Ishikawa | Normal Rank | Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh

The chirping of cameras. The unbearable flashes. Not to mention, the legion of paparazzi. If there was anything Kaito was most certain of, it was his discomfort towards being in the public eye. You’d think he’d be accustomed to it by now, having gotten a taste when he’d participated in the Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Kalos Leagues. But, no, you’d be wrong - the idea still made him 100 percent uncomfortable.

When Kaito first agreed to a double battle with Flint and Volkner, he envisioned a small, intimate venue for it. What he didn’t envision was the whole of Sunnyshore Stadium, which Flint rented out for their bout weeks in advance. That wasn’t the only thing he rented out. Their battle also had a 30-minute broadcast slot. It was going to be shown all throughout Sinnoh and beyond. TV crews from different regions were going to be filming it. Thousands of people were going to be attending.

Upon finding out, Kaito couldn’t help but hyperventilate on the inside.

It wasn’t that he hated being in the limelight. Far from it. You know how some people hate watching themselves on TV for one irrational reason or another? How they would - with the benefit of hindsight - just ruthlessly pick apart the things they think they shouldn’t have done? Kaito was simply one of these persons.

For the moment, Kaito was safely in his car - the only barrier separating him from the swarm of scoop-hungry journalists outside. To be accurate, it wasn’t actually his car but Flint’s. One of Flint’s chauffeurs was driving him to Sunnyshore Stadium. He’d have to thank Flint for that later. Having now arrived, all that was left for Kaito to do was unlock the car doors.


The crowd - forming little pockets around the stadium at first - began to converge as Kaito stepped out. Then, like a pack of zombies, they pursued him, all sorts of equipment in tow.

“Oh, it’s that Ralts connoisseur!”

“No way! Wasn’t he retired? Is this a comeback?”

“Can he really beat both Flint and Volkner by himself? Guy's in over his head.”

These were just some of the things said amongst the crowd.

Kaito’s arrival was, as expected, met with mixed reactions - some positive, others not-so-positive. In particular, Kaito honed in on the positive. Considering this was his first serious match in years, how people still remembered him, Kaito wasn’t exactly sure. But he was glad they did. Somewhere in the chaos, someone had even been waving a banner with his name and face on it. Kaito had to let out a chuckle seeing it, though he wished they'd used a more flattering picture for the banner. Nevertheless, it confirmed to him that he'd managed to leave a legacy, insignificant as it may have been compared to other trainers. His chest swelled at that thought.


There he was again, getting all choked up. “Don’t be a wuss today Kaito,” he whispered. That seemed to snap him back to normal.

Picking up speed, Kaito attempted to wade through the expanse of people before him. He would respond to the camera crews on occasion, but most of the time he’d just nod politely as a gesture of acknowledgment then move on. It might not have looked like it, Kaito acting aloof and all, but he didn’t mind stopping for a chat. The problem was he couldn’t make out what people were saying. Not enough to do guesswork, at least. Due to the hubbub around him, every word meant to pine for his attention just blurred together into an incomprehensible mess.

That remained the case until the long-anticipated trainer duo of Flint and Volkner entered the scene. Almost immediately, most of the people around him dispersed, with the exception of a small news crew from Solaceon Town. Kaito recognized them the moment he met eyes with one of the reporters.

“Ha! Look who we have here!” That same reporter exclaimed. The entire crew was now walking towards him.

“Surprised? Excited?” Kaito locked hands with the reporter, initiating what seemed to be a handshake but not quite. “Both, maybe?” The latter half of the handshake was punctuated by a fist bump.

It had been a while since Kaito last saw Mr. Alan. Last he spoke with the brown-haired gentleman, the two commiserated over how it was too late for Kaito to start pursuing a career as a Pokémon Professor and how Mr. Alan was too old to break into the entertainment industry. Evidently, neither statement turned out to be true.

It was starting to seem as if his return to the trainer world was reconnecting him to people he’d lost contact with. Not that Kaito minded much. He just found the situation to be… interesting. This was probably just a side-effect of him being a public figure. One who's been missing-in-action, at that. Suddenly coming out of the woodwork as he did, he was bound to attract attention - both from strangers and people he knew.

Behind Mr. Alan emerged the head of Solaceon TV himself, acting professionally at first, extending a hand and whatnot. A toothy grin later, Kaito found himself somehow sucked into an interview he couldn’t refuse. Whether out of persuasion or coercion, that was still up in the air.

After clipping a tiny microphone to the collar of his polo, Kaito plopped onto a folding chair prepared for him by one of Solaceon TV’s staff. Opposite to him sat Mr. Alan, haphazardly buttoning up the suit he’d just changed into. Now he looked the part of a reporter.

Mr. Alan fiddled with his cue cards, searching for the right one. Once it was in his hands, the camera crew quickly circled him, all cameras panned to Kaito. “Okay, let’s get started…” He mumbled before the tapes rolled. And start they did.

The interview began normal enough, though from the get-go Kaito was already bracing himself for any curveball questions.

“What are your expectations for today?” was the first question Mr. Alan fielded. It was certainly not something Kaito hadn’t heard before. He didn’t have to think too hard for the answer. “To not embarrass myself,” Kaito replied plainly. “Might be hard when you’re up against an Elite Four Member and a Gym Leader, though.”

Mr. Alan nodded at the aside. “I can imagine.”

“With Flint, there’s no mistaking he’s a formidable trainer,” Kaito continued, letting a bit of his admiration for the Elite Four Member shine through. “Any trainer capable of holding their own against Cynthia is a force to be reckoned with.”

“And Volkner?” Mr. Alan awaited Kaito’s assessment.

“You mean Mr. Cool Guy?”

Kaito thought back to his first battle with the Sunnyshore City Gym Leader. “I wouldn’t worry about him underperforming, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“Fair enough,” Mr. Alan conceded.

Throughout his interview with Mr. Alan, Kaito noticed he’d gotten the chance to talk more than he expected. Not only that, compared to other interviews he’d had in the past, he didn’t feel like Mr. Alan was leading him on at all. It was the opposite. Mr. Alan allowed him to speak his mind, and Kaito appreciated that. Once the interview was over and the cameras tucked away, he made sure to approach the guy before leaving.

“Thank you for having me, Mr. Alan,” Kaito said, first tapping the man on the shoulder to get his attention.

Mr. Alan waved off the display of gratitude. “Don’t mention it.”

“You can give that to me.”

Kaito handed over his microphone to Mr. Alan, who then passed it on to a nearby staff member for storage.

After another round of thank-yous and a quick exchange of farewells, Kaito was promptly escorted by bodyguards to the area of the stadium meant for competitors. Looking overhead, he caught a glimpse of the Rotom drone officiating his match.


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Carrie Tanner

"It's not fair. I go up a rank and suddenly nobody wants to battle me!" Carrie aggressively sips at her drink. She and Mina are waiting for their lunch at an outdoor cafe.

"Of course not. You're out of their league now. The rules say you can only challenge competitors of equal rank."

"When did you become an expert on the rules? And why did you even read them?"

"The better question is, why didn't you?" Mina smirks at her wife. "Honestly, just sitting and waiting isn't going to do you any good. You might have to actually look somewhere else."

"What, like Dewford?"

"Maybe think bigger, honey." Mina sighs.

Carrie tries to think, but is interrupted by her phone. "Hey, someone just challenged me!"

Looking around for her challenger, she sees a bright eyed young man smiling as he hurries over. "What luck! I was concerned that there weren't any Great trainers left in Slateport! Hi, I'm Benji."

Carrie preens under the praise. "Well, they don't get much greater than me. I can spare a few minutes for a battle. You okay with that, Mina?"

"Go for it! I'm excited to actually see this one!"

Carrie accepts the challenge, following Benji to the nearby square. Luckily for Mina, their table has a good view of the arena.

◇♡Soon! Like, immediately!♡◇

With the battle official and the arena chosen, a Rotom Drone arrives to make its announcements. "Hello and welcome! Benjamin Inoue has challenged Carrie Tanner to this Great Rank battle! They will each be using two Pokémon, at the same time! That's right, folks! It's a double battle!"

"Good luck, sweetie!" Mina calls out, waving enthusiastically.

"I won't need it! But thank you!" Carrie waves back, but is dismayed to see their waiter leaving after delivering their lunch. "Hey! Don't eat my chips!"

Mina smugly plucks a potato piece from Carrie's basket. "Hurry up and win, then!"

Carrie turns back to Benji, who is still smiling at her. "Alright, let's do this. I don't want my fish and chips getting cold." She tosses a Heavy Ball and a Love Ball, sending out Slaking and Gardevoir. Slaking yawns loudly, clearly not interested, while Gardevoir turns up her nose at him.

Benji actually laughs at that. "I'd worry more about your Pokémon getting cold!" And he sends out a Seel and a pink Wormadam.

"Talk about throwing down the gauntlet! On three! One... two... THREE!"

Benji takes the initiative. "Seel, set up a snowstorm! Wormadam, lock them down!"

"King, go for the bug with a Hammer Arm! Gardevoir, use Skill Swap on Slaking."

Slaking rushes in, his fists gleaming with white energy. Before he reaches Wormadam, he leaps into the air, bringing his fist down on her metallic coat. Gardevoir's eyes glow blue, and Slaking pauses as his eyes glow as well.

"Oh, my! Gardevoir has exchanged her Synchronize Ability for Slaking's Truant!"

Meanwhile, Seel claps his flippers together while a cold wind starts to blow. He exhales a white fog, which gathers over the square and collects into gray clouds. Snow starts to fall from them, blown by the cold breeze, followed by sharp Hail stones. Wormadam releases sticky strands of electrically charged silk, which sticks to both Slaking and Gardevoir, shocking and entangling them.

The Hail doesn't seem to bother Seel, and Wormadam's protective coat wards her from harm. Slaking just gets mad at the ice, while Gardevoir covers her head and looks miserable.

"Wow! This isn't good for me!" Benji laughs, apparently having a great time. "Seel, show Slaking your Blizzard! Wormadam, how about a Flash Cannon?"

"Slaking, keep up the Hammer Arm!" Carrie walks onto the field, putting a hand on Gardevoir's shoulder. "Hey, Gardy. You doing alright?" Gardevoir pouts and sits down, still covering her head. No hailstones hit Carrie, but she backs out of the circle before any get a chance to.

Slaking, filled with a vigor he hasn't felt in years, swings wildly at Wormadam. She takes the hit, getting knocked back, just as Seel opens his mouth to exhale a blast of freezing air and tiny snowballs, which actually manage to push Slaking back a step as he protects his face with his arms. Small lights in Wormadam's coat start to shine, and small beams of light project forward, meeting up and combining into one beam of solid light. The light beam hits Slaking full in the chest, leaving his hair slightly singed.

"You're doing great, Carrie! Keep it up!" Mina is standing, leaning against the railing to get closer.

"You really are, I'm having a blast!" Benji agrees, giving a thumbs-up to both of them. "Seel, another Blizzard! Wormadam, I think Gardevoir is feeling left out. Send a Flash Cannon her way!"

Encouraged by the kind words of her wife and her opponent, Carrie shouts some inspiration to her Pokémon. "King, back off and Slack Off! Gardy, use Skill Swap on Seel!"

Slaking takes a step back, dropping to the ground and sighing in relief. His body glows green, the scorch marks on his chest and frost on his face fading away. Gardevoir sighs in annoyance, her eyes glowing blue again, as do Seel's. When the glow fades, she quickly stands back up, blushing in embarrassment of her behavior.

"Another interesting development, as now Seel has received Gardevoir's Truant Ability in exchange for Ice Body!"

Slaking's peace of mind is interrupted when Seel pelts him in the face with more snowballs, and Gardevoir is snaps to attention when the silver beam of Wormadam's Flash Cannon washes over her, staggering her. Slaking gets even angrier as the Hail crashes down on him, and Seel reacts in surprise that his own storm is now hurting him. Wormadam remains unaffected, but Gardevoir catches the balls of ice and absorbs them into herself, healing her injuries a little in the process.

"Still having fun, Benny? I know I am." Carrie teases him, but he just keeps smiling.

"Absolutely! I'm loving this! This whole tournament is great, but this fight has been the highlight of my day!"

"I'm having fun, too! I wish I'd been recording this!" Mina calls out, and even the Rotom Drone chimes in.

"I'm recording the whole thing, miss! Footage will be available online after the battle's conclusion."

"Now that's what I like to hear!" Benji grins, crouching down to pat Seel affectionately. "Just you this time, Wormadam. Fall back and use another Flash Cannon!"

"King, Hammer Arm! Gardy, use Healing Wish!"

Slaking rises to his feet, leaping forward and smashing his fist onto Wormadam, who throws herself backwards from the blow. Gardevoir holds her hands over her chest, chanting quietly. Seel lounges on the ground, watching in awe as Wormadam fires another silver laser at Gardevoir, interrupting her chant and knocking her to the ground.

"Hey! Be careful with my Pokémon!" Mina shouts, watching with concern as Gardevoir slowly stands back up, restoring a small amount of energy from the Hail.

"Don't worry, I got this!" Carrie reassures her, muttering to herself as she turns back to the fight, "One match and she's already backseat battling..."

Benji looks at Minamo, then at Carrie, his happy grin changing to a knowing smile. "Let's try something new. Wormadam, Signal Beam on Slaking. Seel, Blizzard on Gardevoir."

"King, another Hammer Arm, Gardy, use your Future Sight!"

Gardevoir raises her arms, gathering energy from the local area. A faint shimmering of energy forms in the air above her as the Psychic energy builds. Slaking grabs Wormadam before she can fire off her Signal Beam, smashing her against the ground. Seel exhales a strong gust of wind and snow, which buffets Gardevoir and knocks her down and out.

"Both Wormadam and Gardevoir are unable to battle!"

Slaking and Seel are battered by the Hail, which fades away as the clouds break and disperse. A green ball of light, similar to a falling star, hits the ground where Gardevoir was, sinking into the ground without effect.

Carrie doesn't waste time with words. "Alright King, Chip Away!" Slaking charges at Seel, raining blows down on him while he lounges lazily. "Just keep going! You've got him on the ropes!"

Benji actually stops smiling at this, knowing Seel can't do anything. "Seel, hit him with a Blizzard before he dodges!"

As Slaking is about to pummel Seel again, he summons forth another arctic blast, freezing the air around the large ape solid. Slaking looks around in confusion inside a block of ice. Seel claps his flippers happily, then locks up as though he himself was frozen in ice.

"Oh! Slaking's Synchronize Ability has frozen Seel as well! It looks like neither combatant can move!"

"What?!" Carrie looks at the Drone in confusion, a sentiment Benji shares. "Now what happens?"

Suddenly, a blue and silver orb of Psychic energy flares into being, heading straight for Seel. The Psychic bomb collides with the Water type, knocking him out definitively.

"Gardevoir's Future Sight has left Seel unable to battle! Carrie Tanner is the winner!"

"Wow! That was too close..." Carrie approaches Slaking, tapping on the block of ice he's stuck in. "Thanks, King. I'll get you out of there." She fetches a Lum Berry from her bag, and Slaking manages to break free, shivering from the cold. She feeds him the Berry, and it warms him up inside, curing him of his condition.

"Well, that was a fun battle! Thanks for indulging me, Mrs. Tanner." Benji strolls over.

"Yeah, you too. It was good." Carrie offers him her hand, which he accepts and shakes. "See you later, Ben."

"Probably!" He again gives her his winning smile. "Well, I won't keep you. Enjoy your lunch!"

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Ravir Eisenhorth – Nartes, Suocé

Ravir Eisenhorth

3 vs 3

Talea Covarrubias

Hotel Area – Nartes

A veil of smoke and debris lifted on the street as two attack clashed against each other; the people around fell silent only for a moment before they started hushing and bickering with each other as they shuffled around their places to get better angles at the action.

A few meters downstreet, Archo looked at the cloud of smoke; he let out an inquisitive cry and readied to move, observing for any sudden movement. Soon enough the ground started trembling - a soft but regular motion, growing closer. Archo hoped back across the asphalt floor as Iedol the Duraludon rushed at him from out of the smoke cloud.

"Knock him down! Lead him in for a press!"

Talea knew even with her Duraludon's light body, physical strength could overpower a Kirlia.

The Kirlia barely had the time to turn aside and evade a swing from the Duraludon's arm, then had to block his face as the other Pokémon turned about for a punch; Duraludon knocked him down just shortly out of range, and only managed a step forward before Kirlia rolles away on the ground.

"To the other side, Archo! Pull out!"

The Kirlia got up and nodded; he readied a second Psyshock but that was not fast enough and he got slammed by a suddenly charging Duraludon.

Taking his chance, Kirlia raised both his arms to unleash a Psyshock–

"Outto a Stone, Iedol!"

–Iedol yelled out and raised his arm; sensing an incoming attack Archo retracted his technique and hunched to leap away, but he was not fast enough.

The Duraludon punched the ground hard and a large piece of concrete got dislodged from the ground to rise and hit Archo all across the head and left side of the torso. Two factions booed the technique: those who were clamoring for Ravir's victory, and those who saw the damage to the street, not to mention a few cars parked around.

"Not good..." Ravir muttered. He had to circle about to get the giant concrete slab out of his field of vision. And as he saw Kirlia jump Iedol and kick the Pokémon in the face to make his away, Talea also got closer to the fight to track the Duraludon's motions.

Both Trainers watched from a distance as Kirlia and Duraludon exchanged a few, quick minor blows. After almost half a minute dancing around each other, Iedol had been unable to score a clean hit but Archo still retreated, visibly tired, to the roof of a nearby car and readied another Psyshock.

Talea saw it coming. "Iedol, claw your way through it!"

Archo smirked, he had seen it coming too. He quickly cancelled his Psychock into a slide down the windshield just as Iedol was leaping in on the car with his claw extended.


"Noooo!" someone screamed. "I was one payment left on that car!"

Nevertheless, everyone else cheered as Iedol got his arm stuck on the windshield and Archo was quick to hop on him and fire a Signal Beam and then a Psychock on his head, finally prompting the larger Pokémon to cry out of pain. It was a brief moment before the Duraludon was able to dislodge himself - and the whole windshield, and catch the Kirlia still in midair with a full swing, sending him and the windshield spiraling to the other side of the street.

Archo yelled in pain and Iedol growled as he angrily hopped off the car. Of course, people cheered more.

Talea's lips curled. "Keep him on the ground, Iedol. Hard," she instructed. She would still be capable of taking out Kirlia, she thought. She just had to make sure Ravir could not switch the strategy.

Ravir for his part asked Archo if he was alright, and after the Pokémon responded with a nod, instructed him with some hesitation to go with another Psychock. He knew his main barrier right now was that Kirlia lacked something that was supereffective on the light, surprisingly fast Duraludon body.

And so, both Pokémon threw themselves at each other once more, Iedol now with clear intent to pummel Archo into the pavement if he had to.

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Courtney Nair
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Rank: Great → Ultra

Charizard (Cinnamon - ♂ - Blaze)
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Tyrantrum (Anise - ♀ - Rock Head)
Vs. Lucretia - 2 vs 2 double

Fuchsia’s turn this time. If Courtney won this battle, she would have almost surely ranked up, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Her opponent was a girl from Lavender, a couple years older than her, whose smile just looked like Courtney’s if not a bit… wiser, more adult. Hidden behind the silhouettes of her two Ghost types, she looked confident and perfectly aware of what she was doing.

On the other hand, the redhead was digging her nails in the palms of her own hands, as she tried to not let her frustration get the best of her. She recalled Magmortar, sighing, after a relentless Curse finally knocked her out.

Chili had been mostly charging up powerful attacks while her partner tried to take them instead. But the opposing Dusknoir’s Curse was laid on her nonetheless, and quickly whittled away at her health. Even worse, most of her Fire Blasts were just absorbed flawlessly by the Flash Fire Chandelure that her opponent also sent out.

Said Chandelure had to watch out from Anise, though. Courtney’s Tyrantrum, who had mostly spent the battle scaring off the Ghosts and trying to hit them with Crunch or Dragon Claw, but that also had a secret weapon ready to be unveiled.

The battle was pretty even on paper because of that. Both of the girls could have a chance to win, and the tide could change in the matter of seconds. Their hearts were building up the pace as they tried to keep focused and collected… up until now. Yes, because now Lucretia was not afraid to show her emotions anymore. “That was intense! You turned out to be a fine trainer for sure!” She grinned, walking back and forth on her side of the field. “But you won’t be good enough to get yourself out of this!”

It was probably true, not really because of Courtney though. She lived for this after all, didn’t she? But Anise didn’t, apparently. She was looking back at the redhead with fiery eyes, almost in annoyance.

“Well, you try me, Crish! Head Smash that Chandelure, Anise!”

Tyrantrum waited for a couple seconds, grunting. The thought of battling by herself probably didn’t entice her enough. Or maybe it was Courtney asking her to use such a powerful move - after all, she had been using Dragon Claw most of the time, and considered that to be enough effort.

A Shadow Ball came her way, and she just shrugged it off with a sideways Crunch instead, without going for the attack afterwards. Not what Courtney wanted - also because Anise was making her look like a fool.

“I’m taking you to the nurse anyways. Might as well go down with a bang, Anise!”

“I can help with that!” Lucretia smirked, as Chandelure readied up another attack that it previously had never used… Solar Beam. Which Anise decided to just endure.

As the sunlight crashed down on her… that’s when she decided to act, however. From the blinding light came out blind rage, as Tyrantrum lunged at Chandelure, surrounded by blue energy. Courtney nodded, her eyes sparkling as she realized that finally, Anise seemed to listen to her. She still had not bonded with her much, after all…

“Ally Switch, quick!” Lucretia called out. In the blink of an eye, Dusknoir and Chandelure swapped places, and the bulkier Ghost type was now ready to take the attack in place of its teammate. The damage was still relevant, but at least it was something that Dusknoir could manage. And if it meant giving Chandelure a better chance to strike, this time with Shadow Ball… it was all worth it.

Anise did, in fact, take that attack from the side, with no time to react to it. And then, she lunged at the Chandelure again, without waiting for any command. Crunch, Dragon Claw, whatever came more useful to hit that Fire-type. But Lucretia’s Pokémon kept dancing in the air, dodging Anise’s attacks.

That was going nowhere, and Courtney quickly realized that. Surely enough, the ominous wisps that Dusknoir was about to fire were also going to make things more difficult. But now that Chili wasn’t there…

“Anise, Stomping Tantrum!”

The redhead felt the ground shaking as her Pokémon channeled her own frustration into her move, the effects still hurting and confounding the floating Chandelure, as well as hitting Dusknoir a few meters away. “Crunch the Chandelure, protect yourself from the fire!”

Courtney crossed her fingers so hard - that was a difficult command and not even that rational. But Anise understood. She crunched the Chandelure, and used its own Flash Fire to draw the Will-o-Wisp from Dusknoir onto it, rather than onto herself. She then threw the Chandelure into the air, ready to strike again.

“Ally Switch again, Dusknoir!”

“Attack Dusknoir! Head Smash!”

The two commands came basically in unison. Dusknoir successfully swapped itself with Chandelure, and was now up in the air, slowly descending. But Anise had aimed right at where Dusknoir was, and not up in the sky, just like Courtney told her to. As the redhead could confirm, something was changing.

Chandelure was knocked clean out by Anise, as finally Courtney’s enthusiasm had started to get to her as well. Surely one more Head Smash would seal the deal at that point, too! Tyrantrum didn’t wait any longer and aimed another attack at Dusknoir, all the while Lucretia smiled. “It’s over, I know. Just… use Destiny Bond.”

Once again, two Pokémon laid motionless on the battlefield. Once again, two trainers looked at each other with fiery eyes. And once again, the Rotom drone decreed Courtney’s victory.

Anise was a hard Pokémon to raise and battle with. She was quite touchy, arrogant, and complacent. But she would get fired up easily, and Courtney was great at doing so… surely, she had to keep going on this route. The girl kept pondering over this as she headed to the Pokémon Center, as a notification from her PokéGear brought her back to reality. She ranked up to Ultra!

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Alaka Malina
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Custard (Imposter) - Transform
Prince (Male, Snow Warning) - Aurora Veil, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Disable
Pan (Female, Slush Rush) - Icicle Crash, Swords Dance, Drill Run, Iron Head
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Fuji (Female, Snow Cloak) - Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Double Team, Blizzard
Zeus (Male, Slush Rush) - Bolt Beak, Icicle Crash, Surf, Pluck
Dave (Male, Ice Face) - Hail, Ice Punch, Liquidation, Zen Headbutt
Sunny (Female, Forecast) - Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Thunder, Hurricane

Alaka sighed, facing off with Jazz across the battlefield. They’d barely gotten out of the airport when she’d challenged him again, and this time she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She continued pursuing him until he finally relented. He’d been planning to head to his parent’s place right away, but alas it seemed as if this battle was mandatory. At the very least, he’d managed to get her to agree to a single round double battle instead of a two aside single battle, that would hopefully speed things up.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Alaka was brought back to attention by Jazz clapping her hands loudly. Even he could tell she was getting impatient by this point, although he couldn’t understand why since she had insisted on battling then when he had other things on his mind.

“I guess I’m picking first then,” Jazz remarked, “Oscar, Blitz, you’re up!”

She tossed a pair of pokeballs into the air, each simultaneously exploding open and releasing her competitors of choice from within. The first, a Bibarel with bristly brown fur and prominent buck teeth. The second, a four winged purple batlike Pokemon - a Crobat.

Alaka absentmindedly grabbed two of his own Pokeballs, giving them a much less enthusiastic toss. With an identical flash of light, his Abomasnow and Arctozolt emerged. The latter Pokemon, Zeus, gave an enthusiastic wave with his stubby arms while Titan offered only a grunt of acknowledgement.

“That is the strangest-looking Pokemon I have ever seen,” Jazz commented, eyeing Zeus quizzically as hailstones began to fall from a patch of out-of-place clouds forming above them. “And of course, Snow Warning takes effect. Interesting.

“Looks like I’m going with Titan and Zeus then,” Alaka remarked, as though he hadn’t even heard his opponent, “Good combination.”

“Wait,” Jazz said, astonishedly, “Didn’t you even look at which Pokemon you were picking?! Oh whatever, let’s go already. Blitz, Tailwind!”

Jazz’s Crobat began flapping its wings harder, a gust beginning to blow from behind it and its teammate. Jazz wasn’t done yet though. “Oscar, Hyper Fang!”

Her Bibarel shot forward with unusual speed, aided by its partner's Tailwind. It opened its mouth wide, further exposing its prominent teeth as they began to glow brightly. Without a word from Alaka, Zeus was already moving.

Even faster than Oscar, the Arctozolt was suddenly in front of the rushing Bibarel, electricity crackling around his maw as he ducked Oscar’s attack and bit down with a Bolt Beak, electricity surging through the Bibarel as it abandoned the attack and backed away.
“See, good combo,” Alaka said.

“I guess now I know what that thing’s Ability is.”

“Aurora Veil please, Titan.” Alaka didn’t answer Jazz’s comment, opting instead to give his next instruction.

A shimmering rainbow glow washed over both Titan and Zeus, causing a groan of displeasure from Jazz on the opposite side of the field.

“Fine, we’ll be having enough of that! Blitz, Cross Poison on the Abomasnow. Oscar, you hit it with Superpower!” Jazz’s disappointment seemed to have quickly given way to defiance.

Her Crobat was the fastest, easily reaching Titan before he had a chance to react and slashing across him with purple, poison-infused wings. Titan barely sagged though, his already formidable endurance bolstered by his Aurora Veil.

Oscar attempted to strike him next, but was blocked by Zeus who placed himself between them as an almost fiery orange aura began to radiate off of the Bidoof. Oscar leapt up and whipped around, slamming Zeus with his paddle-like tail. Zeus didn’t take the hit quite as well as Titan, being knocked back by the powerful strike, but he didn’t fall, the radiant veil protecting him as well.

“Titan, Ice Punch. Zeus, Icicle Crash.”

Blitz was too fast for Titan, dodging higher up and out of the way of the Abombasnow’s icy, blue-glowing fist. The Abomasnow’s growl of frustration at the nimble Crobat was drowned out though by the shattering sound of a tail cloaked in jagged ice slamming into Oscar the Bibarel and knocking it tumbling along the ground.

“You haven’t got the best of us yet.” Jazz continued to smirk definitely as her Bibarel leapt back up and regrouped with its Crobat companion.

“Okay,” Alaka said.

“Would it kill you to show some enthusiasm?” Jazz asked incredulously.

“Probably not,” Alaka replied.

“Well, I’m going to make you show some interest, so we’ll find out. Hit the weird-looking one, Steel Wing and Aqua Jet!”

A surge of water rose up around Oscar and blasted him forward into Zeus like a missile. Zeus shook off the attack, but it has served its purpose. While Zeus was occupied with the high-speed attack, Blitz lived up to his name and shot out of the sky with silvery, metallic glowing wings. One set struck the Arctozolt hard, even his Aurora Veil not keeping him from being spun in the direction of the impact.

Zeus was far from out of the game though, even as he fell, he lashed out and clamped his mouth down on one of Blitz’s wings, dragging the Crobat down with him.

“Good job,” Alaka said, “You know what to do.”

With a gleeful sound - well as gleeful as he could sound with a Crobat in his mouth - Zeus unleashed another Bolt Beak. A surge of electricity rushed through Blitz as he struggled feebly against Zeus’ powerful grip.

“Catch, Titan,” Alaka instructed.

Zeus flung his body up, letting go of Blitz as he did so, his form blocking the Crobat from his teammate’s sight as it spiralled uncontrollably towards Titan.

Blitz let out a squeak of alarm as he managed to right himself, directly in front of Titan. The Abaomasnow loomed over the Crobat as he hammered down on him with another Ice Punch, the devastating attack leaving Blitz motionless at his feet.

“Good effort, Oscar and I have this now, don’t worry,” Jazz said, returning Blitz to his ball. “This isn’t over yet. Get ready for an epic comeback!”

“Okay,” Alaka said.

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