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Hey everyone!

Apologies for the late start, however we are kicking off the ESC 2022 festivities in the Entertainment & Media section! Come join us in the thread (OR in the #music channel on the Discord server!) to chat about who you want to win, the upcoming semi-finals and of course the grannnnnd finaaaaaleeeee this weekend!

We have an array of events (some revealed, some to be revealed!) and will be looking to host our usual QueUp session (but perhaps with a twist?????) this Friday as well as a potential viewing party for the final itself!

We've also got these adorable little signatures for this wanting to join in the event, so if nothing else you should join just to grab one!


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Welcome to the E&M Eurovision AFTERPARTY!!!

The ESC is over for another year, but we're not finished just yet... we still have a series of general knowledge music related events for you all to enjoy!

There are four events, two already revealed, two brand new, for you all to try your hand at! These were all supposed to be announced during the actual ESC but illness got in the way, I'm really sorry about that.

You can find all the information in this post!

Any previous deadlines have been consolidated into one, so you now have until Sat 21st May at 10:59 PM (UTC) / 11:59pm (BST) to submit your answers for any of the four events that you wish to take part in, as well as to submit your top 10 Eurovision songs from this year's 40 contestants if you haven't already!!!

We will wrap up one week after the ESC Final to make up for the delays in getting these events out. I will also be playing some of the best ever Eurovision tunes at this week's QueUp session on:
Fri 20th May at 6:00 PM (UTC) / 7:00pm (BST)
Click on the time above to see when that is in your local time zone! :)

We hope you will all join in the celebration!!!

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