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A lot was covered today in the Pokémon Presents, including some exciting news about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! Find a summary in the article and I'm sure a plethora of threads in this section to talk about these in further depth!


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Paldea ended up being the region name after all I was hoping the leaks weren't real LOL

Fidough is so cute though.


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God I can't believe they wasted half of the presentation on mobile titles...well, I suppose I CAN believe it, I just wish they hadn't. I also really wish I could be at the World Championships in London but the last time there was a pop-up center it was literally an all-day queue, and I don't much fancy spending an hour and a half on a train and then all day in a room full of people when COVID cases are creeping up and up in this country...and we're on the tail end of a horrendous heatwave. Thanks, but no thanks.

As for the SV was fine I suppose. I think I'd be less apathetic towards it if it didn't basically confirm the leaks I've been seeing around, which means my favourite starter for years is going to have a final stage evolution I am almost certainly going to dislike intensely. But I guess I have nobody but myself to blame for following the leaks, so hey ho. I don't think much of any of the Pokemon revealed, but they're far from the worst designs I've seen. I don't like the school setting, but I think that's mostly because it's been done so often in RPGs that I'm sick of it in general. The three storylines thing intrigues me, even if I expect they'll basically be the same as every other story, just split into three distinct parts. Freedom of choice means very little to me when it's an illusion; you'll have to do it all in the end to progress so yeah.

But it does look very nice. The models look a lot cleaner and more vibrant, even if the backgrounds remain absolutely horrendous. Still, they've got time to polish it. As long as it's not as awfully presented as Legends Arceus was, that's a plus. Guess we'll see.

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Yeah, hated the mobile stuff. I honestly just wanted some SV news which I am glad we got. The region name is great too. I've also sort of been following the leaks and none of it seems to bother me much.


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Motorcycle/Transformer legendaries!!! I love it. Always down for new concepts like this with legendaries. And for YuGiOh 5Ds nostalgia - anyone else? And does this mean they'll be in the story, as these rides, long before the climax (when you'll presumably get to actually catch them)? YES! I always want that in Pokemon!!
They look so cool on 4 legs before they "transform"; Miraidon looks like a lion dragon 🤩 Also, lol at the shot of Koraidon stopping at the Pokemon Center. "don't mind me, just gotta refill my tank real quick"

Also, some great character designs here, especially the ones in the little montage towards the end and Penny. (Penny is 100% Todoroki though. 😅 I'm not seeing as many memes about that as I expected!!)
I'm very interested in the trainer wearing a gas mask...