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Started by Sonata September 20th, 2022 6:27 PM
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A&M Biggest Fan Giveaway


Hello and welcome to the first ever PC-AM Biggest Fan Competition! Over the course of the next three weeks (September 21st - October 12th) the moderators of Anime and Manga (myself and Gimmepie) will be hosting a giveaway to the top 4 scorers of this little fan competition. The prize? 3 months of Crunchyroll Premium each. That’s right, a collective year of Crunchyroll Premium is up for grabs, and all you have to do is make a few posts.

  • For the duration of the competition, myself and Gimmepie will be posting a number of threads each week which will have the EVENT tag beside them.
  • For the duration of this competition, each post that you make within these EVENT threads will count as a single point. You’ll also be able to earn a point for every 5 posts you make within the Anime and Manga section in threads not marked with the EVENT tag.
  • If a postathon isn’t quite your thing, we’ll also be doing a collaboration with the Art Studio and Roleplay Theater sections in which you’ll be able to earn points for your artistic and/or written hobbies. Those threads will be linked at the bottom of this post for easy access, as will the In Character thread for the RP once it goes up in a couple of days.
  • The Art Studio’s thread will provide you with several prompts over the course of the next three weeks to show off your favorite characters, plus a little more as we get deeper into the competition. Meanwhile, the Roleplay Theater’s thread will allow you to spend two weeks as an anime character of your choice, interacting with others that they might not have ever before all the while taking a (possibly) well needed vacation in what will amount to the biggest non-canon fanservice episode, directed by you.


If you’d like to join us, simply make a post in this thread and we’ll (or if you’d like to yourself, edit it into your post as you go) tally up your points from there. Now, get out there and show who’s the biggest anime fan :)

Your name here - Points Total

The Next Person's name here - Their Points Total

Art Studio Thread // Roleplay Theater OOC // Roleplay Stage IC


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Sounds cool. I'll try to be active in all event threads.

EDIT: It might be a good idea to list my posts here.



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Sounds like fun. I'd like to join in. I've posted in the below threads thus far.

Event Tag:
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Non-Event Tag:
Is an anime ever too long for you to watch?
Any anime you liked the first season of, but not later seasons?
Have you ever crushed on anime characters?
Anime October
How many anime series can you keep up with at a time?