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  1. S

    What "Quit Moment" made you drop a large Pokemon Fangame/Hack?

    You're all familiar with "Quit Moments" as Josh Strife Hayes once talked about, right? Maybe the game was unpolished, full of typos and bad grammar and clumsily characterized one-note cliches that go nowhere. Maybe it was a level curve that ordered you to start grinding for EXP, cash, or Game...
  2. Trev

    PC and CSS Tutorials | #1: The Basics

    PC and CSS Tutorials Written by Trev Greetings, fellow PC members! My name is Trever, and today I'm starting my blog that will focus on teaching the members of PC about CSS. Admittedly, a lot of members already know how to do this, and a lot really don't care for CSS, but if I can help even one...
  3. M

    Franziska von Karma Cosplay Progress Log

    Woah, hey there o/ I'm finally getting around to creating a cosplay I've wanted to make for a couple of years. I wasn't quite sure of all the elements, and I'm still not, but I thought it would be fun to share my progress as I figure it all out and craft it! I don't think I'll be making it to...
  4. P

    PC GT11: My Thoughts

    So this was my first year on PC, and thus my first time being a part of their apparently annual Get Together. As a whole, I really enjoyed the events offered, even if I didn't participate in all of them. Here are some of the ones I did, and what I thought of them: The Pokémon Challenge: The...
  5. H

    Hikari's Digest - Player Characters of Pokemon

    Hi guys, and welcome to the first of Hikari's Digest, where I give in-depth details whether it'd be Pokemon or some of my other interests. The first edition is going to cover the many protagonists we've had over the course of the main series Pokemon games from Red all the way to Rosa. Red...
  6. R

    Venturing into the World of Graphics

    So, I started up a graphics thread yesterday, and luckily people seem to like what I do :) Currently I've been getting requests at a good pace, so hopefully either: a) It'll stay like this, b) Someone will join my graphics team, or c) People will be patient in receiving their graphics. How long...