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  1. StarstruckFlora

    Pearl hack: Pokémon Pearl: Slotmod

    Heya everyone! I wanted to post this here, since, for the past few months (on and off of course, I have a hard time focusing on things), I have been working on a rom hack for pokémon Pearl (and will later make a version for diamond if needed) Essentially, the idea of this rom hack came to me...
  2. A

    Different type forms

    Hi people , I have made a few sprites with different type for Kanto starters, just wanted to share (still working on back sprites though), I'll be updating this thread with new forms time to time , you can post your own if you want, feel free to use them, regards!
  3. mucka33

    Graphics: Gen 4 Styled 80x80 Beta Pokemon Sprites

    I see a lot of 64x64 sprite assets floating around, but not as many 80x80s for use in Pokemon Essentials. So, I figured I'd start my own set of resources. You're free to use these, just please credit the spritework to mucka33, thank you :) They're already scaled to 2x size, so just save them...
  4. B

    Tool: [Gen IV] Move Data Editing

    Hello everyone! Looking into Gen IV move editing lately. Wanted to streamline the process. I whipped up a very simple batch script using armips and narchive plus a few files that builds the move data narc (a/0/1/1 or waza_tbl.narc) from scratch using labeled constants. Here's the GitHub...
  5. BellBlitzKing

    Audio: Untitled

    New Pokemon Attack Moves SFX for Diamond/Pearl + Black/White & More Versions! Get over 4,500 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA, DS & 3DS games! MP3's Crossing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova---Gen 1 to Gen 7! Download SFX Pack...
  6. Just A Remixer

    Graphics: DS Styled everything else.

    I've noticed something with a lot of hacks. They LOVE to use DS sprites! No seriously, a lot of hacks try to emulate the DS games in terms of looks. Though some are way better then others... I want to do a small project that no one has done as of 2019. Doing literally everything you'd possibly...
  7. slawter666

    Graphics: Playable Character Community Project

    Overview Two ideas have always excited me; the first is the ability to customise the character you play as, and the second is to see other series cross over into my favourite games. With the pret dissassemblies getting closer to being complete and the restrictions of binary hacking being...
  8. H

    NDS/3DS Tool Dump

    Generation IV Project Pokémon ROM Editor (PPRE) Authors: SCV, Alpha and more (?) Thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?303-PPRE-Project-Pokemon-s-ROM-Editor PPRE is the quintessential hacking tool for Gen 4, allowing you to edit Pokémon, trainers, scripts, overworlds, wild...
  9. thedarkdragon11

    Graphics: DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository in 64x64

    Hello guys! Here's a repository thread for Gen. 7+ DS-style Pokémon sprites to be used by hackers out there... This is not a continuation nor related to Chaos Rush's and MrDollSteak's resource threads... This thread is very different from the resource thread by the said members because here...
  10. MrDollSteak

    Graphics: Sugimori Palettes: The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource

    As many of you will know, Chaos Rush created a resource for properly resized DS sprites, and before you assk this is not a blatant rip off of Chaos' thread. Instead this is an alternative collection, based directly off of his work, using altered palettes taken directly from the Sugimori artwork...
  11. MrDollSteak

    Graphics: Gen VI: DS-Style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Resource

    As many of you will know, Chaos Rush created a resource for properly resized DS sprites, and before you ask this is not a blatant rip off of Chaos' thread. Instead this is a continuation of his work from Gens I-V for Gen VI. While I am not Chaos, I have contributed alot to his resource and...
  12. MrDollSteak

    Graphics: The DS-Style 64x64 Trainer Sprite Resource

    As many of you will know, Chaos Rush has created a resource for properly resized DS Pokemon sprites, and I have continued this on for Gen VI. That being said there has never really been a set of properly resized trainer sprites to match them. This project has actually existed for a while but...