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fan games

  1. J

    [Developing] Pokemon Soaring Frontiers

    This is my very first fan game, and I'd like some feedback on it, what I should do different, things I could do better and what I'm doing good. I appreciate all of the stuff you can say lol. Here is what is in the game so far. 3 Towns - Hemlock Village, Ashcroft Town and Plainfield City 2...
  2. S

    A thread about ongoing projects related to Pokemon that I'm here for.

    As I already hinted at when I went ahead & introduced myself, the projects I am working on are detailed enough for me to discuss & explain them a separate thread. Here's that thread, if you missed the original introductions, you may find it in New Users Chit Chat...
  3. R

    Question: Recommendations for fan games

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question about fan games and that is: Does anyone have any recommendations for pokemon fan games that have quite a lot of QoL (quality of life) features, that could maybe include the gen 6 exp share feature, (it gives exp to all mons in your party after you...
  4. Avara

    Tool: NPC Text Generator

    Simple Generator for NPC TextDo you struggle to come up with text for filler NPCs who inhabit your towns and cities, or for trainers who have been defeated? I've created a simple randomizer for exactly those purposes. This can be used for ROM hacks and fan games alike. The possible generated...
  5. Xordios

    A Question about the HACK STUDIO

    So guys I made a ROM Hack and i tried to submit it to the Hack Studio Thread. It said my thread had to be approved by moderators before it would be posted, can someone who has done this before tell me about how long this usually takes, because i need to know if i made the cut.