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[Developing] Pokemon Soaring Frontiers

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    • Seen May 5, 2024
    This is my very first fan game, and I'd like some feedback on it, what I should do different, things I could do better and what I'm doing good. I appreciate all of the stuff you can say lol.

    Here is what is in the game so far.

    3 Towns - Hemlock Village, Ashcroft Town and Plainfield City
    2 Routes - Routes one and two, with dozens of encounters
    Side areas - A couple caves, paths and other content can be discovered while
    Dynamic time and Weather - Using plugins, there's a dynamic time and
    weather system in place, with encounters
    depending on what weather is occurring.
    Overworld Encounters - Using the overworld encounter plugin, know what
    you're about to battle and even shiny hunt in the

    Picking a starter-
    Choose from 3 classic starter Pokémon. Snivy, Chimchar and Totodile.

    Rival Battle -
    Fight against your rival gil after the second town

    1st Gym -
    Battle the first gym leader, Sprout, the grass type leader.

    2 Events with Pokémon Poachers -
    The 'evil team' for my game is a group of Pokémon poachers, there's two events
    with the poachers so far, with more on the way.

    The Beginnings -
    I'm planning on crafting a whole Pokémon experience, this is what I have so far
    and I have so much more planned, thank you for playing and I hope you enjoy.

    The whole experience so far should only take about an hour - an hour and a half.

    Please, if you have any feedback or Ideas, let me know. Thank you!

    Pokemon Soaring Frontiers

    Future Plans -
    Custom Fakemon - Working with an artist to nail down some great ideas
    Full 8 Gyms and Elite 4
    Battle the evil pokemon poachers and discover who is running this organization
    Sprawling Open world with lots of side content to discover
    Fully fleshed out cities with full building interiors
    Battle frontier
    Expansive post game content
    Post Release Expansions, I don't want to stop developing this game until I'm happy with what I've done.
    Pokemon - Nintendo and Game Freak
    Pokemon Essentials - Maruno, Peter O., Flameguru
    Generation 9 Pack - Caruban
    Lin's Weather System - LinKazamine, Zaldar, Swdfm
    Visible Overworld Wild Encounters - derFischae
    ULTIMATE Gen 4 Overworlds Pack - PurpleZaffre
    Unreal Time System- FL
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    • Seen May 5, 2024
    The sprite work sucks because I'm not an artist lol. I'm working with someone to help me out with the sprite work. All of the characters in the game are subject to change.