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  1. Rainbow Chara X

    Sundew Nightmare: The Omega Cut

    Synopsis: You and your best friend visit the small, humble town of Sundew as part of a vacation. You're there to investigate the seven mysteries of the town and it seems like a nice enough place. What could go wrong? - This borrows the same engine I've been using for my main project, The Dark...
  2. Rainbow Chara X

    The Dark Heart (My game's demo)

    (Edited to make fancier looking) Sorry for not doing any LP chapters lately, but I've had serious computer problems for months now. Thankfully I did get a desktop from my cousin for free (he just... wasn't using it) and managed to continue all my plans without much of a hassle. Today though, I...
  3. L

    My Review of Undertale

    WARNING! THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN HERE I don't usually do reviews, but I just wanted to voice my opinion about this game, and it turned out to be lengthier than I expected. My first impressions of it were with all of the hype generated by the internet. I usually take that as a sign that...
  4. M

    Free Indie Game Monster MMORPG V 2.2.1 Update Release Logs

    Version 2.2.1 update on Monster MMORPG * 150% EXP and Gold bonus event started for the weekend * 4 Monster images revamped and updated --- Press F5 and refresh your browser cache if you are still seeing old images source